Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 16

Here's Mud in Your Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Moral:Money doesn't grow on trees


    Here's another hilrailous episode of Ed,Edd and Eddy. The episode starts with Johnny watching Sarah and Jimmy making a cake out of sand. He wants to use their shovel to make a donut,but ends up getting beat up by Sarah. Eddy then tricks Jimmy into his money by making an amusement park,which is really a dump. He then tells Rolf what happens,causing him to get revenge. One of the funny parts of this episode is when Ed spends the quarter on a kiddie ride. Eddy then smells a money tree,and Rolf tells him that he will give him a seed unless he gives up his stuff. He gives all of his things to Rolf,but Edd soon discovers that the money was really soup labels. Eddy then tears up the floorboard,but he discovers that the seed was really a spool of thread. He then decides to get revenge on Rolf by tricking him into getting a jar of sand that turns into a meat bush,but it doesn't work. Rolf then gives him a bolt,calling it the REAL money tree seed. Eddy believes it,and grows it. Overall,such a hilrailous episode. The best parts were when Ed rode the rocket kiddie ride,Ed impersonating Edd with a puppet,and Eddy's reactions to the money tree. Another great episode

  • Money Tree!

    Jimmy got upset because Sarah and Johnny were fighting in the playground. He runs off and Double D thinks they should try to make Jimmy happy. Jimmy stops when he sees they make a happy carnival for him to feel better. Jimmy gave a quarter to them and got tricked, they didn't work on anything! Jimmy stumbles upon Rolf and he tells him what happened. Rolf told him that they should team up and get revenge on Eddy by making him get tricked! Eddy found a 'money tree' and Rolf wouldn't give him the seeds to make the tree unless he gave him all of his stuff! He did and Eddy got scammed cause there was no seed after all!
  • eddy lenrs his lesson a little

    I love all of the episode of the eds 10 for all of them inudeing this one i like this episode because its eteresting for begging middle and end rolf and jimmy team up to take down eddy i like that just like ushaly cartoon episode any ways 10 for the hole show inudelding this episode well thats my review bye