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    • Eating Wild
      Episode 1
      On the way to a fishing cabin, your plane crashes in the woods. There's no food except for what's in the forest. For once, you need to eat Canada -- but what's safe? Most of us haven't a clue. We can forage through Loblaws just fine, but we'd starve to death in the woods. And that's nuts, because our forests are full of food, if you know what to look for. Eating Wild is a crash course in how to eat Canadian. We're going to put a food critic, two chefs, two Natives, and two hunters through a survivalist course run by Ginno Ferri, who has trained the military. We'll see what can and cannot be eaten, and if there's any way to make it taste good.s guide us to a greater understanding of the Owl and its place in a larger theater.moreless