Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 6

Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • I hate blackouts.

    This episode was good,but that's not why it preveted me from giving it a 10.It had a few things that sucked so bad about this episode.Ed was being a complete moron and Eddy never even cared about Double-d.He only cared about his stupid money to go buy jawbreakers with it.The only scenes that were funny is when Ed showed his skull as a piece of toast and the part at the seward.Well another scene that was pretty funny is when the Eds thought that Double-D died.This episode was so awesome,but I had to lower the score because this episode had a lot of bad scenes in it which I don't even like.
  • Mole Muntantts!!

    Mole Mutants! First aired: 11/11/2005 Eddy and Edd are hanging out at Ed's house, when suddenly the power goes out. Everyone in the cul-de-sac begins to panic, and Ed only makes matters worse when he announces that the black out is due to evil mole people. The others of the cul-de-sac, other than Double-D and Eddy, begin to believe him as some begin to vanish. Now it's up to the Eds to find out what's going on, and stop this non-sense from continuing. Hah! Kevin is weaker than rolf. Ed and Eddy go crazy. Eddy gets money but ed throws it.
  • Awesome episode for Season 5!

    Everyone gets scared when there is a power outage in the cul-de-sac. Ed tells the kids that it is the work of mole-mutants! Rolf and Kevin don't believe it, so they get a generator to go and fix the power themselves. But the other kids believe Ed's Story so they ask how to kill the mutants. Ed tells them to use day old hotdog buns to kill them. Eddy immediately thinks to charge the kids to buy the hotdogs for cash. Since Ed told them they came form the sewers, Jonny told everyone that Plank had a plan. He told everyone to go to their house and flush the toliets so the mutants in the sewer would drown. Meanwhile Double D was walking around in the sewer to prove them wrong and Kevin and Rolf were trying to activate their generator. Rolf heard a scream from around the corner and found Double D trying to get out of the sewage. Then Rolf, Kevin and Double D were hit by a huge tidal wave and got shot out of the manhole . Rolf and Kevin fell back on the ground just as the power came back on. But Double D was no where to be found! Ed was worried about Double D missing. Eddy just cared about the money he made. As they went in Ed's room they heard a moaning noise coming from the toilet! Something muddy came out lurching toward Ed and Eddy. Ed toook the jar of cash from Eddy and threw it at the mutant. Thwn Ed ran into his room and started to barracade it but the mutant was inside the room! It took of its hood and was none other than Double D covered in slime! Unfortunately they didn't show what was under Double D's hat. Still a great episode!
  • I like this episode of the Eds. Very funny episode and one of my favorites.

    I like this episode of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy because this is very funny and I love it. I like the parts when Ed was telling about the mole mutants and he also said they are the one who did the power outage. Double- D went to the sewer to see what's really in there and to prove that there are no mole mutants down underground. The best part is near at the end when Double- D was trying to go up there and he already have been there but Ed thought he was a mole mutant and the mole mutant followed them at Ed's house. A very funny and really a great episode of the Eds but not a scary episode.
  • The light goes out and hysteria runs amok at the cul-de-sac, thanks to Ed.

    "Boom Boom Goes Out The Ed" is another great episode of Ed, Edd n' Eddy in its fifth season.

    The electricity all around cul-de-sac mysteriously goes out, and the situation gets much worser when Ed convinced everyone that it is the work of the "Mutant Mole-Men", much to Edd's dismay. So he goes out to find the problem, though the situation is solved-with mixed results.

    If you want a reason why the Eds are still around, check this episode out.
  • Season five, this is you. Woopee!

    In this episode, the lights go out, and everybody panics.

    This episode is not the best of season five, but it is one of the best episodes ever. This episode also includes the sewer again, but this time, it goes deeper into the sewer. Running gags are not missing, and Ed is still stupid -is thankful-! It is this episode that finally has scams in season 5.The characters are back to their true personallitys as well. Starting here, the season seems more true to the series, and with gags like "Rolf falls first!", everyone will be laughing. That'll shut up those season 5 haters.

  • The power goes out and Ed, Edd, Eddy, and the rest of the cul-de-sac are left in the dark. Ed says that evil mole people have drained there planets power and are now going to hunt them down.

    I thought Boom Boom out Goes Ed was a very fun and adventurous episode and it was neat to see the sewers of the cul-de-sac again. When the power goes out all the kids in the cul-de-sac believe Ed's story about evil mole people draining there planets energy and wanting to eat them. I thought Rolf using Kevin to do all of the work was really funny and I also thought Double D going into the sewers to figure out what was going on gits his character very well. In conclusion, Boom Boom out goes Ed may be one of the best episodes of the season so far.
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