Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 22

A Fistful of Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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A Fistful of Ed
Peacemaker Edd unwittingly becomes the school tough kid after a scuffle with infamous Lee Kanker. Word travels around the school and people start fearing Edd. It gets worse when Edd accidentally injures a few of his friends. He became known as the school bully. Eddy likes the benefits of being friends with the toughest kid in school, but Ed, who was so afraid of Edd, ends their friendship. Can kind-hearted Jimmy, the only one who believes Edd, help him restore his good name?moreless

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  • superb

    What I liked: people fearing Edd, Eddy milking people fearing Edd to get whatever he wants, Jimmy helping Edd, and the ending.

    In this episode, which was supposed to be the series finale, Edd is the school tough kid after he gets in a scuffle with Lee Kanker. Now everyone is scared of him and he feels isolated. Jimmy offers to help him, by challenging him to a fight (when Edd reveals he is in fact a pacifist, meaning he does not fight). Will the plan work? Watch this great episode and find out! B+/A- is my final grade and I definitely recommend it to all fans of this show.moreless
  • This episode proves why I hate Jimmy,Kevin and Eddy

    Edd becomes the school bully because he dropped a book on Lee's foot by accident.Now everyone hates Edd and is scared of him.He does somethings by accident,but no one wants to step foot of him.Before to get to the parts I hate,I just hated Eddy.He was a show-off throughout the whole episode,which Edd should've got mad and beated him up.Now,the ending was terrible.Jimmy beated Edd,and now everythinks he will "send us in the trash like a broken toy".Come on!I bet Jimmy will get beaten up to death by me or Chuck Norris.And worst of all,Kevin comes in and steals Eddy's jacket.That's another reason why I hate that rude and selfish Kevin.There should be a part two.Where Eddy gets revenge on all of them.The Ending was horrible,and so was this episode.Kevin sucks,so does Eddy and Jimmy.Next Review:Big Time Rushmoreless
  • And I thought the series would be done but not yet

    In the almost last episode of Ed Edd N Eddy Double D becames the bully/bad boy kid of the school first Double D beats up the Kanker Sisters and Lee brain is mess up then Double D beats the crap out of Rolf and mess up his skull and he just wanted a pencil. Then in the lunch room Double D beats up Marie and Jonny then Ed. Then we find out that Double D beat then up by mistake then Jimmy tries to help so they are going to fight in a big duel then Eddy mock Jimmy and Jimmy beat the crap out of Double D and Eddy . Then the Kanker Sisters were going to mess up everything then Eddy yell at them and leave and somehow Eddy had a lot of hotdogsmoreless
  • Edd becomes the toughest kid in school!!!!!!!

    A great episode based on Edd. This is one of my favourites! Edd accidently drops a book on Lee's foot and the nurse had to use all of the ice form the frige to keep it from swelling! Rumors break out around school and Rolf is the next victim. The accident which actually hapenned is painful to watch. Ouch! Jonny's accident lookes very sore. And Ed's, well, it must've been the most painful of all. Hit up on the ceiling and down on the floor, I think Edd went a bit too far! Then Jimmy comes and puts this rumor to an end, proving Edd is not so tough. I really like this episode. Watch it but be prepared for some painful stuff!moreless
  • In this episode, Double D accidently drops a heavy book on Lee Kanker's foot and all the other kids think Double D is a bully. With Eddy enjoying this and finally getting a lot of attention, Ed gets sad and betrays Double D. Jimmy sees this and helps Edd.moreless

    This was a sad episode. I really didn't cry about this episode, it was just sad to see this episode. It was a wonderful episode about my favorite Ed. The best part was the end where everything turned back to normal. What I hated about this episode is when Jimmy beat up Edd when he should have beaten up Eddy because Eddy was making fun of Jimmy by throwing hotdogs at him and calling him "chicken". The funniest part was when Ed and Edd made up and pointed at each other and said "Eddy". I reccomend you watch this episode. Really!moreless

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