Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 5

Cleanliness is next to Edness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Uh-oh! Opposite Edd's about!!!!!!!!

    Funny Episode! Another good episode based on Edd's mishaps! Edd does the unthinkable: he gets as dirty as you can possibly get! Eddy didn't give him a shower, nor did Sarah or Jimmy, Jonny, Rolf( he couldn't hear him) but Nazz offered him one but all of her gear was in the shower so he passed. Eddy and Ed found him and I love the last quote:

    Ed: Lets get that custard out of your bellybutton, mister!
    (Edd becomes scared)
    Eddy: Wait, Ed! Let me get the camera!!!!!

    That quote is my favourite in the entire episode!!

    This is a great episode! Watch it!
  • Wohah!

    Out of Character! Double-D awakens one morning to find a sticky note on his bathroom door from his parents. It informs him that the bathroom is off-limits due to an unfinished renovation project. Unable to shower or brush his teeth, Edd embarks on a journey for cleanliness, but his pleas to Ed, Eddy, and the neighborhood kids fall on deaf ears. Overcome by his own filth, Edd does the unthinkable- he lets himself go!
    Edd after oall the efforts to get better by taking a shower makes him become a lunatic!! He loses his mind and wants to be dirty!
  • One of the best Ed shows! Unlike Double D at all!

    This is one of my favorites as this is anything
    Unlike Double D who usually stands for cleanliness and also hates germs as well
    He just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier in
    His quest to get clean! I just laughed out very loud!
    Very sweet of him trying to get cleaned. Even Nazz tries to help him out only to leave her bathroom for fears of getting dirty!
  • \"oh happy day!\" i believe this episode is special because double d rolls around in garbage and puts a fish head on. not to mention pouring spoiled milk in his underwear.\"zippity do da!\"

    i believe this episode is very special to the show because this was the first time edd really gets in touch with his dirty side. lol.
    i would really like to thank the creators for making this show, and thank cartoon network for putting it on. i dont know what this world would be like without this show. i would never laugh hard.
    i try not to think of a life without the show. one more thing:
    cartoon network,
    please do something for all the ed edd n eddy lovers out there, and make a movie. i really want to add an ed edd n eddy movie to my collection. I would really adore seeing the kids of peach kreek hit te big screen.
    love your show,
    nikki morger
  • The lack of shower causes Edd to do the unthinkable.

    Next to "Boom Boom Goes Out The Ed", Cleanlikness Is Next To Ed is an open-focus episode on the intelligent and sarcastic Edd.

    What should have been a fine morning goes horribly wrong for this Ed; the entire bathroom in his house is going to some re-innovation, forcing Edd to use someone else's. Neither the Eds nor the kids will offer him their shower, and this ordeal caused poor Edd to snap.

    Looking for another why this show is still going?

    Watch this episode and find out why.
  • Edd has finally cracked.

    In this episode, Edd's shower is gone, and he is in desprate need of a new one.

    This episode is a perfect example of the greatest season ever of this show: Season Five. The look on the characters faces, the great animation, and the humor. Especially the humor. This episode shows the first time Edd gits dirty, and boy, is he insane when that happens! Not to mention Plank in a hot tub made of spaghetti..... with a couple if dolls....literally. If you are new to the show, or you've seen every episode 3764734671324697823647213649782364973826478326478326428713412431287329134327423743412374127864187264172864789216427831642437832498723736219 times, you will love this episode. That's our guarantee.*

    *not a guarantee.