Economics with Hobbyda

PBS (ended 1991)


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Economics with Hobbyda

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Economics with Hobbyd is an educational TV series from the American Broadcasting System that simplifies economic subjects for elementary students to learn. Educator Ackroyd Pique uses his puppet friend Hobbyd (voiced by Pique) to help explain how economics work for fourth and fifth graders. Ackroyd begins the season by inviting some school kids to his classroom where they meet a wooden horse puppet named Hobbyd. The professor jokes around with his sidekick, and he soon begins to explain how goods and services work every time when the kids' parents go to the supermarket. Ackroyd also discusses income after Hobbyd tries to take his wallet. In the next segment, Hobbyd clarifies the difference between people who buy goods and people who produce them, and Ackroyd draws a simple circular flow chart for the children on his blackboard. Other economic subjects that the teacher and his horse simplify for the children to understand are scarcity, supply and demand, productivity and opportunity cost. By the end of the season, Ackroyd's class is a bit smarter on how capitalism works in their country.