Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 3 Episode 20

Ed... Pass It On...

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Ed... Pass It On...
Eddy fibs to the neighborhood kids that his big brother is coming home because he realizes that he would get more respect with his brother around. But how long can he keep this up until the kids realize his brother's not really coming home?

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  • Eddy's brother is coming home or is he?

    After the Eds restaurant scam failed by most of the time, Ed. Eddy says that scams have always work for his brother, so he made up a lie that his older brother's coming home. Eddy tells Kevin about it and eventually everyone know its and half of them are excited and a few are scared. Later, Kevin invites the Eds to his house for Eddy's brother's arrival. Then the kids get a little suspicious about Eddy's brother isn't here and Edd told Eddy to tell them the truth but Eddy made up another lie that he'll show up tomorrow. The next day, the Eds get a visit with Eddy's brother, who demanded a ice cream sundae but it later turned out to be Sarah and Jimmy. Ed almost found out it was them, but was too dumb to realize it. This episode was very good, has a lot of favorite parts like Ed is naked and pored gravy on him and Nazz yodeled and Ed shattered like glass. The only part that disappoints me is Eddy's brother is really Sarah & Jimmy. This episode deserves a solid A.moreless
  • Eddy's brtoher's comin to town...

    Eddy tells the kuldasack a lie by telling them his brother's coming home to gain respect. THe plan worked until Sarah joined the scene and got everyone to beleive that he's lying! Sarah and Jimmy later showed up dressed as his brother and told the eds to make them a chocolate cake. I wish Eddy's brother actually showed up. According to the kul de sack he's extremely cool. But they don't show anymore than the nine characters they do in all episodes. Eddy did the right thing to get respect though. It was a great and well plotted episode, but just a notch below perfect. (just in my opinion though)moreless
  • Big brother is coming home!

    Big brother is coming home and all that Eddy wants is the respect of the neighborhood kids and that the only way to get that is by scamming and telling the kids that his brother is on his way home.

    The kids of course fall for it at first but then they realize that it is one big and nasty lie!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Here we learn the scams like the food scam always worked for Eddy's brother.

    • Eddy says that he'd introduce his brother to Kevin, implying that him and Kevin never met, but Eddy mentions earlier that everyone respected Eddy's brother and him because he was with his brother, meaning that everyone, including Kevin, did meet him.

    • When Nazz comes down the chimney, her lips are pink instead of red like they usually are.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Eddy: (looks out his window) They're still sitting out there like sheep.
      Edd: Your rumor is a monster feeding on everyone's insecurities. Stop it before it's too late.
      Eddy: It's just a little fib, Double-D. Kevin would pound the living daylights out of me if I told him my brother ain't showing up.

    • Sarah: Watch what you're doing, Jimmy.
      Jimmy: It's these darn stilts. They make me all clumsy, Sarah.

    • Ed: Who's up for Pin the Tail on the Donkey?
      Eddy: Shut up, Ed!

      Sarah: Brothers are stupid.
      Eddy: Oh, yeah? Why don't you tell that to his face then.
      Sarah: Fine! So, where's his face?
      Kevin: Where is he, man?
      Rolf: Rolf smells something and it's not Papa's back hair vest.
      Nazz: Is he coming, Eddy?

    • Nazz: What do you feel like, Kevin? Are you gonna get the Ed Kabobs, or the Eddy Pizza, or the Double-D Spaghetti?
      Kevin: I'm ordering the barf bag.
      Nazz: Where's that on the menu, Kevin?

    • Ed: (eating chips at Kevin's place) Got any dip?
      Kevin: I'll dip you, ya dork!

    • Ed: (Seeing that "Eddy's Brother" is really Sarah and Jimmy) HEEEEEYYY!!
      (Jimmy and Sarah stare)
      Ed: What flavor ice cream did you want?
      Sarah: (Clears throat) Chocolate!
      Ed: Okey Dokey! (runs away) Your brother wants chocolate Eddy!
      Jimmy: HAHHAHHAH.
      Sarah: Brothers are such idiots!

    • Double D: One Ed Turkey ala King!
      Jonny: Oh boy, I'm starvin'!
      Double D: (takes off the lid without looking) Bon appetit!
      Jonny: (grossed out) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
      (Ed is sitting there naked with a ladle full of gravy)
      Double D: Ed, you were supposed to use a real turkey!
      Ed: (pouring gravy on himself) Stuffing anybody?

    • Eddy: R-E-S-P-E-E-K, respect Double-D!

    • Ed: Let me say this about that...

    • Ed:(upset) Buses can be so cruel!

    • Eddy: My big brother's coming home today.
      Kevin: No way.
      Ed: (blows into a party hat, then says) And it works for him!

    • Jonny: (to Plank) What do ya mean an Ed Turkey a la King for you and a couple of breadsticks for the bald kid?

    • Rolf: Please inform Eddy's brother that Rolf's chickens exist no longer!

    • Ed: Oh, no ya don't! Too many cooks spoil the galoshes, Double-D!

  • NOTES (5)

    • At the start of the episode, Eddy mispronounces the word "garcon", French for "boy".

    • Nazz once again displays traits of the "dumb blonde": Kevin, disgusted by the Ed's menu says, "I'm ordering the barf bag", to which Nazz (not knowing that Kevin was being sarcastic) asks where that was on the menu.

    • This is another episode where one the Eds get almost everything he wants.

    • While Jonny, Jimmy and Nazz were enamored by Eddy's brother, Rolf and Kevin are obviously scared of him. Kevin even believes that Eddy's brother thinks he is a loser. But Sarah couldn't care less.

    • When Eddy sees his brother (which is actually Sarah) in his closet, his brother wants a triple scoop banana split Sunday. Eddy then says "Hey, wait a minute! What happen to that lactose thing you-" So, it appears to what Eddy says, his brother could be lactose intolerant.