Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 21

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Christmas Review #32

    Eddy freaks out when he finds out all of his Christmas presents are clothes, until he gets another idea: To get adopted into other families and take their presents. Despite Ed and Edd's talk about the true meaning of Christmas, Eddy is determined to get presents this year. Will Eddy get some sense knocked into him or be doomed to coal for life? This Christmas special of "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" was NOT perfect in my opinion. In fact, "Fa La La La Ed" was more creative, more better, and more funnier than this one. I mean, compare Eddy's selfishness in this special to "Fa La La La Ed". At least Eddy's selfishness was hilarious in that one. In this one, he just went too far with this selfishness and he did get me angry which lowered my score. After everything Eddy went through in this special, we still only thinks about the presents by stealing all of the presents from the Cul-De-Sac Kids. I hope Eddy gets a lump of coal because he doesn't deserve any presents. The other thing that lowered my score was the ending with the Kankers kissing the Eds.... I just didn't like that one but the episode ending with the Cul-De-Sac kids Christmas caroling on the hill was a nice touch. So yeah, despite those flaws, this Christmas special was great but nowhere near as excellent as "Fa La La La Ed". There were some parts in this episode that did make me laugh such as Rolf using meat as Christmas decorations and even singing his song, Nazz saying "You know what happens when someone is under the mistletoe... right Eddy?" and then Eddy spits Egg Nog on Nazz, and about two more funny parts. Didn't really laugh much in this Christmas special either. Overall, a great Christmas special of "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" but it's not the greatest Christmas special I've ever seen. 8.5/10
  • Christmas review 1#


    To start off a christmas review,I'm going to review one of my favorite episodes of Ed,Edd and Eddy. The christmas special is about Eddy,who wants a present.He hilrailously looks through his presents,revealing that he only gets clothes for christmas every year. I also loved his hilrailous line "A dickie?" They still make these?And Ed gives gravy cakes to Santa,which is hilrailous. Eddy comes to his house,revealing how stupid it is.Meanwhile,the Kankers see a light in the sky,and to make a hilrailous spoof of the Three Wise Men. Eddy tries to get presents from many houses,but he keeps failing. He goes to Jimmy's house,(After stealing Edd's carboard wings)but gets kicked out by Sarahafter hilrailously eating Jimmy's christmas land made out of candy and gingerbread men. He goes to Nazz's house,and right when he's about to get a gift,he spits eggnogg at Nazz,and gets kicked out. He nearly steals a gift from Johnny,(who's house looks like a igloo)who soon gets kicked out,followed by a giant ice slide. Rolf throws a hilrailous musical number,and Eddy leaves. Kevin finally gives Eddy a gift,which is his fist. Eddy soon gets depressed after seeing all of the kidsenjoy themselves. He then does a good thing. He finds a light that's dying,and changes it. Soon the kids come. A giant bag drops on Eddy,and it's Santa's bag of gifts. Eddy takes all of the gifts into Rolf's shed all to himself,and while Ed tries to get the bag back,it throws into the air and lands near the kids. The Kankers come to the Eds,giving them Frankesense,Murr,and Gold...I mean,Franks and Cents,Fur,and Mold. They end up kissing them,until next christmas,and everybody is singing,but Rolf loses where they are. Overall,this was a great episode. Eddy getting kicked out of the houses were funny,and him stealing the presents were even funnier. A great christmas special,and you should go watch it.

  • The worst Christmas special ever...

    Though this was made in 2004,it is obviously set in the next season since it is Christmas in this episode i liked Fa la la la Ed when they were pretending it was Christmas but this went too far Eddy does'nt get presents for a reason you know he is a bad boy near christmas usually he's hilarous but he really was a jerk in this it also had a sad ending with the damn Kankers kissing the Eds i think this had people thinking this would be a good ending but he ruined it all we all thought Eddy realised the true meaning of christmas but in the end he was a big jerk also he tried to steal the sack of presents it was good when he was trying to come to people's houses to steal people's presents first because i thought Eddy would realise what Christmas is about soon but he still does'nt i liked the other one even though it was fake that one was actually funny but this one sucked.
  • A great holiday special.

    I love this episode. It was good from start to finish. Eddy is frusturated when he realizes that he's only getting clothes for Christmas, so he goes to the neighborhood kids houses, and tries to get their presents. Double D and Ed try to show Eddy that Christmas isn't about getting presents, but he doesn't listen. Eddy fails to get any presents from the other kids. He finds a tree with a broken light, and he replaces it. Ed and Double D commend him, and Eddy realizes the true meaning of Christmas. However, when Santa delivers presents to the kids, he steals them, thinking he deserves them for his unselfish gesture. Ed returns the presents to the kids, and the Eds end up locked in the shed with the Kankers.

    This episode was really fun to watch. It was a good idea to show the kids Christmas traditions. Eddy did get on my nerves after a while though. I had mixed feelings about the ending too. I didn't like how Eddy didn't learn his lesson, but it was more original that way. The last scene with the parody of the first Christmas was really funny too.

    Overall, this a good, rememberable Christmas special, that the fans will love.
  • this episode gives me the holday feeling This is the best christmas episode I have ever seen but i give all of the episodes a 10 inculed this one difiling this one

    i like this episode this episode is very good but i give all of the episodes a 10 divily this one your proubley geting sick of me keep saying all of the episodes a 10 its just this show is very good my favorite show and it well always be now back to this episode i love watching this episode on chrismas i garteen you youll love this episode should win a emmy like all of the episodes need to this is the best christmas episode I have ever seen.
    ED EDD N EDDY will always be my favorite show ever!!!!
  • Loved it!

    This episode was exxciting for me because it happened in thet winter and usually, the episodes take place in the middle of july. After finding out eddy was only getting clothes for christmas, he decided to ruin anothers Christmas by stealing other people's presents. It was hilarious when ed and edd were giving a demonstration to eddy about the true meaning of Christmas and eddy completely attcked whoever was the angel (i forgot whether it was double d or ed). They should make more ed, eddn' eddy speacials. I can't wait for the winter episodes in season six whenever that comes out.
  • Christmas means much more then gifts and food, but will Eddy know that?

    Of course Eddy wants gifts, but when he finds out all he is getting is clothes, he goes to extremes to get "good" gifts for Christmas. In a selfish attempt, he tries to get adopted by others to get "good" gifts. Its not till the end Eddy learns the meaning of Christmas. With a reference to the First Christmas and baby Jesus, to the silly outcome, its a Christmas the Ed's will never forget. Animation was new, and used CGI for the first time in the series. The colors in reflection to the CGI became brighter and more vivid, with better animation in a sense. Sound was good and the plot was okay. Not thegreatest Christmas special, but good enough.
  • Perfect except for one tiny detail.

    This is one of the dumbest episodes ever, and exactly wta it should be!! But the noly thing missingwas ED's stupidity. If it had that, then it would have been perfect, but this is still a great holiday special. Plus, it's a perfect way to kick off the Christmas spirit from us! Rock on!
  • Great Episode

    This episodes great,a christmas special episode.This episode brings joy to everyones hearsts this episode rules.This episodes about when eddys freaks out about his presents,and tries to be adopted.Woow,awesome cool,cool,great,hhhhhhhhhh,gggggggg.vvvv.This episode is great its awesome wonderful lenged and itrules this episode rules rules rules rules rules rules rules rules rules rules