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  • its about 3 women who discover they are witches with great power.


    joanna(lindsay price),kat(jamie ray newman),and roxie(rebecca romijn) when they become bored with their lives they make a wish for things to change and thats when each women discover their powers and a mystery man who comes to town.

    joanna works as a reporter and when she discover the power she can control men to get what she want.she uses her powers to get information out of others for stories and she soon discoves telekinesis where she can move objects which helps her when she gets in danger.

    kat works as a nurse and when she discover she can basically control the weather she uses it own her abusive husband but she later gains the ability to heal and she uses it to heal her kids when they are hurt and she also uses it on her patients who come in hurt.

    roxie is a single mother and very free spirited.even though the townspeople hate her for which reasons youll have to watch and see.she opens a store and she uses her gift for everthing.she can predict future events and she later gains the abiltiy to hear thoughts.

    i have to say this show ended before its time.it ends on a cliffhanger which sucks but on another note.

    the show 3 main women rebecca,lindsay and jaime have great chemistry.

    the acting is pretty good.

    the special effects are the best.

    and the plot of the show comes together so nicely.it has twists and turns and itll keep you hooked:)

    i say give this show a shot.:)