Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 13

Hand-Me-Down Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • A prime example of why I watch this show! Also seeing what we may have missed is cool.

    This was the best episode. It shows what we may have missed (Example: Eddy's Mothering showed that deep down, he care's about his friends) and was the funniest episode ever! It is so far the best episode in a show I've watched! Although I know the movie will beat that. I can't explain how great this episode was! I laughed more than the rest of season 4 combined. Which, considering it was a great season, is incredibly impressive and FAR BEYOND other shows. It deserves to be the top episode! I mean, how much better than this can you get?
  • We see everyone's opposite side!

    Wow! Super natural! Again, Edd is wrong! That's one in the eye for him! Everyone is playing when Kevin destroys Jimmy's teddy bear. The boomerang touches him and he becomes mighty and strong! Then when it comes of him, he returnes to his normal self. Then Sarah becomes all kind and lovey-dovey, Rolf becomes an opera singer but seems to know that he has been changed! Then The Eds. Ed, a really itellegant person, Eddy, a 1950's style mother and edd a sweating nudist!!!!! I'm glad the really inapropriate part was censored! Inagin if it wasn't! That would be bad!
  • One of my fave episodes.

    The very first time I watched this episode, I laughed so hard I thought I would wet my pants. I found it very interesting to see everyone's opposite personality. Jimmy becomes strong and more muscular, Sarah becomes all lovey and soft, Eddy becomes motherly, and Ed becomes intelligent. Seeing Rolf as an opera singer was hilarious. The part I love most about this episode is seeing Double D's opposite personality. This part had me laughing the hardest as my jaw remained open for probably about 10 minutes straight. I give this episode a 10/10. This episode is without a doubt one of my favorites.
  • Hah!

    A mysterious neighborhood toy is passed from one person to another, changing everyone who touches it. It is revealed to be a strange indian boomerang. It passes from every cu de sac kid until ll of them are changed then changed back to normal selves. Well, every kid in the cul de sac except the erupting eds that are trapped in the tree. Each person changes with the Boomerang.
    Jimmy becomes a strong proffesional wrestler, Sarah becomes friendly to the eds, Rolf becomes an Opera singer, Ed becomes smart, Eddy becomes caring motherly and Edd becomes a stupid naturist hippie.
  • Best of the best!

    When a boomerang comes and passes it down to almost
    Every kid, Sarah becomes very friendly, Rolf sings Opera, Edd becomes like a Keanu Reeves like guy, Ed becomes soft, Eddy becomes a baby, and Jimmy becomes a muscle guy.
    It didn't change Kevin and if it did, he might had become more friendlier than Sarah IMO!
  • Wow supernatural!

    This episode is so cool and it was godsend from above from the 1st time I saw it on Friday, February 13, 2004 at 7:00pm! The Eds acted OOC during the entire episode while touching the boomerang. Each person was a Jimmy: wrestler, Sarah: friendly, Rolf: Opera singer, Ed: smart, Eddy: motherly and Edd: naturist and stripping (Shocking!). But most of all I liked Edd's personality in this episode, it made me watch this show. If it weren't for this episode I would still hate the show. So if your an fan watch this episode now!
  • The best episode ever!!!

    Hand-me-Down-Ed is about a boomerang that falls into practically everyone's hands, then they act the opposite of their regular personality. Ex: Sarah-nice Jimmy-strong. When the Eds get ahold of it, they go crazy. Eddy turns into a loving mother to a briefcase, Edd turns into this sweating guy who wants to take all his clothes off, and Ed becomes very, very smart.

    This was easily the best one yet. I loved Eddy as a mother and Edd as a whatever he was; that's so unlike him. And we finally get to see Ed smart! When Edd takes off all his clothes, it was gross but it gave me the giggles. Pretty much the whole thing cracked me up!

    Grade: A+++++++++
  • A majorly funny episode!

    This is my absolute favorite episode of the entire series. There's just something about it that seems to draw you in, like having everyone act like their total opposites; jimmy as a strong man, rolf as a singer, sarah acting tenderly, Ed as smart, edd as...well, a stripper, and eddy acting like a mother.

    When you start it, it just seems like a normal episode, but as it goes on, it draws you in quickly, and your entranced with it. It's just an amazing episode, and so much better than some of the other stupider ones. This is one that you can watch over and over and still laugh at it like you did the first time.
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