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  • The last episode had a sad ending.I liked the way these women had powers that became obvious a little at a time.It wouldn't have had that special "touch" had they known at the begining.The ending leaves you with similar things might be repeating.

    This was one of my few favorite shows that I enjoy watching. I can't believe that this is all there is or were to such an entertaining show, especially for a show that women would be more likely to enjoy!! Bring it back, there has to be more to this show, I think you have made a mistake by taking it off air so soon. I also really liked each personality of the characters. They had so much to add to each persons' own part in the show. It just wouldn't have been as enjoyable to watch had they changed their personalities. The little town, it almost puts your mind in a thought of wanting to live in a beautiful, peaceful little town such as the one that was created for Eastwick.
    I think shows like this get booted out the door to soon because of not having enough nudity,(mostly its nude women because they never show very much of a nude man), and VERY foul language. For once there was a show that wasn't made just for those things. It was a nice change!! Please bring it back!!!!!!!