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"Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster" is an Ecchi (indecent / lewd) Anime. Office Lady, Ebichu's owner, is 25 (which is considered to be the oldest a Japanese women should get married). Kaishounashi (Useless, hopeless), Owners Boyfriend, is a cheating, greedy, lying, pervert. And as for Ebichu, she is, as the anime's name suggests, a "House Keeping Hamster". The anime was controversial in Japan because of the mangas "inflammatory content." But Gainex somehow was able to put it on the air with minor editing. The humour it employs can be considered offensive, but if you keep an open mind and laugh a little you see past this. Between the Sex jokes, Hamsterphiles, and Bloodied Hamster Ebichu is simply an anime detailing a simple hamsters Mis-Adventures. As of now the anime is Not Licensed. Thus no dvd... Or American release for that matter exist at this time. I will keep any info i can find on this subject posted though.