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  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of ECOBIZ.
  • Season 1
    • Blue Hill at Stone Barns
      Dan and David Barber have started a collaboration between a local farm and a five-star restaurant that delivers healthy and nutritious food.
    • TerraPass
      Episode 17
      Karl Ulrich is a professor who started an carbon emission offset business that allows participating members to fund worldwide renewable energy projects.
    • Struever Brothers
      Struever Brothers
      Episode 16
      Over the years, Baltimore has lost a large percentage of its residents. Struever Brothers is working to entice them back by revitalizing and greening the city's buildings.
    • Green Laundry
      Green Laundry
      Episode 15
      Tom Benson was motivated by his bottom line - the gas bill for his laundromat was $13,000 each month, representing 25% of his revenue. He knew his business couldn't survive with such a high operating cost and needed to make a change. He researched possible solutions, focusing on solar energy, and worked with the state to obtain partial funding for the installation. This episode of Eco Biz shows investors that going green is not only good for the environment, but just as beneficial for the bottom line.moreless
    • Green Mountain Coffee
      Green Mountain Coffee has neutralized their carbon footprint by changing light bulbs, buying from sustainable farmers and by purchasing energy credits that promote sustainable energy.
    • Ed Kerschner
      Ed Kerschner
      Episode 13
      Ed Kerschner works hard to show investors companies that will be able to reduce the severity of global warming by conducting eco-friendly, efficient and profitable practices.
    • E-Waste
      Episode 12
      A look at a company, run by Chuck Newman, that recycles, renovates and resells used cell phones to third world countries.
    • New Energy Fund
      New Energy Fund
      Episode 11
      New Energy Fund's Mark Cox makes buzz on Wall Street in favor of renewable electric energy.
    • Recycline/Stonyfield Farm
      Two businesses go green and experience positive growth.
    • Bruce Kahn
      Bruce Kahn
      Episode 9
      Bruce Kahn advises on finding capital investments for green companies.
    • Sallan Foundation
      Tips from the Sallan Foundation on how to better our environment.
    • ABC Home
      ABC Home
      Episode 7
      ABC Home's Paulette Cole promotes recycling and other green tips.
    • Cameron Cole
      Cameron Cole
      Episode 6
      Rita Krut of Cameron Cole gives advice on how we can get companies to be sustainable.
    • Ben & Jerry's
      Ben & Jerry's
      Episode 5
      Ben & Jerry's goal of a better environment is shown.
    • Timberland
      Episode 4
      A green company claims to have started the profitable business practices.
    • Great Eastern Ecology
      An inside look at a company aspiring to preserve natural city habitats.
    • Interface Carpet
      Interface Carpet
      Episode 2
      Interface is working towards becoming the first environmentally restorative company in the world by 2020.
    • Blue Spruce: Cow Power
      The Audent family of Vermont finds alternative energy sources to use on Blue Spruce Farms.