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  • Season 9
    • Fiji 2002 Episode 4
      The remaining events continues. Team finished the 501km course in first place with the total time of 6 days, 22 hours, and 51 minutes. They were followed by Team GoLite/Balance in second place with the total time of 7 days, 4 hours, and 56 minutes. In third place is Tean Air Pacific, who ended up with a total time of 7 days, 7 hours, and 50 minutes. Team Mazda and Team Earthlink finished and tied in fourth place, both ending with the total time of 8 days, 0 hours, and 22 minutes. The rest of the Teams who finished the course are as follows: 6 Nokia Adventure (Finland) 7 Spectrum Access (USA) 8 Subaru Canada (Canada) 9 Subaru USA (USA) 10 North FaceKona (UK) 11 Spie (France) 12 Canon Quasar Lontra (Brazil) 13 Pharmanex (USA) 14 TriWest Allied Spirit (USA) 15 OneWith Izod (USA) 16 Rustic Pathways (Australia) 17 Stray Dogs ExOfficio (USA) 18 PEAK (USA) 19 (USA) 19 Washington Adventure Racing (USA) 21 EMA Brasil (Brazil) 22 Oxydol Extreme Clean (USA) 23 Krone Extreme (Norway)moreless
    • Fiji 2002 Episode 3
      Day Three and Day Four events continue. The jungle takes its toll on the racers as they navigate and trek over mountain ranges and highlands, bushwhacking through intense jungles to remote villages. Teams makes use of their mountain bikes and navigate deep into the heart of the jungle, passing cascading waterfalls and curious villagers.moreless
    • Fiji 2002 Episode 2
      The race continues. Teams make use of their mountain bikes to explore deep into the heart of the jungle, passing cascading waterfalls and curious villagers.
    • Fiji 2002
      Fiji 2002
      Episode 1
      Day One. The 10-day race adventure begins. The creator, Mark Burnett, reveals the task before the 81 Teams compete for the course. The narrow, remote river gorges present opportunities for teams to travel using both inflatable kayaks and packrafts.
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