Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 2

Every Which Way But Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • One of the best episodes EVER!

    This episode was really good, and it definitely deserved a 10. They already did a flashback episode, but I thought this was better. I liked how it showed some things, like Jonny and Kevin with hair, Jimmy with no retainer, and Rolf's homeland! I don't know what Rolf was saying when he was swinging on the thingy. the wood has a brain? that was pretty suprising. I thought it was funny when Ed flashed back, and the rewinding scene was also good. And when Ed went back, I noticed Jonny as a baby with a diaper and rattle had his head stuck in the monkey bars. CLASSIC EPISODE! Final grade: 10 A++
  • Cutest ending ever!

    This episode definitely revealed a lot: how Plank got that chip in his head, how Nazz used to be "chubby" (although she seemed a lot more than chubby! lol), a glimpse of Rolf in his native land, how Eddy's scam ruined Jimmy's teeth, and even when Double D first moved to the cul-de-sac! I found it quite funny how Ed destroyed Double D's house ("zappity zap zap!") and Double D didn't even care at all. I mean, he usually goes mental if you don't even whipe your feet before you enter his house! I guess he was too interested in the jawbreaker Eddy had to care XD
  • lkhdklgcakjc Interruptions.

    After Eddy tells the story of scamming Jonny, who then remembers about Plank, and with many other past stories to follow, the Eds soon find themselves lost in a series of flashbacks. First, Eddy's falshback to when He tries to scam johnny goes haywire when Johnnty flashes back to when plank had a splinter or a so called small splinter slash brain damage from rolf's tractor. Then, Kevin flashed to when everybody was in the lake when Nazz mentions about a time when she was chubby. Then, Rolf flashes to his home town> So first eddy, then johnny, then kevin, nazz, and rolf.
  • Eddy tries to explain how he got a jawbreaker via a flashback, but everyone else keeps butting in with their own!

    This was certainly an interesting episode,seeing as the 4th wall was repeatedly broken.

    The beginning with Ed and Double D was very amusing, especially Ed's experience with the static electricity.

    The rest of the episode was good too, as the scene kept jumping from flashback to flashback until things become way to confusing!

    The end was amusing also. And Lil' Double D is sooo cute!
  • this episode shows ed edd'n eddy meeting themselfs

    i love all of the episode of the eds 10 for all of the episode and the tv show this episode is enteresting how the eds met in the end and other old memories that was'ent showen in season 1 and funny too like the part wen rolf got hit in the teeth by plank i thot the shot was very funny well thats my review bye.
  • Very funny show to watch!

    Show was very funny show IMO where the Eds want
    To go out and dance and try to find so
    In a book. The book is outdated but you know
    About Eddy, he wants to make cash in anyway how and
    He will take no for an answer to cash. Edd thinks
    That the book won't work but they end up in platform clothes!
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