Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 6 Episode 4

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • The End of a Great Era ...

    After a decade of making crazy scheme and getting into trouble ,the eds finally are apart of the cool kids .The emotions i`m feeling is excited but depressed. Because it`s` over the last original cartoon cartoon has ended thus starting an age where were all ready ending up ... the fall of cartoon network to all fans .you we forever be remember as the longest and the most successful show of all of cartoon network history. Thank You
  • The Conclusion of Ed, Edd n Eddy

    After 10 years of being on Cartoon Network, "Ed, Edd n Eddy" has come to a close. When the Eds escaped from the Cul-De-Sac, after creating a huge prank, the rest of the kids are on a hunt. But later on, the Eds finally came to Eddy's Brother's place, and the rest of the kids (including The Kanker Sisters). The kids finally defended Eddy from Eddy's Brother, who was being physically and verbally abusive towards Eddy, and Ed knocked Eddy's Brother out. After hearing what Eddy has said, the kids has now accepted the Eds. I felt really bad for Jonny and Plank who're now outcasts, ha ha ha ha, but when Plank told Jonny the movie was over, I laughed when Jonny asked: "What Movie?". "Ed, Edd n Eddy" will always be one of my favorite shows to watch, and that series finale was the perfect touch. I hope I can see it again, it was awesome.
  • We may never get another movie like this in the future...

    I... can't describe my feelings for this movie. When the Eds had their backs against the wall, they make a great escape and must seek Eddy's big brother as the only guy he trusts that can send the other kids of the culdesac packing. It turns out Eddy lied and finally shows his apologetic side. Eddy unlike all the other kids, didn't have an easy life. He never learned how to make friends and was abused instead of loved by his own. Droven by empathy, the kids (bar Jonny) finally accept him as well as the rest of the Eds and this godsend of a cartoon ends with a lot of fans in it's wake. One thing I really liked about this movie is it's atmosphere. It's really serious and dark, which is really unlike almost all other episodes of this show. The Eds are going to get essentially get killed by the kids and the back story of all of them as they pursue the Eds is just fascinating. Rolf and his livestock, Nazz and Kevin, and for once other than their debut, the Kanker Sisters really went far to keep the Eds out of harms way and deliver the final beatdown to Eddy's jerkish bro. As the last of the original cartoons on Cartoon Network, we salute you and your service to your loyal fans. Farewell, Ed, Edd n' Eddy. You will be dearly missed.



  • Nice episode!!

    Its good!!
  • Bravo!

    Ed, Edd n Eddy while some times weird has mostly made me feel better. This movie was the perfect way to end the show, despite the minor flaws.
  • Re-release

    This movie needs to be re-released in 3-D. They have so many movies coming out in 3-D (ie: Little Mermaid, Star Wars, Finding Nemo), why not release the greatest movie of all time, Ed, Edd n' Eddy's Big Picture Show. Ed, Edd n' Eddy's Big Picture Show ED would be the title. The film would be awesome in 3-D with two new music videos and would finally be out on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD (and Blu-Ray 3-D Combo Pack). Plus a bunch of behind the scenes stuff on the discs. Either this or a live action 3-D movie in theaters.
  • A great ending, but I wish Ed, Edd n Eddy would come back

    Funny movie... it's sad watching though.. considering it's an ending to CN's greatest cartoon
  • The End Of An Epic Journey


    This Movie Is A Great Ending To A Great Show!

  • A perfect way to say farewell to an awesome TV show

    Ed, Edd, n' Eddy went out with a bang in this TV movies series finale. In this movie the Eds latest scam has gone horribly wrong and the neighborhood kids are out for their blood. Eddy decides to lead Double-D and Ed to his older brother in order to be granted sanctuary. Meanwhile the kids rally to find the Eds before they find Eddy's big brother. Even the Kanker Sisters join in the hunt to protect their boyfriends. Along the way, the Eds and the kids do humorous things such as Kevin being completely oblivious of Nazz loving him and he gets beaten up constantly and Ed and Eddy making fun of Double-D's compass device. The movie has that nice feeling that Ed, Edd, n' Eddy has brought over the years. We then finally meet Eddy's brother who turns out to be a gigantic jerk to Eddy and the kids are so appalled by this, that they try to save the Eds. After dealing with Eddy's big brother, Eddy has a breakdown and admits everything he told about his brother was a lie so he could be popular. The movie does a great job showing the sorrow and remorse that Eddy shows, you could really feel that he was sorry for everything he ever did to the kids. The kids have a change of heart and they accept the Eds, well most of them. Johnny came too late and starts beating up the Eds, but the kids rescue them and Johnny becomes the new outcast going insane and being underground. Even Sarah treats everyone kindly now and it was such a happy ending for the Eds. Our movie ends with the Kanker sisters dragging Eddy's big brother's knocked out body into his trailer so they can have "fun". The artwork and animation still remains true to the show's format and it was well done. My only complaint with this movie had to be that we never did learn what was under Double-D's hat again. It left a big plot hole and it should have been resolved in this movie. It took the Eds 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, that's 135 episodes total. This was such a fantastic way to end the series, but it's also sad to see Ed, Edd, n' Eddy leave us. For over 10 years, this show brought us unending laughs and great characters, and for that we say farewell to Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, and thank you for those good times and we will never forget them.
  • End of an era!

    I hate that the Cartoon Network of Cartoon Cartoons has now ended as that era will be replaced by reality tv crap and live-action things from here on out as the times have changed. At least the Eds had gone out on a good note. We see the brother of Eddy as the Eds scam goes awry. Plus, we see that Eddy is apologetic for the first time. After all the scams he has caused. Because he only wanted to be accepted, him and his buddies. Also he lied about his brother being so cool. Only to be a total jerk for the way he mistreats his brother. Ed aka Lumpy, finally lets his brother have it. The Eds are welcomed and finally get a good ending after having so many terrible endings. We wil never get to sadly see what is under Edd's aka Double D's hat. But who cares since it is now a happy ending.
  • Amazing!

    Best one out of all of them, though before they announced the movie, Danny Antonnucci announced that he planned a sixth season rather than a movie, but then he changed his mind and in interviews he claimed that ' a movie and a 6th season' will be too much work.
    This episode has been one of the most inspiring ones to me as if I was a film producer or something like that this episode had so many intensive, exciting, amazing, funny, mind-blowing, and many many many many more other things you could describe it as......... ...... ... .. ..
  • Series Finale

    In the series finale of Ed, Edd, and Eddy (R.I.P.) one of Eddy's "get rich quick" schemes ends in such disaster, that the three go to find the only person who can truly save them now: Eddy's much older brother. Meanwhile, the rest of the Cul-de-sac is chasing them all the way to his brother's. The humor was very much Ed, Edd, and Eddy with Eddy leading, Edd disapproving but still going along with it all, and Ed just being ed. I really liked the ending, it felt like a realistic ending, where everybody finally gets along. Overall, a great ending for an excellent show. 9/10, A-
  • Best Movie Ever Made!! who ever hated it is an idiot a

    It is the best movie ever made it has action , horror , romance and everything else. Its the best 87 minutes of my life and if you didn't enjoy it then you should just crawl into a grave because we don't want hear why you hated this movie so if you rated this movie a 1 then you better remove it because its not funny The movie was a 9.5 then suddenly it was a 9.2 WHAT!!!!! I can't believe a stupied ben 10 movie was a 9.6 it should be an 8 because it was not better than this. Ed edd'n Eddy's Big Picture show is the PERFECT MOVIE!!!!
  • The movie that redeemed Ed Edd n Eddy, and had it go out with a bang.

    For me, Ed Edd n Eddy seemed to start going downhill around Season 4, and kept rolling down through the specials and 2/3 of Season 5; it was mainly because I couldn't feel the camaraderie between the three Eds that was present in the earlier seasons. However, near the end of Season 5, I was able to detect some sense of that old Eds friendship.

    Then, Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show came out, and some of that old magic came back.

    At the start of the movie, it was clear that everyone's three Eds seemed to be drifting apart. They just didn't seem like they could work together as a team anymore. But then, the three friends just have this epiphany that allows them to come back stronger than ever. And even better, the movie once again showed that at the end of the day, the Eds truly care for each other. And even better, the movie ended on a high note, with the other kids finally accepting the Eds.

    All in all, Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show was a great finish to a great cartoon. Definitely recommended.
  • Great, but has some flaws.

    To be honest with you, the movie is ok. The movie in itself, does have plot-holes and also it was a little disappointing to me. Like how they said how they'd show what is underneath Double D's hat. And I can tell I can get hate mail for this, but I didn't know who Nazz liked. And sometimes I just felt like the movie felt to me like it was unfinished. The positives pleased me a lot. When they showed Eddy's brother was good. The journey the Ed's go on is also pretty well done. This movie ended the series pretty well.
  • Average

    I basically stopped caring about this show since this movie aired like almost 2 years after it was announced. But when it did air, it seemed... weird. A lot of the humor is REALLY cartoony and it just ruins it for me, because the whole movie is just basically one cartoony act of violence and then another.

    I did like how the movie ended though. When Eddy's brother is a big jerk, and then everyone pounces on him, and in turn they start liking the Eds. That was nice.

    Overall, it was fair. It had some time filler and the problem I mentioned up there, but it had a nice ending feel to it
  • Epic

    being a huge fan of the series, i was REALLY excited when i heard of the movie, for the series had seemed to be long forgotten for at least a couple years, and the fact that there would be a marathon leading up to the movie was even better! I am sad of the fact that this ended the series, but am happy that it ended on a good note, and the fact that we finally get to see Eddy's mysterious brother, so i'll end this review thing with this, i solute you Danny Antonucci, creator of the epic series.
  • The Greatest Movie Ever Made I Cryed Because It was So Amazing

    This was so freakin amazing , it was well animated and made. It's the perfect movie to me and I have been waiteing for an Ed Edd'n Eddy Movie since it first aired in 1999 Its been my dream my entire life. I can't believe it took cartoon network to air it this long!!! but I'm Glad they aired it I wish I saw it in theaters but I cause Cartoon Network didn't have the courage to release this masterpiece theatically. The movie has been on you tube since June I burned it to DVD but I never watched it I waited and I'm glad I did it was worth the waite. Now here is where I get into SPOLIERS so if you haven't seen the movie yet Then See It Now!!!
    The Movie is about the Eds on journey to Eddys Big Brothers House because they did a Huge failed scam and everybody in the Cul-de-sac wants to hurt them for it.
    (Spoiler) Double-Dees Hat is not realved in the movie but they talk about it and you can tell hes bald out a deformed bald head. At the End of the movie they see Eddys Brother he ends up being a jerk and everybody stands up for the eds. But once you here Eddys Brother Voice your jaw will drop and once you see him its so amazing and he is what I imagine him to be. Well I hope this is not the end of the show because there has to be a 7th season this show CANNOT END I hope they make a 7th season I really do and Maybe more movies anyways Ed Edd'n Eddy's Big Picture Show is my new favorite movie!!
  • best way to end the show awesome but no more Ed,Edd N Eddy nonoooooo!

    In the series finale the Ed's are in big trouble and it starts with Ed running all over the place and he goes to his room and starts to pack all his stuff. Then Double D tries to write a note to his parents a note that he is running a away then Eddy is packing to then Ed and Double D get to Eddy's House the The Kids try to break in Eddy's room then the Eds go into Eddy's Big Brother's room to be safe but the Kid's find them then the Eds try to escape with using Eddy's brother's car then they escape Eddy's Brother's car must be weak because how can they dent the Car. Then the car breaks down and the Eds travel to Eddy's Brother's house then the Kids and the Kankers try to look for them Then they Find Eddy's Brother's house and we see Eddy's Brother but we never know his name Then Nazz kisses Eddy and the Eds are now with the Kids the best way to end the series
  • greatest episode ever!!! (spoiler alerts)

    as the ed boy's are on the run from the neighbor hood for doing a really bad scam. but every one else is after them as well. on the way they decideo to go see eddys bro so no one can beat them up. on the way there there friend ship is questioned but they still stay strong.

    buy the end of this movie the ed boy's finnaly reach eddys bros hous but everyone has caught up with them as well. the crank sister keven rolf.....
    everyone is there to beat them up. finnaly eddy knocks on the door we see eddys brother stepping out. eddy says bro there trying to beat me up for no reason!! as the camera scrools up we see for the first time ever eddy's bro!!! but as it turns out he's not a cool guy. he's just a jerk. he stands there and beats ed up and edd and eddy. everyone who was about to beat up the ed boys beats up eddy bro. everyone picks up the ed boy's kevin invites everyone to his house.. jaw breakers are on him!! and the last to lines are of ed and double d.

    eddy-were finnaly in babby!
    double d- " and it only took 130 episodes four specials and a movie eddy

    so i say this with 100 percent certainty that this is the best episode ever and the best ending ever
  • The Ed's finally get their happy ending.

    The movie has yet to air in the US, but, thanks to Youtube, I saw the whole thing. Truly Excellent movie.
    C'mon CN, air the flippin' movie already! Europe, Asia and Australia it has already aired, it's time for the US to see it too!

    I don't want to spoil it at all, but i'll tell you this.

    It was EPIC. Also, kind of long too! but that's a good thing. Anyway, when it airs in the US, watch it. However, If you can't wait, go to youtube and enter
    "Ed Edd N' Eddy's Big Picture Show" and you'll see the whole thing.

    Thanks for reading. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • Great

    I m Watched Big Pictur show of Youtube.Really Great movie.Ed Edd Eddy escape the Guys and ending Eddy Brothers Coming but He very bad man .And Guys Like Ed Edd Eddy ands happy ending.This is a Best Movie of Ed Edd Eddy .Me watched two times.And movie ending very beatiful.Nazz Kiss The Eddy.Really .Oh Yeah Me Like the movie and Show Ed Edd Eddy exactly contunie.Season 7 -8 ? why lest

    Oh Yeah Last Apparet.I Very Very Like the Movie.specially some scenics very funy.Rolf is PÝG and Nazz Kiss the Eddy .Ending Kanker Sisters Eddy Brothers missing very beatiful.Me Score 10/10 reaaly very good job .This Movie and This Show is Created congratulate
  • That was the best movie I ever saw!

    I went on Youtube to go see the movie because I couldn't wait any longer! What happened was the Eds made a scam that made the cul-de-sac kids extremely mad at them, so they go out and try to find Eddy's brother! Also Captin Melonhead returns in the movie. One thing that got me extremely mad was when they didn't show what was under Edd's hat, so close to finding out and a part of the boat they made and Ed's head blocked the whole thing! Even though we didn't get to see what was under his hat it was an epic movie! The car chase scene was so awesome and the sexton joke was hilarious!, also I loved the gag shop when Ed and Eddy were fooling around! We also kind of got to learn a little bit more about Nazz, she never really got much screen time on the show, but it is still kind of a pickle who is her crush, she was being romantic around Kevin but she kissed Eddy at the end! Eddy's brother was not nice at all he was abusing Eddy and Double D! Eddy beat up his brother with a door and all the kids became their friends for standing up to him! Best movie ever!! Ed, Edd, n Eddy 4life!
  • Sweet!

    OMG!I just saw this movie on Youtube and it was funny and cool.The cul-de-sac kids became the Ed's friends after what Eddy said.We finally get to see Eddy's brother and he is not good.Well,the car chase at the beginning at this movie was sweet and they traveled to a place that was not really into the rest of the episodes.Well,I didn't really see of what's under Double D's head.They censored it by covering his head with something in front of the screen.The joke shop was pretty cool and the rest of this movie was the best episode\movie ever made on this show.
  • This is one BIG picture!

    Ed, Edd n' Eddy's Big Picture Show definately lived up to what I was hoping. At first I was worried it was going to stink. However, it didn't at all! It had the right mood and pace throughout the wonderful 90 minute segment. The animation and look was just right- all the characters had the old designs from the pre-Season 5 era. Everything looked exactly like the old episodes- of course, minus the major cel shading. The movie starts off with the cul-de-sac kids literally trying to MURDER the Eds! Apparently they tried a scam so terrible that the kids went after them- it was never explained in detail. However, the kids' clothes are a bit messy and their appearance degraded, so it must have been something bad. The Eds break into Eddy's brother's old room, steal his car, and blast out of the cul-de-sac! They decide to go and find Eddy's brother- who DOES appear at the end of the movie. However, you may or may not be disapointed in his arrival. The Eds encounter a lot of obstacles on their way to the factory- including an old abandoned joke/gag factory, a dangerous waterfall, and of course, the angry cul-de-sac kids! in the end, the Eds are *SPOILERs* ...finally accepted by the cul-de-sac kids! Kevin even offers them some free jawbreakers! AT LAST! However, there is one bad thing I realized after this episode... since the Eds are now friends with the kids, more than likely they won't be scamiing them anymore! And that means no more episodes! Hmm, maybe the guys at CN will think of something...
  • Best movie to ever come out! Nothing will ever TOUCH this.

    This movie is awesome! I saw storyboards, and from what I saw, I can already tell the movie will be the following: Amazing, Brilliant, Fantastic, Phenomenal, Superb, and overall PERFECT. If I could rate higher then 10.0 I would. This movie will NOT disappoint. The wait is obviously worth it. I can't wait to see Eddy's bro and find out Nazz's crush. Also, I wanna see her "Hilarious reveal" and watch the AWESOME car chase. Also, a Fun Fact: This movie, just so you know, is supposed to be like the episode "A Fistful of Ed" in a way. It's going to take a different, more dramatic approach to the series.

    Closing comments: In brief, this movie will be the best movie EVER
  • The moment we've all been waiting for.

    This movie will be the first movie for Ed, Edd, n' Eddy ever. By the looks of it, it will change the history of the show. Eddy's brother could possibly appear, and it has a very good plot line. There could even be a car chase in the movie, something that cartoons (except cartoons for teens and adults) really don't have. We've been waiting for this for a long time, and it will blow us away if it's very good. This movie will very likely change the way we look at the Eds, and it could really be the moment we've been waiting for in these past 10 years.
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy's first ever movie!!

    I wish CN will hurry up and air it! I am really looking forward to seeing Eddy's big brother and what's under Edd's hat! I think it will be bald or something like blonde curls! I am also looking forward to finding out who Nazz's crush is. I really hope it is one of the Eds, preferrably Eddy. They would make a cute couple. Edd and Nazz, I don't tthink they would get along together with Edd fainting with love all the time. Ed and nazz is very unlikely but would be very cute. I am so looking forward to seeing it!
  • Hopefully after this the creators will make a 7th season!!!!! or continue on with season 6

    Ed edd N eddy has been my favourite tv show since I watched the first ever episode on the first ever time ed edd n eddy was showen all good things must end and let me tell ya ed edd n eddy is a really good thing but hopefully the crew will consider making a 7th season or continuing the sixth season what else can I really say we all love ed edd n eddy and will tresure the moments we had with the show ed edd n eddy has been like a part of me since i can rember i love ed edd n eddy!!!!
  • lets go find my brother

    this is going to be the best movie ever its all aboute the eds looking for eddys brother theres a 98% chance thats whats under edds hat will be reveled a 100% chance that nazzes cruch will be revealed and a 80% chance that eddys brother will be reavealed the other 20% means its the kankers the is going to be the collest movie eva also there is going to be an extremly funny car chase in the movie we are going to be so delighted when we watch this movie are heads will explode well lets just wait for it in late summer 2008 or very early fall of 2008 bye
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