Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 22

A Fistful of Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • superb

    What I liked: people fearing Edd, Eddy milking people fearing Edd to get whatever he wants, Jimmy helping Edd, and the ending.

    In this episode, which was supposed to be the series finale, Edd is the school tough kid after he gets in a scuffle with Lee Kanker. Now everyone is scared of him and he feels isolated. Jimmy offers to help him, by challenging him to a fight (when Edd reveals he is in fact a pacifist, meaning he does not fight). Will the plan work? Watch this great episode and find out! B+/A- is my final grade and I definitely recommend it to all fans of this show.
  • This episode proves why I hate Jimmy,Kevin and Eddy

    Edd becomes the school bully because he dropped a book on Lee's foot by accident.Now everyone hates Edd and is scared of him.He does somethings by accident,but no one wants to step foot of him.Before to get to the parts I hate,I just hated Eddy.He was a show-off throughout the whole episode,which Edd should've got mad and beated him up.Now,the ending was terrible.Jimmy beated Edd,and now everythinks he will "send us in the trash like a broken toy".Come on!I bet Jimmy will get beaten up to death by me or Chuck Norris.And worst of all,Kevin comes in and steals Eddy's jacket.That's another reason why I hate that rude and selfish Kevin.There should be a part two.Where Eddy gets revenge on all of them.The Ending was horrible,and so was this episode.Kevin sucks,so does Eddy and Jimmy.Next Review:Big Time Rush
  • And I thought the series would be done but not yet

    In the almost last episode of Ed Edd N Eddy Double D becames the bully/bad boy kid of the school first Double D beats up the Kanker Sisters and Lee brain is mess up then Double D beats the crap out of Rolf and mess up his skull and he just wanted a pencil. Then in the lunch room Double D beats up Marie and Jonny then Ed. Then we find out that Double D beat then up by mistake then Jimmy tries to help so they are going to fight in a big duel then Eddy mock Jimmy and Jimmy beat the crap out of Double D and Eddy . Then the Kanker Sisters were going to mess up everything then Eddy yell at them and leave and somehow Eddy had a lot of hotdogs
  • Edd becomes the toughest kid in school!!!!!!!

    A great episode based on Edd. This is one of my favourites! Edd accidently drops a book on Lee's foot and the nurse had to use all of the ice form the frige to keep it from swelling! Rumors break out around school and Rolf is the next victim. The accident which actually hapenned is painful to watch. Ouch! Jonny's accident lookes very sore. And Ed's, well, it must've been the most painful of all. Hit up on the ceiling and down on the floor, I think Edd went a bit too far! Then Jimmy comes and puts this rumor to an end, proving Edd is not so tough. I really like this episode. Watch it but be prepared for some painful stuff!
  • In this episode, Double D accidently drops a heavy book on Lee Kanker's foot and all the other kids think Double D is a bully. With Eddy enjoying this and finally getting a lot of attention, Ed gets sad and betrays Double D. Jimmy sees this and helps Edd.

    This was a sad episode. I really didn't cry about this episode, it was just sad to see this episode. It was a wonderful episode about my favorite Ed. The best part was the end where everything turned back to normal. What I hated about this episode is when Jimmy beat up Edd when he should have beaten up Eddy because Eddy was making fun of Jimmy by throwing hotdogs at him and calling him "chicken". The funniest part was when Ed and Edd made up and pointed at each other and said "Eddy". I reccomend you watch this episode. Really!
  • The episode was good but kind of sad...

    It all started when Double D dropped a huge book on Kanker Lee and seriously hurt her leg.Everyone was talking about it in school but some didnt bealive it until this happend;Rolf asked Double D for a new pencil but instead of giving one Double D tottaly crushed his skull.Now everyone ran away from Double D exept Eddy and mostly Eddy.The next victim was in the caphetiria.It was Johnny and May!They were fighting over a piece of pie while Double D hit Johnny,he fall onto May and he flew out of the school.All the kids ran into the conrenrs exept Eddy and Ed.Double D tried to talk to Sarah put was stopped by Ed.Double D "attacked" Ed and he run away and so did everyone alse.Double D sadly went to the lab and was spyed by Jimmy.He spotted him but Jimmy ran away.Double D startde crying put he created a beutifal flower.Jimmy said that only innocent hands can make it.Double D expleined all to Jimmy and they decied to have a fight(witch was their idea) in witch Double D lost and noone was afraid of him anymore.
  • Yay! And episode all about my favourite character!

    One of my most favourite episodes ever! Very exciting and a nice change from the usual funny and crazy stuff. Instead, it was more real, epic, and emotional. After Double D sends Lee to the hospital for dropping a massive book (by accident) on her foot, he becomes the school bully and feared by everyone. Suddenly, Double D starts to hurt everyone else too; Rolf, Jonny, Marie, and even his best friend Ed! All of this was by accident, of course. Eddy uses this as a way to earn respect from the other kids. If you're a Double D fan, then you'd love this episode! Overall, a very special episode. A great change and it's just awsome all the way through!
  • If only Ed was in it more.

    This episode has Double Dee, the nicest kid at school, turn into a big bully. He just can't seem to stop beating up kids that he goes to being sad. Even Eddy and Ed betray him after his beat ups.

    This episode was alright. But the whole Double Dee beating up people wasn't properly executed in my opinion. Wasn't so funny. The end where he works with Jimmy almost made me throw up. But as usual, Ed and Eddy keep this episode from being a complete disaster. Let's hope the people behind Ed Edd'n Eddy don't make an episode focused on Double Dee again.
  • Speechles....

    This is possibly the best episode in the series!!! No really...its very speacial.It's HILARIOUS, not to mention quite violent...espeacially when Jimmy totally destroys Edd. (poor Edd [:(]) I loved the seiries, and i loved this episode. Many people though (even I thought) that this was the "Final episode" until a new episode came after a few weeks. Again i absolutly loved the episode because of its violence and humor. However theres one thing i didn't like about this episode... WHY did they have to beat up Edd...he was my 2nd fav character...oh well.

    Overall: A very speacial episode for a very speacial series. I ill never forget this episode of Ed Edd n' Eddy again :).
  • edd becomes the tough kid in the school and everybody is scared of him

    wow i never thought that there would actuly be an episode were everyone is scared of edd this episode is even rated the best episode in the series! edd does alot of mistakes in this episode which leads to him hurting people like rolf and others by MISTAKE thats the part i find alittle funny though i realy hope that this is not a series finile to this show but i dont think its not so i think everyone will realy like this episode though i felt alittle sorry for edd but still this episode was alittle funny so i give this episode a 9.3/10
  • oh no, where should i start!!

    A fist full of ed is the worstest episode of ed, edd n eddy. this episode makes me feel sorry for Edd(Doulble D).
    This makes one of my Most favorite shows in the universe look bad. if you like this episode, then that means you like to see Edd(Doulble D) get hurt.whatever you do, i'de stay away from this episode. the begining was ok but the end was sad! Edd drops something on Lee Kankers Foot and she forgives him! Jimmy should have attacked Lee instead of Edd. Jimmy beats up Edd that was not funny, that was sad!! please do not delete this i put a whole review.
  • Edd as a bully great idea

    great episode it is such a good idea to but edd as a bully. and when eddy chucked all the hot dog it was really funny. this episodes scam was good with eddy theating people with edd when he didnt mean to hurt anyone. another good bit is when ed makes an egg to be his new friend

    great episode it is such a good idea to but edd as a bully. and when eddy chucked all the hot dog it was really funny. this episodes scam was good with eddy theating people with edd when he didnt mean to hurt anyone. another good bit is when ed makes an egg to be his new friend
  • Beat up

    Peacemaker Edd unwittingly becomes the school tough kid after a scuffle with infamous Lee Kanker. Word travels around the school and people start fearing Edd. It gets worse when Edd accidentally injures a few of his friends. He became known as the school bully. Eddy likes the benefits of being friends with the toughest kid in school, but Ed, who was so afraid of Edd, ends their friendship. Can kind-hearted Jimmy, the only one who believes Edd, help him restore his good name? Yes, at the end he beats him upm and every thing goes back to normal. Yes again. Noe.
  • wow..just wow.

    This is the best episode ever.edd broke lees lees leg!then edd throws pencils at rolf.and is the toughest kid in school!My favirote part.okay we see that eddy steals jimmys food and sarah got scared.okay back to the action!marie and jhonny are fighting for a pie.then edd neraly punches the living life out off jhonny and marie. then edd is so "cute" (as many people say) holding marie.then edd trys to beat up sarah!then his last person to beat up was ed.(when he beaten him up that made me sad but I was still enjoying the episode).after that edd tells the story why he beaten people up.and fights jimmy at the pit.jimmy wins and the kankers came.(I thought marie was dead but heck no I'm wrong.)but eddy did somthing that actully he cares and they eat hot dogs!for the great ending overall is 10/10!
  • one of the best episodes ever!!!!

    best episode ever of ed edd'n eddy but could this realy be the end of ed edd'n eddy my 1# show forever I think not on may 11th there going to show a brand new alien episode of ed edd'n eddy and I don't know about season 6 but there will be a movie I'm just so sad that this could be the last episode cause I keep thinking the alien episode is just a spiecal does not count as an episode but I really hope they will have another new season of Ed Edd'n Eddy and a movie in the theaters shame on cartoon network I will never forgive them for this they better bring another new season but at least this episode did not dissipoint me it is now my favorit episode of ed edd'n eddy but I'm confused is this the end or not but you know what I just read on a wedsite that the episode was really the last episode of season 5 thank god that was not the end for the show and anyways we all know that there is going to be a brand new episode of Ed Edd'n Eddy on may 11th so forget all of that stuff I siad about be being confuced I now know the right answere the show is still on I can't waite for the alien episode season 6 and the movie and the episode had alot of serprises the best episode of Ed Edd'n Eddy for now no one will hate this episode it is prefect finally Eddy stands up to the kankers 10 out of 10 acachally higher.
  • This episode is intresting with Edd as the opposite of the situation that he should be in!

    Great Episode! Edd was laying the smackdown without even trying! I wish I could do that so I can vaporize all my enemies! Wow but this episode had a great story along with a nice character spruce up! If only they can make the movie now would be great with all the greatness!

    And this airred durring the best day edder so yea it must be good if they placed such a big marathon to this show with this as the footer!

    Also Ed Edd and Eddy is not over! It still has a movie and a season 6 to go so, Love on EEnE lovers, Love on!
  • Great episode

    This episode was great but Cartoon Network was stupid to make everybody think this episode was the last episode of the series because they already said there will be a new one for that alen thing and there will be a season 6 and that tv.com member who says he is the creator ( belive him ) that there might be a season 7 and a movie hope the movie comes out soon this episode had to be one of my favorite episodes I can not belive kevin bought the act well it was not really an act just an accident too bad kay then TV-kid saying bye and good luck
  • Edd accidently becomes the school bully.

    Like almost every episode of this show, "A Fistful of Ed" was able to end season 5 without causing the show to jump the shark at all.

    While checking up on everyone's assignment, Edd and his peers are confronted by the Kanker Sisters. In a peaceful attempt to get the girls to leave, Edd drops a book on Lee's foot, and soon, finds himself from one incident after another, leading the kids (except Eddy) to fear and shunned Edd as the school bully. But when Jimmy learns the truth of these incidents, he decided to help Edd in order to regain acceptance from his peers again.

    This episode, like many others, is humorous as always, but what makes this episode better was some of the most unexpected character developments ever to be seen, especially from Ed, Jimmy and surprisingly, Eddy.

    Overall, the show still shines on as the longest show on CN, and it would be no surprise if seaosn 6 shares similar success.
  • Yay, my first review!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is probably only one of two episodes to center on Double-D and his problems, the other being the epi where he couldn't get a shower. I almost couldn't believe it when Eddy stuck up for him and told off the Kankers. Eddy may be a jerk, but deep down, he cares about his friend. It broke me heart to see Ed in tears over Double-D's new reputation, but they made up in the end. Who knew that Jimmy had it in him to be so darn violent? But the allusions to past episodes were pretty cool. The funniest part was how Eddy kept throwing hot dogs. This is perhaps my favorite episode.
  • I love this episode!

    Everyone is scared of Double " D" because of the accident of Lee Kanker. Double seems really bad when he hits people of a accident and he try to tell them it was a mistakly accident. Eddy throws hotdog at Jimmy and Jimmy beat up Double D in the playground. Rolf, Ed, Johnny, Marie and Lee all got hurt by Edd and all cover with bandages! I love this season final
  • One of the best episodes ever

    I was really waiting for this episode to come on, and when it did. I was waiting until it began. Once it began, I was wondering what was going to go on. Edd, or Double Dee, has been known as the "weak" kid. But in this episode, he smashes Lee Kanker's foot and scares the Kankers like nobody has ever before. Then everyone feared him. I found it funny when Rolf got stabbed by pencils and Edd threw Jonny out of the building. I didn't know he had that much strength in him. Then Eddy was the only one not afraid to go near him, and used him to become protected. I felt very sad in this episode because Edd was deserted by everyone and nobody believed him and instead feared him. I think Jimmy's a spoiled brat, but he helped Edd go back to normal in this episode, as he helped him out instead of just whining to Sarah and such. I liked how Edd and him fought, and I really thought a funny part was when Eddy had unlimited supplies of hotdogs. Now I'm wondering where he got all those.
  • Increible!!!

    This episode was one of the best episodes of Ed Edd n Eddy ever. Edd beats up everyone but by mistake actually but no one beileves him. This episode was the only one that made me cry. I am very glad this a had a chance to watch it. I feel sorry for anyone who havent seen this episode yet or the people who hate it. Now that Jimmy helped Edd, Jimmy is not my worst favorite charater ever anymore, Kevin is. I never knew Edd and Jimmy would be so crazy in this episode. I rate this episode a 10 out of 10 for strong feeling and a nice ending. Eddy did I nice thing in the end and which made me have a warm feeling. Awesome episode.
  • It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?...

    It had to happen sooner or later, Edd, or double D as he's called by his friends, it has seemingly appeared that after taking countless abuse at the hands of everyone else at the school, has finally snapped and has started lashing back at everyone who has ever hurt him in the past! Or has he? It seems that all Edd wants to do is make some good intentions but his clumsiness causes him to unwittingly bring pain to his friends. Edd tries to tell others, but they won't listen to him. Edd unwittingly gets help from an unlikely source in Jimmy as he agrees to help Edd restore his kind reputation. Ironically, Jimmy really Does prove tougher than Edd when Jimmy snaps after Eddy heckles Jimmy too much & Jimmy loses it. The best part of the episode was when Eddy showed Edd that Eddy really Does care about Edd's well-being when he stood up to the Kanker sisters and told them to leave Edd alone! This is the best episode of "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" I've seen yet & I know that it won't be the last one since Danny Antonucci promised that in the last episode, we'd finally get to see what was underneath Edd's hat! I sure can't wait for that day! That's why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)