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critics are pointless?

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    [1]Apr 9, 2008
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    I read a review of this show where someone said something along the lines of critics are pointless. There is a point to critics, and it is to save viewers from listening to bad music or in this case viewing a bad movie. Critics are a good tool to use to gauge wether or not you want to shell out ten bucks to see a movie that just looks good in the trailer. I have found ebert and roeper and their many guest critics quite useful in the past, and they have saved me from losing my money. People have freedom of choice, so you can choose wether or not to watch Ebert or roeper, or you can look at other critics and see if your movie choices are similar to theirs. BTW to the person who wrote the review, people do care about the camera mans grip, just look at what happened with Cloverfield, because they used a wild handheld camera motion, people got motion sickness and many theaters had to post warnings outside of the movie
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    [2]Jul 14, 2008
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    I agree. Even when I don't agree with critics, I still enjoy hearing what they did and didn't like about movies (or TV shows or music, etc).
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