Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 21

A Town Called Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not a Horrible episode,but was easily ruined by Kevin... again.


    In my opinion,this wasn't as bad as it's earlier episode Run,Ed,Run,but was still pretty much a poorly done episode. Kevin invites everyone to watch monster trucks on TV,except the Eds. They all find a book on top of one of the lockers. It's a very old book,finding out that one of Eddy's ancestors ruled Peach Creek. But it's missing a page. He then decides to take over the time when Kevin and the others watch TV,over a history special. Boring. I don't want to watch history,I want to watch Ed,Edd and Eddy make a scam or something. After a short while,Kevin discovers where the cables are coming from. Eddy then makes fun of Kevin during the special,and makes another scam. The Kankers come and find the Eds,because Kevin stopped the special from airing,and everyone laughs at them. Oh great,my hatred of Kevin keeps on getting higher and higher. I wish I could burn down the house where the kids are at. Edd finds the page from the Kankers,and guess what? After a bet from Eddy's ancestor,he lost Peach Creek to the Kanker's ancestors. And then,they make out with them again. Overall,such a poorly done episode,and there were barley any funny parts. Just please,EENE is not for history lessons.

  • Nothing good but nothing bad!

    The show shows an historical accuracy that Eddy's family may had to do with the town of Peach Creek aka the Cul-De-Sac in which the kids live. I agree with one viewer as I wished that they would boot that jerky Kevin off the show. But you know, if they got rid of Kevin, then the show wouldn't be the way that it is. Even though he is the guy that you like to hate or hate to like. Eddy needs however, to stop scamming the kids. As I think he is also a jerk. But I find him the lesser of the two evils between he and Kevin. Not the best show but nice info on the town.
  • Barely above average...

    It was ok i guess, wasnt the best episode but got a good history lesson on the begining of the Cul De Sac! But however kinda draft and of course they were exiled again and kevin is still the wimpy jerk! Get ur own show if ur so tough Kevin! Why dont ya!

    Anyway the history and comedy was ok but the plot was great! it couldve been used to scam more then get repperations from! In fact why dosnt Eddy just make a thing that works instead of doing the scams? He could become a better buisness proprieter and get more Jawbreakers and Social points...well not everyone changes... ill give it a decent score at the most.