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Easy Money

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This CW drama gets in the middle of a family of loan sharks and spotlights the mother who heads up the company. Her middle son is uneasy about the line of work, but very good at it. Easy Money is produced by Media Rights Capital. 13 episodes have been ordered for the first season.

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  • Laurie Metcalf

    Laurie Metcalf

    Bobette Buffkin

    Jeffrey Hephner

    Jeffrey Hephner

    Morgan Stanley Buffkin

    Jay R. Ferguson

    Jay R. Ferguson

    Cooper Buffkin

    Katie Lowes

    Katie Lowes

    Brandy Buffkin

    Marsha Thomason

    Marsha Thomason

    Julia Samantha Miller

    Nick Searcy

    Nick Searcy

    Roy Buffkin

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    • I thought this show was great and as usual they cut it. it didn't have enough babies spitting up or guys farting i guess. what a joke

      as i said this was a good show and they cut it bbooooooooooooooooo

      they should put this show back on and also valentine that was a good show too. although i liked easy money better. I have no life either that is why i am writing a review. oh well. i am bored so give me a break this has to be 100 words long so i am being verbose at this point la dee dah dee dah, i don't like Bush i think he is a moron and i am glad he is gone, he was a loser and is a loser always will be a loser , him and all his cronies. hahahaha GO OBAMA he is so smart, thank god we have an intelligent person back in officemoreless
    • Show Set in Real World

      The brilliance of this show besides the humor, plots and acting...all of which are fantastic...is that it exists in 2008 America. It exists in strip malls, state university campuses, garages, nude bars, 3 lane limited access boulevards and food courts.

      This is Exurbian splendor. This is what you see when you go outside your house. Not 5th avenue. Not "Boston Commons". A road...a car...a mall.

      Every scene from this show is a must see. They weave the actors together so that the small town becomes inter chained. People show great kindness, but at the same time are out for themselves. It's real.

      This show is one of the best from 2008 and it deserves a second look.moreless
    • Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Hephner have a great chemistry on the show, she really shows her love for this boy who is not even her real son!

      This show is great, I'm so happy to see a new show with an interesting storyline. Laurie Mecalf and Jeff Hephner have a great chemistry on the show. I'm so sick of reality tv shows and model and design shows. It's very interesting although last night's episode was a repeat I still watched it in it's entirety because it's a good show! Keep this going!!! I don't understand the re-runs for this week, but I was really looking forward to seeing the new episode that was promised in last weeks coming attraction. I want to know what happens with Morgan and Bobbette and the whole story of him being part of the family and being related to some 5,000 year old mummy. Also, what is going to happen to the brother in law who took a loan from the competitor loan shark hawaian brothers. I'd be really pissed if they took this show off considering the garbage that has been on tv lately, like I said, I can't understand how many times people want to see the same crap like a new season of Americas Next Top Model, or this new crap STYLISTA, who the heck cares about these whining wanna be's. It's ridiculous already, keep the good stuff like this show and Life on Mars on air, finally something that keeps you guessing what's next! Awesome!!!moreless
    • great, for the first episode. I mean loan sharks are those nasty people with a ugly face and very bad behaviour, but this family seems realy nice. not so nasty as characters in other tv show or movies playing loan sharks.looking forward for next episode.moreless

      Leuk binnenkomertje. normaal gezien zijn de spelers als loan sharks in diverse tv shows of movies van die ongure typetjes. deze typetjes breken je benen, vermoorden of verminken familieleden, en ga zo maar door. in de familie gaat het er anders aan toe. de oudste zoon is een gevoelige slimme jongeman die zijn baantje eigenlijk volhoud omdat zijn moeder dat graag wil. het liefst zou hij gaan studeren en met een ander soort mensen omgaan. de rest van de familie is een beetje dommig maar ze zijn wel hecht aan elkaar. ben benieuwd hoe de volgende afleveringen zullen zijn. geef het gewoon een kansje.moreless
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