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  • I absolutelty love this show!!! It cannot be cancelled. The actresses are fantastic!!

    This show is like Sex and the City meets Charmed. I want to be one of these women just as I wanted to be one of the Sex and the City or Charmed women. The actresses are fantastic and the story lines are alwasy intriguing. The ratings people don't seem to give shows enough of a chance. They need to let them run for at least a season before they institute the judge and jury. There are way too many shows to choose from each season and some get a great following like I am sure this show has. Please don't cancel this show. I love it.
  • Best show in a long time about friendship and girl power!

    I think it is a fabulous show, it has to stay! It is the best show in a long time about friendship and girl power! We needed a show like that to make up for all the cop and criminal shows that constantly pop up. I also love that it is about grown women, they are even mothers and have children, I think that appeals to so many mothers out there, the message is definitely that life and adventure does not have to stop even though we get a little older. We need to have hopes about adventures after forty!
  • I absolutely love this show, I watch it faithfully and will be very upset if it is cancelled...this show is my favorite show of the season!!!!

    I absolutely love this show, I watch it faithfully and will be very upset if it is cancelled...this show is my favorite show of the season!!!! I love the characters, I love the writing, I am eager and always wanting for more each time the show ends. I would love to know what I could do to keep it on the air...My daughter and I watch it together. I feel it would be a great mistake to have the show cancelled. I feel I know the characters and can escape from real life and live an exciting and magical life for an hour a week.
  • Eastwick needs to stay.

    I am loving this show. I just read an article on Yahoo that said that Eastwick is in danger of being canceled. I can't believe that. What are they thinking! It has humor, mystery, drama, and it's sexy. Not to mention Paul Gross and Lindsay Price are just phenomenal. I look forward to it every week. Out of all of the shows on my DVR it is the one I watch after I get home from work no matter how tired I am. It just keeps getting better and better. I hope ABC wakes up and keeps this awesome show.
  • A show about friends, their relationships with men, and the tight bonds that hold them together. They don't just have magical problems to cope with, they have real life problems too.

    I am fond of this show. The third episode was when I started watching it. The two episodes after that kind of sucked, but then the two others I watched how it focused on friendship... Just the acting was really good and... Overall I love this show so much.

    The show is based I think on the movie and book the Witches of Eastwick. I think the show has also been influenced by the Sex and the City. The focus on the importance of friends is awesome like in the show I just compared Eastwick with.

    The village or town it is set in, I am not sure if it's real but it's so beautiful. The scenery, it makes me want to visit there... wherever they are taping the show in.

    My favorite characters are Darol Vanhorn, Roxie and Joanne. Darol Vanhorn seems to be the devil, and though I like him, he is **** up the women's lives. Humph. I think there is a bit a spark between Roxie and him. I like the idea of them together, but he's a manwhore! And I like Roxie with the younger nerdy guy. Oh well. In the latest episode he suffered a... I won't say.

    The latest episode I watched was about how the Chinese chick was kidnapped, I felt so sad, I thought she was actually going to die. And Kat who betrayed her friend by kissing her crush... They go through some serious and lovable bonding in this episode. I was really mad at Kat, but she really showed how much she-

    I am just saying that... You should totally watch this show if you are interested in magic, the book or the movie, or perhaps Sex and the City. It's like a good chick flick!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! and I don't think it should be cancelled!!

    I think that this is a excellent show. It is very inventive even though it is a remake of the movie because it brings its own new and fresh style. I love all of the actors and the characters they play. Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price and Jaime Ray Newman are all excellent actresses and portray the characters in such a believable way. I love all of the powers that the girls have and think that they fit each character wonderfully. Each week I am surprised by something new that is brought to the story. I wish it would stay on the air and wish there was something that could be done to save it!!
  • This show is AWESOME!!

    i stumbled on this show by accident. But once I started watching it I was hooked!! I immediately watched the episode I missed. Please do not take this show off the air. It is great!!! I love the suspense, and think this show has a lot of potential.I like all the characters and think the producers did a fantastic job with the casting. It is perfectly funny, spooky and suspensful! I look forward to the episodes to come and hope others start tuning into it as well. p.s- maybe ABC should market and promote it a little bttter. This show is fantastic
  • I was surprised on how much this show entertained me.. I can't wait to see the next episodes. I love the look and feel of this series.

    What I like most about this show is the warm colours and the great cast. It is very entertaining and has a lot of charme and vision. It is one of those rare series gems that doesn't hurt, that makes you smile and that builds up a funny tension. If not taken too serious, this series is perfect for a night in with a friend, a glass of wine and some romantic thoughts on what would I have wished for.

    A well and surprisingly entertaining series that has potential to be as successful as Charmed and as loved as Desperate Housewifes.
  • Plaesantly surprised

    While I've never been a huge fan of The Witches of Eastwick novel [written by John Updike] I am an immense lover of the 1987 film adaptation. The show, Eastwick, (thankfully) borrows heavily from the film version about three magical women and a man who may or may not be the Devil.

    Rebecca Romijin's Roxie is a feisty alternate for Cher's Alex (as are Lindsay Price's Joanne & Jamie Ray Newman's Kat, for Jane & Sukie respectively), but the show benefits most with Paul Gross who takes the character of Darryl Van Horne to new heights. If Jack Nicholson was a darkly funny version, then Gross' is the undeniably sexy counterpart. He makes you feel the evil that sits just under the surface as he plots, manipulates, and effectively seduces the three women, and/or one or two viewers, for his own pleasures {sexual or otherwise}.

    I really hope people give this show a chance. Its funny, sexy, and daring [what other show on the big networks would have two characters discussing the name of one's vibrator?]. With 11 more episodes to go, its up to the viewing public whether or not this show disappears or is able to create real magic.
  • I can't believe they're canceling the show. It's the only show on ABC I'll even watch!

    I can't believe they're canceling the show. It's the only show on ABC I'll even watch! I never miss a show, I even watch it on-line when the DVR messes up. The actresses are great, it has an interesting story line and it's not another boring reality show. It's different and that's one of the things I like most about it. It keeps my attention through out the whole show. I'm tired of all the good shows getting canceled. Maybe ABC should try promoting it better instead of canceling it. I never hear anything about the show & I even have it added on Facebook.
  • why are they cancelling this wonderful show. This is my favorite show. Shame on you ABC for getting us into something again and then cancelling it on us.

    why are they cancelling this wonderful show. This is my favorite show. Shame on you ABC for getting us into something again and then cancelling it on us.
    I am so tired of being lured in and then dropped. I looked forward to Eastwick every week, I am sorry ABC but you have lost a viewer and hopefully another netowrk will come to their senses and pick up Eastwick. ABC are you out of your mind? You introduce us to new characters, the plot now thickens and it keeps me wanting many more episodes. What were you thinking cancelling this BRILLIANT show, great acting, writing, etc. etc.
  • It is one of my favorite shows. Weekly, I watch about 8 shows, and this is one of them!! ABC - give it a chance. You are much too quick to pull the plug and it will catch on if you do a little promo.

    The story is interesting, the actors do a great job and it is just now starting to follow the story line of the movie more closely. It took some time to introduce all of the charactors, but now it is a great show and they are cancelling it!! I say give it another year ABC!! It is amazing to me that no one considers moving time slots or promoting a show that is slow to catch on any more. Seems ABC has gotten pretty lazy. Oh well, there are plenty of shows on NBC and FOX that I like. Happy Holidays!!
  • Fun, but shallow. Cool magical special effects without consequences or purpose. When you give your characters godlike unlimited power, how can you challenge them without making them seem stupid?

    I loved the idea of three modern women discovering their powers, and the characters were quite interesting at first, but I became increasingly annoyed by the soap-opera nature of the show. It was like the powers were there just to make cool special effects, and seemed to have no real consequences or limitations. It was all about who they were dating, which would be interesting if the characters had any grounding in reality, but they didn't. They were mostly just there to be "sexy".

    The women were too powerful too quickly, and were annoyingly stupid about it, especially the redhead. Seriously, you do all these amazing things and haven't figured it out yet? Frankly I don't know how the show could have continued. There was no room for the characters to really grow or develop. When you give your characters godlike unlimited power, how can you challenge them without making them seem stupid?

    At least it had a villain, but he was really just there for eye-candy and seemed to have no real purpose beyond winding up Rebecca Romijn's character. I felt cheated by the lack of real meaning behind the magic. A show with three witches will inevitably be compared to Charmed, and it doesn't compare well. The "Charmed Ones" had a definite purpose and well-thought-out rules to their magic.
  • Eastwick Reveiw

    to be honest i only started watching it as i heard darren criss was in it and i have only seen parts with him in it and i have tried everything to watch it but i must be stupid as i am incapable of finding it anywhere but of what i vave seen it was good, stoy line wise drama wise and view wise <3
  • My my,If I had Joanna's magic eye..I would keep the show alive.Please don't take Eastwick away ! I like that there are women of power who are naughty and nice.Good witches not (B) itches

    I am so disappointed in ABC with the talk of canceling EASTWICK.It might have a little bit of a slow start but it was more than on it's way to being a number one hit I believe. I love that show and I make sure it was part of my mom down time every week and I looked forward to it from the start.But of course it was a good show with passion,humor,friendship and most of all mystery.I was excited to see just where this would all go and what else they would learn about themselves as they discovered their powers.It was something for just about every woman.The single mother making it on her own,full off passion but where to put it?T The career woman who wanted to be more of what she might not be sure.. and how to make sure she did not fall behind in what is still the old mans world of serious journalism or anywhere else for that fact, and the young mother of small kids trying to learn to be fun and sexy again.( let's face it when you have young kids it is hard to feel sexy with burp up all over you.)
    They had all the possibilities at hand and all chances of dreams coming true,They had what we would all dream of ,an edge over everyone else but like us they have no idea how to go about it yet.But they were the women we would all like to be .We want that magic to gain control over our lives.( and maybe the men in our lives too..ooh that could be tons of fun...) I want Eastwick yo stay and I want to see more of Daryl and just what all he can do..Oh I would love to have to think twice about him..( he reminds me of someone I knew in my younger single days...Yum.. even though I am happily married now who does not love a little sexy mystery appeal ?
  • One of the best new shows on TV!

    I stoped watching CBS because they canceled Moonlight! If ABC takes Eastwick off the air I will stop watching ABC too!!!! I love the new shows like Modern Family and Couger town. But if ABC takes Eastwick off, alot of my frinds and family will stop watching ABC channel just like we did CBS,None of us (that is about 250 people) plus,alot on (people choice awards.com) that vote every year, like me and alot of others will not watch ABC anymore!!!!! So, If you Big shots at ABC care about what us viewers want!!! Keep this show on!!!! Eastwick and Defying gravity,V and Flashforward are all great shows,But if you cancel any of them we will not watch anything on ABC until you start caring what we want!!!! alot of us are fed up that you cancel shows with out asking,and you do not even Rerun them so some veiwers that work do not get a chance to see them!!! So please ask us on e-mail or phone before you take things off the air!!!
  • I love this show! I can't believe ABC cancelled it! NOOOO! I have recorded and saved all the episodes since the beginning of the season! Please ABC! Bring Eastwick back!

    The show was just starting to pick up pace. It seemed the storyline was starting to play out, made me count the days till the next episode. And for some unknown reason, ABC just decides to cancel it. WTF!? DON'T CANCEL EASTWICK!!!!!! It is such a good show! My sister and I watch it every single week. It is entertaining, funny, suspenseful, it is GREAT. I have no idea why ABC would ever cancel it. It is the ONLY show I even watch on ABC. It's the only show anyone I know watches on ABC. BRING IT BACK. NOW. Seriously ABC.
  • Three women make a wish, end up bonding as friends and discover they have unique magical powers. As they make this discovery a new man arrives in town and things start to get very weird.

    My father calls this show a Charmed rip-off/wannabe. But whatever, it seems to be working. I do agree that some of the "tricks" seem to be rip-offs. However, when is the last time you had an original thought of your own? It's hard! *lol* This show has sex-apeal, humor, drama, magic, mystery, and the bonus of female bonding. I do not like the lead male, and I'm not sure if you're really supposed to. I also am not happy with how much they leave unanswered. The latest episode, they explained the previous episode through a series of "flashbacks" that only gave bits of the story in total before the end of the show. I think maybe it is because each episode is so short. They are trying to tell so much in one episode and I don't feel like I'm getting the whole story - so I keep watching!
  • Bubble, bubble toil and trouble?!

    I have to admit that I only watched the show because I was curious to see the resemblance it had to the 80's movie that I loved once. And to be honest I'm quite intigrued by what will unfold - with some apprehension of course.

    The main "witch" characters are definitely no Susan Sarandon, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer or Jack Nicholson but I am getting used to Paul Gross as Daryl (added plus is he's Canadian!). He is no Jack but he'll do as the male muse/catalyst that guides the women to their full potential with motives of his own.

    The interaction between the characters are the best part of the show, especially because the dialogue is as comical and witty as the movie and they each pull off their respective personalities well. Honourable mention can also go to Rebecca Romjin as the milf with a heart and Sara LaRue who is awesome as the sidekick!
  • Eastwick


    Eastwick was a delightful and fun series with some dark and explicit tones. I really enjoyed watching this series because it was a little campy yet had some quality writing and pretty good actors. The women discovering their powers came a little slow but there were some great scenes that were intense and powerful. I enjoyed all the various characters and especially the word play in the characters dialogue. It would have been nice to have another season or more episodes in this season to finish up the cliffhangers in the season finale. This was a hidden gem of a series that was entertaining and I am glad to have watched it!!!!!!!

  • Brilliant show with all the fun and wittiness of the movie still intact!

    I love this show. It's funny, witty and clever - so of coooourse it was cancelled. It seems that the shows I enjoy get the boot more often than not.

    I am especially happy that Darryl got to keep his sarcastic ways. I was afraid they'd plain him out, but they didn't! :)

    This show has a great cast, a good plot - and lots of unexpected twists and turns (which, in itself, says that it should stay on the air. It's not like "unexpected" is very common in TV, after all...!) so I am still hoping some other network will pick it up and bring it back because it totally deserves the airtime!
  • I really like this show.

    I am sorry that it is being taken off the air. The only reason I didn't watch it was because I was working. There are too few shows I like and this was one of them. I thought the actresses meshed well and I think there is alot more life to this series. Hope they reconsider and leave it on. I especially like the Daryl Van Horne character. He added alot of life to the series, but the chemistry between the female characters was great too. Hopefully I can catch the series on HULU or rent the discs when they come out.
  • The last episode had a sad ending.I liked the way these women had powers that became obvious a little at a time.It wouldn't have had that special "touch" had they known at the begining.The ending leaves you with similar things might be repeating.

    This was one of my few favorite shows that I enjoy watching. I can't believe that this is all there is or were to such an entertaining show, especially for a show that women would be more likely to enjoy!! Bring it back, there has to be more to this show, I think you have made a mistake by taking it off air so soon. I also really liked each personality of the characters. They had so much to add to each persons' own part in the show. It just wouldn't have been as enjoyable to watch had they changed their personalities. The little town, it almost puts your mind in a thought of wanting to live in a beautiful, peaceful little town such as the one that was created for Eastwick.
    I think shows like this get booted out the door to soon because of not having enough nudity,(mostly its nude women because they never show very much of a nude man), and VERY foul language. For once there was a show that wasn't made just for those things. It was a nice change!! Please bring it back!!!!!!!
  • its about 3 women who discover they are witches with great power.


    joanna(lindsay price),kat(jamie ray newman),and roxie(rebecca romijn) when they become bored with their lives they make a wish for things to change and thats when each women discover their powers and a mystery man who comes to town.

    joanna works as a reporter and when she discover the power she can control men to get what she want.she uses her powers to get information out of others for stories and she soon discoves telekinesis where she can move objects which helps her when she gets in danger.

    kat works as a nurse and when she discover she can basically control the weather she uses it own her abusive husband but she later gains the ability to heal and she uses it to heal her kids when they are hurt and she also uses it on her patients who come in hurt.

    roxie is a single mother and very free spirited.even though the townspeople hate her for which reasons youll have to watch and see.she opens a store and she uses her gift for everthing.she can predict future events and she later gains the abiltiy to hear thoughts.

    i have to say this show ended before its time.it ends on a cliffhanger which sucks but on another note.

    the show 3 main women rebecca,lindsay and jaime have great chemistry.

    the acting is pretty good.

    the special effects are the best.

    and the plot of the show comes together so nicely.it has twists and turns and itll keep you hooked:)

    i say give this show a shot.:)

  • Eastwick is like a continuation of Charmed.

    The characters in this show are my age. I started with Charmed in the begining of the serise, and grew with them. It was terrible to lose Charmed, but it had to happen. Now Eastwick comes along, continueing the age of the characters. I was 21 when Charmed came out. I am 29 now and Eastwick is the perfect show for me and has changed my feelings for ABC. I will remember Charmed forever, from the first episode to the last. I am pretty positive Eastwick will be the same. So to ABC: Please dont cancel it. If if stays like Charmed, you'll make millions in ratings.
    The Power of Three!
  • Eastwick ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! After Charmed is this the best Witchy series! They just can't stop this!!

    Eastwick is after Charmed the best series. How can ABC do this. They cannot make people start loving the characters and then just cancel it...we must all write to ABC till they go crazy!

    In this forum there are a view links where you can sign petitions and i allready wrote to ABC to un-cancel the whole thing and i wrote CW..to see if they aren't interested in Eastwick. Who knows...if they see that so many people start to love the show.
    The actresses are great. The plot is good. The magic is getting cooler. Please help us to save Eastwick
  • I have not seen such a briliant show in ages. It combines a wonderful balance of comedy, drama, romance and the supernatural. Please, please, please let another network pick up this awesome series!

    I have not seen such a briliant show in ages. It combines a wonderful balance of comedy, drama, romance and the supernatural along with a excellent cast to deliver a spectacularly addictive show.

    The super effects are first class and the storlyines are intriguing - much more entertaining than the usual reality tv show/crime/soapy/family comedy shows which dominate tv now-a-days. Why oh why did the ABC cancel this series? They seem to be cancelling one series after another without proper programming, promotion or thought. If they had moved this show to be after Desperate Housewives where the target audience is the same and actually advertised it a bit this show would have surely been a huge success!

    Please, please, please let another network pick up this awesome series!
  • Please DO NOT cancel this show.....the networks are canceling all of the good shows! :( Please stop, we won't have anything to watch and unwind to! :(

    I love this show! I love the characters, the actors that have been cast, the chemistry the show has, everything! Please, please, please, please DO NOT cancel this show.....the networks are canceling all of the good shows! :( Please stop, we won't have anything to watch at the end of the day while we are trying to relax and unwind! :( It seems like there are only shows on TV that are for men and way too many reality shows, please leave something for the women, keep this show on the air. :)
  • Great Show!

    This show was really funny and had some good drama in it. Just when things started to get better and they were using their powers more, the show was cancelled, which was a huge mistake. Now there is no DVD and you cant buy it on iTunes, so the show has been forgotten, which it shouldn't be.

    Bring back this show. Eastwick is a very fine tv-show. The characters are so enjoyable and the acting of Jaime Ray Newman (Kat Gardener), Lindsay Price (Joanna Frankel) and Rebecca Romijn (Roxie Torcoletti) is loveable. These actors work well together, their relationships are believable, and some of the lines have made me laugh pretty hard - all adding up to a good time. This tv show has so much complexity, i mean i find in it a lot of action, intrigue, a story very well builted, smart and funny characters, good effects and most important a story that is very well thought.
    The magic portrayed in each episode is subtle enough that it could possibly be seen as coincidence, which is a nice touch.
    I'm tired watching good tv-shows with no understandable ending.
    So, bring back EASTICK !
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