Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 19

All Eds Are Off

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Gravy!


    If you love gravy,then watch this episode. The episode starts with the kids at the pool. But when Ed comes in,he brings a box of gravy in,and it spills and causes the pool to be filled with gravy,which was funny. Eddy is sick of Ed's gravy obsession and Edd's weird vocabulary. So Kevin,Rolf,Johnny,Eddy,Ed and Edd make a bet,which is to bet how long they can go without their obsessions. But so far,all of them are having a hard time. Johnny's having a hard time,Rolf is getting weak,Edd doesn't know that much of one syllable words and Ed is nearly dying. Eddy decides to eliminate every one of them. I found Ed's reactions to Sarah and Jimmy eating and Rolf eating the meat one by one funny. So basically,Rolf accidently knocks over the top of the "gravy". Ed jumps in,and Eddy wins the bet. But the "Gravy" was really butterscotch,and Eddy lost and Ed won. Ed decides to use the money on hilrailous gravy from around the world. Eddy then attacks Ed with a barrel of butterscotch. Overall,this was just a funny episode. Ed's reactions to being without gravy was funny,and there were so many funny moments.

  • awesome episode

    in this episode Eddy gets tried of ed and his obesstion of gravy and bets that he can go one day with out it and the double D bets he can not say words with 1 syllubs and Eddy bets he can not sceam and Jonny bets he has to get away from plank and Kevin bets that he can not said dorks and Rolf bets he can not eat meat and eddy makes every one lose but not ed and then Ed wins and gets 1 25 bucks and is going to more gravy from other countries good for ed
  • This episode made me hungry.

    I loved this episode so much.It would make you crave food if you watch it.But it was a pretty funny episode.The funny parts were Ed spilling his gravy in the pool,Rolf eating the meat,Ed seeing Jimmy and Sarah eating butterscothch pudding and Eddy making Rolf crave meat.But the worst parts is that Eddy cheated in the bet.He's a big fat jerk for doing that.Anyways,back to the episode.It made me hungry with all of the food in this episode that I would rather crave Doritos.I really love this episode.Well,it's better than Smile For The Ed.Really funny and good episode to watch.
  • The Eds impress me again!

    After Ed spills a bunch of gravy in the schools swimming pool, Eddy wants to make a bet if can go a whole day without any gravy, it leads up to Eddy getting a bet from Double D to stop yelling, Eddy betting Double D can't use big words, Rolf betting Kevin to not use the word dork, Rolf betting himself to not eat any meat, and Eddy betting Johnny to go one day without Plank telling him what to do. They all bet for $1.25 and who's the last person to win the bet gets it. Eddy tries to make the kids lose by using their weakness, and it leads up to him and Ed, Ed sees a bunch of 'gravy' and jumps in it, Eddy thinks he won and he screams but Ed actually jumped in butterscotch pudding, Eddy loses and Ed wins!
  • Haha This episode was awesome!

    I just watched it this morning and Im am going to review it.It begins when Ed is eating way to much greavy and Eddy bet's that he cant go a lousy day without greavy.Double D was using his fancy shmency words of his and Eddy bets he cant stand a day without useing them.Kevin was saying that word 'dork' again and Rolf bets he cannot stay a day without saying it to the Eds,but Kevin bets Rolf cant stay a day without eating meat.Eddy bet's Johnny cant stand a day without Plank.Thats how it all began.The next they everybody went crazy,well almost everybody.Ed was crazy becouse he couldnt eat greavy so he tasted everything he could get his mouth on.Johnny was crazy without Plank and was begging everyone to talk him something to do.Double D wasnt so good in useing simple words.Rolf was totally week without his meat.Eddy was very calm.He first elimented Kevin by throwing a mash potato on him.Kevin said dork to Eddy and he lost.The next victim was Double D.Eddy was useing a dictonery and Double D used his fancy shmency words.Then came Johnny.Eddy teased him by listen to Planks orders.Johnny lost the bet.Then came Rolf.He couldnt live anymore without meet and ate some and accidentaly opend a can.There was "greavy" in it.Ed jumped in there and Eddy shouted to Double D becouse he "won" the bed.Unfortunetly in the can was butterscouch and Ed won the bet.
  • The episode starts with everybody at the pool. Ed brings some gravy with him and spills it all over the pool. Eddy gets detention because of this and gets mad at Ed. When Eddy says that Ed can't last one stinkin day without his gravy. That starts a bet.

    This was a very good episode. The Eds, Kevin, Rolf, and Johnny 2x4 going crazy over the bet. I was glad that Ed won, but I really wanted Edd to win. Eddy should have been out first because he cheated. For example, he threw mashed potatoes at Kevin, which made Kevin call Eddy a dork, which he wasn't supposed to do. Another example was he was trying to pronouce hard words at Edd, and Edd couldn't stand it. He then spoke to Plank about Plank living with him, which got Johnny 2x4 mad. This was a good episode. It rocked the house!
  • A pretty good episode

    In this episode almost all the kids in the cul-de-sac
    make a bet.Eddy can't yell.Edd can't use long words.Ed
    can't eat gravy.Kevin can't say dork.Rolf can't eat meat
    and Jhonny can't not be with Plank.So they all try their
    best not to lose the bet.Rolf becomes weak from not eating
    meat.Jhonny wants people to order him around.Edd gets mad at Eddy for scratching out big words in a dictonary.Ed
    becomes depressed because he wants to eat gravy so bad.
    Eddy tries to make everyone lose the bet so he can win.
    This episode of Ed,Edd,n'Eddy gets 9.It is a pretty good
    episode of the sereis I recommend you watch it.
  • This is a cool Episode, Everybody made bets on who puts off on their most habits, you have to watch this episode. Kevin, Eds. Johnny and Rolf made bets. This one of the good episode on Cartoon Network.hh

    This episode is so cool you can say, "I love this episode,
    let me kill someone" But you didn't have to do that. Anyway,
    This episode is about six boys who make bets. But behold, the 'bet' may be crazy. Rolf stops eating. Kevin stops calling Eds, dorks. Edd stops using complicated words, Ed stop eating gravy, Eddy stops yelling. But this episode
    is funny. You know what my favorite part if. When Sarah and
    Eddy bumped into each other. The stupidest part of the show
    was when Eddy thought he one but it turns out Ed won. This
    episode is great. It aired in April 2007.
  • The biggest bet in all of Ed Ed n' Eddy.

    I loved this episode! Kevin had to stop saying dork, Rolf had to stop eating meat, Johnny had to stop taking orders form Plank, Edd had to stop using big words, Eddy had to stop yelling, and Ed had to stop eating gravy. This was funny to watch. I wanted Naz to take part in it to, wonder what she would give up, oh well. Johnny went so crazy he did Jimmy's math homework! I new Plank was controling Jimmy the whole series. It was great. Then after word I saw the comercial for the best day edder and I have one thing to say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ed Ed n' Eddy's going to end. Anyway great episode.
  • Really twisted and cool lets see everyone go nuts with this

    So everyone makes a bet each betting 25 cents vmaking a total of $1.25 kevin without sayin dork johnny without plank ed without eating gravy eddy cant yell rolf cant eat meat and double d without using his dictionary words although everyone goes nuts and loses but ed its really cool.
  • What's the easiest way to make the kids from the town of Peach Creek insane? Take away their annoying habits! :lol:

    I sure seem to be writing a lot of reviews for animated shows lately just as they seem to be ending. The first show was "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" & now it's this one! At least this episode shows some people just can't get rid of their habits! Kevin just can't ever learn to stop calling Eddy a dork, Johnny goes crazy without his pal Plank telling him what to do, Rolf Really needs his meat, the only reason Edd lost was because Eddy tricked him into losing his cool. Ironically, it was Ed who ended up winning when Eddy got a sense of false confidence when Eddy thought Ed got his hands on some gravy again when it was really butterscotch pudding which it turns out, Ed is allergic to! Who knew?! At least Eddy wasn't the winner! This great episode makes me proud to have been a fan of this show for eight long years at it is for this episode that I salute this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)