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  • One of the best new shows on TV!

    I stoped watching CBS because they canceled Moonlight! If ABC takes Eastwick off the air I will stop watching ABC too!!!! I love the new shows like Modern Family and Couger town. But if ABC takes Eastwick off, alot of my frinds and family will stop watching ABC channel just like we did CBS,None of us (that is about 250 people) plus,alot on (people choice awards.com) that vote every year, like me and alot of others will not watch ABC anymore!!!!! So, If you Big shots at ABC care about what us viewers want!!! Keep this show on!!!! Eastwick and Defying gravity,V and Flashforward are all great shows,But if you cancel any of them we will not watch anything on ABC until you start caring what we want!!!! alot of us are fed up that you cancel shows with out asking,and you do not even Rerun them so some veiwers that work do not get a chance to see them!!! So please ask us on e-mail or phone before you take things off the air!!!