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  • A show about friends, their relationships with men, and the tight bonds that hold them together. They don't just have magical problems to cope with, they have real life problems too.

    I am fond of this show. The third episode was when I started watching it. The two episodes after that kind of sucked, but then the two others I watched how it focused on friendship... Just the acting was really good and... Overall I love this show so much.

    The show is based I think on the movie and book the Witches of Eastwick. I think the show has also been influenced by the Sex and the City. The focus on the importance of friends is awesome like in the show I just compared Eastwick with.

    The village or town it is set in, I am not sure if it's real but it's so beautiful. The scenery, it makes me want to visit there... wherever they are taping the show in.

    My favorite characters are Darol Vanhorn, Roxie and Joanne. Darol Vanhorn seems to be the devil, and though I like him, he is **** up the women's lives. Humph. I think there is a bit a spark between Roxie and him. I like the idea of them together, but he's a manwhore! And I like Roxie with the younger nerdy guy. Oh well. In the latest episode he suffered a... I won't say.

    The latest episode I watched was about how the Chinese chick was kidnapped, I felt so sad, I thought she was actually going to die. And Kat who betrayed her friend by kissing her crush... They go through some serious and lovable bonding in this episode. I was really mad at Kat, but she really showed how much she-

    I am just saying that... You should totally watch this show if you are interested in magic, the book or the movie, or perhaps Sex and the City. It's like a good chick flick!