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  • Three women make a wish, end up bonding as friends and discover they have unique magical powers. As they make this discovery a new man arrives in town and things start to get very weird.

    My father calls this show a Charmed rip-off/wannabe. But whatever, it seems to be working. I do agree that some of the "tricks" seem to be rip-offs. However, when is the last time you had an original thought of your own? It's hard! *lol* This show has sex-apeal, humor, drama, magic, mystery, and the bonus of female bonding. I do not like the lead male, and I'm not sure if you're really supposed to. I also am not happy with how much they leave unanswered. The latest episode, they explained the previous episode through a series of "flashbacks" that only gave bits of the story in total before the end of the show. I think maybe it is because each episode is so short. They are trying to tell so much in one episode and I don't feel like I'm getting the whole story - so I keep watching!