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  • My my,If I had Joanna's magic eye..I would keep the show alive.Please don't take Eastwick away ! I like that there are women of power who are naughty and nice.Good witches not (B) itches

    I am so disappointed in ABC with the talk of canceling EASTWICK.It might have a little bit of a slow start but it was more than on it's way to being a number one hit I believe. I love that show and I make sure it was part of my mom down time every week and I looked forward to it from the start.But of course it was a good show with passion,humor,friendship and most of all mystery.I was excited to see just where this would all go and what else they would learn about themselves as they discovered their powers.It was something for just about every woman.The single mother making it on her own,full off passion but where to put it?T The career woman who wanted to be more of what she might not be sure.. and how to make sure she did not fall behind in what is still the old mans world of serious journalism or anywhere else for that fact, and the young mother of small kids trying to learn to be fun and sexy again.( let's face it when you have young kids it is hard to feel sexy with burp up all over you.)
    They had all the possibilities at hand and all chances of dreams coming true,They had what we would all dream of ,an edge over everyone else but like us they have no idea how to go about it yet.But they were the women we would all like to be .We want that magic to gain control over our lives.( and maybe the men in our lives too..ooh that could be tons of fun...) I want Eastwick yo stay and I want to see more of Daryl and just what all he can do..Oh I would love to have to think twice about him..( he reminds me of someone I knew in my younger single days...Yum.. even though I am happily married now who does not love a little sexy mystery appeal ?