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  • I am disappointed.

    As the new season was pending, it was kind of refreshing to see a show coming up with a new(er) premise; at least for TV. And it had (and maybe still has) the potential to be an entertaining story with some both funny and suspenseful moments. But in the words of my Scottish grandfather, "I hae me doobts".

    A+ for Paul Gross, who is delicious in his evilness, and the role is a complete 180 from his sweet and innocent and totally hilarious, "Benton Fraser" in DUE SOUTH. He never disappoints because he has the chops to bring it; whatever "it" is called for.

    Sara Rue and Jaime Ray Newman are the next two bright spots in the cast. Both can act and both "know" their characters; or seem to have a character to play with.

    Lindsay Price's character and characterization is annoyingly, cloyingly bimbo-ish, and Rebecca Romijn just calls it in. Both are sadly miscast.

    Except for the most recent episode titled "Madams and Madames" which I rated a 6, the intended story, (and unfortunately with a movie remake as opposed to original programming, we all know there is one), gets lost in substandard performances by two key actresses/characters. Neither did I feel any flow of the story as a whole nor on an episodic level. Until last night. It was better. There may be hope yet, but mostly I want to pull a "Roxie" and just wish it away...
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