Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 2 Episode 12

Homecooked Eds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Homecooked Eds

The Kanker Sisters decide to take a vacation, and what better place to do it then Eddy's house. They park their trailer on Eddy's lawn. Eddy is outraged with the trailer, and wants to get it off. He tries all different techniques, but it's not easy to remove it.


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  • The Eds try to shoo away the Kankers!

    This is good. Jonny is angry at May for stealing plank and so infaltrates the trailer! The Kankers have gone on holiday on Eddy's lawn and have infaltrated his house!! They try multiple attempts to get them away and succeed, just about. The episode stops where the Eds and Kevin are fighting over where the trailer should be by pushing it towards their opponent's house(the trailer is resting on the fence between Eddy's house and Kevin's house. Various other gags happen throughout this episode. I don't think there is anymore to write of this episode but I do recommend that you watch it.moreless
  • What an awesome and hilarious instalment to the Ed Eddn' Eddy series!

    So the Kankers decide to get away for the trailer park and take a vacation, and what better place to do that, then Eddy's yard. So the Eds do everything in thier power in attempt to get rid of them, and when they succeed, Jonny, unitentionally sends them back. Personally, I am not to fond of the Kanker sisters, but in this episode they were hilarious, even though they were getting on the Eddy's nerves. But since they are annoying, stupid, and irratating in most episodes, I found this one to be a delightful exception the the series. I think this episode is great and I would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys the Ed Eddn Eddy series.moreless
  • The Kanker sisters are on vacation and have taken up residence on Eddy's lawn. Can the Eds evict them before they decide to move in?

    This episode was fantastic. It was the first time the Eds got the best of the Kankers (maybe the only time). Throughout the episode, Eddy and Double-D did things Ed was more likely to do (as well as things he wanted to do) which was hilarious. The Kankers ransacked Eddy's house and drove him nuts which was really kooky. When the Eds made that little storm that wrecked the Kanker's party, I thought it was really funny, especially when Ed chucked them away, trailer and all. It was also funny to see Eddy going "Filthy, filthy, filthy", and Ed saying "That's something I'd expect from Double-D". I also thought it was funny when the Kanker's trailer ended up on the fence with Eddy and Double-D pushing against Kevin while Ed watched. In my opinion, this episode was downright hilarious.moreless
  • Another hilarious episode!!!

    The kankers decide to go on vacation and move their trailor to eddys lawn. Eddy is furious that they are living on his lawn and going through his stuff in his room. In the mean time the eds are on kevins lawn deciding how to deal with the situation and kevin and rolf make fun of eddy saying that the kankers are his girlfriends. The kankers also steal plank from johnny and make it their back scaratcher. The eds then come up with a plan to make it seem like a hurricane is occuring in order to get them off his lawn for good. This is a great episode because the eds finally get revenge on the kankers!moreless
  • omg the best episode.

    THIS is the best episode ever!!!!!!!! I love it when the blond haired kanker sister goes "Mery flip me over, i'm getting crispy. Mary flip me over! MARY!!!!!!!" I lauphed so hard! and then when johnny got back plank the kanker sister went "HEY give us back our back scratcher." and then johnny went "scratch this!" And then when Kevin and Ralf were lauphing. Then rolf put his hand on johnny's shoulder and johnny said "Don't touch me." And Walks of. ya ya ya ya ya y ay ay ya ya y ya ya ya ya ya my favorite episode ~wafflesandnety93moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • While the Kankers are tanning in Eddy's front yard, the bottom piece of May's bikini changes from blue to gray.

    • Eddy wrecks Kevin's fence with the tractor at the start of the episode, but when the Kanker's trailer lands on his fence near the end of the episode, his fence is back to normal.

    • The Kankers acknowledge Jonny is this episode, but in "Key to My Ed" they act like he is a kind of gross animal.

    • If you look at the tour guide, Visit Eddy's House, you can see it was written by Lee Kanker.

    • We learn Edd has a mesozoic fossil collection.

    • Ed was able to break through Kevin's fence, and yet the Kankers' trailer was to hang on, much to Edd's, Eddy's, and Kevin's dismay.

    • A trailer, like that size the Kankers lives in, would've killed the Eds and broke Kevin's fence. However, the Eds made a quick recover, and just in time to warn Kevin.

      Reply: Cartoon characters cannot die, no matter what you do to them, it's a basic rule of cartoons.

    • How May Kanker took Plank from Jonny is never mentioned.

    • When Johhny 2x4 and Plank escape from the Kankers , you see some extra hands which there are 3 sisters in the Kanker Family with 6 hands in 3 and you perhaps can see 2 or a little bit of more hands.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Lee: Sun! May: Sweat! Marie: And souvenirs. (dumps Edd's belongings onto the floor) Edd: Why, these souvenirs look suspiciously familiar. (Realizes they're his things) AGH! Girls were in my room, Eddy!

    • (Marie's pointing the camera at the door)
      Marie: Wait till the folks at home see this.
      May: (wearing sunhat & sunglasses) I'm a movie star! (Gets pushed from behind)
      Lee: Move it, May. I'm beat. (threateningly) Marie, get that camera outta my face!

    • Ed: Cheerio Kanker sisterio!

    • Ed: Here's the debris, Eddy! Ha ha, I wanted to do this!

    • May: (To Jonny after Jonny breaks into their trailer to save Plank) GIVE ME BACK MY BACK SCRATCHER!
      Jonny: Scratch this! (Releases the cable he tied to a mailbox around the trailer and it is sent flying in a slingshot-like manner.)

    • May: Hey Marie, can you flip me over? I'm getting crispy. (Marie ignores) Marie, flip me over! I'm getting crispy! (Marie still ignores, Lee irritated) MARIE!!
      Lee: Shut up, May!
      (flips May and her table over)

    • Double-D: Eddy, please, I'm trying to get a good shot!
      Eddy: A good shot! Double-D, that's something I'd expect from Ed!
      Ed: That again is something I really wanted to do.
      Eddy: Ed, do this. Get rid of (all that's left of the fish are bones) my fish?
      Ed: Should I put them in a plastic bag?
      Eddy: Did you see where they went?
      Double-D: I was enraptured with Ed's whining...
      Ed: Is it so wrong to be right?

    • (Kankers ride out of Eddy's house on a coffee table)
      Lee: Yahoooooo!
      Marie: This water park idea stinks!
      May: It's not my fault the water pressure's low.
      Lee: Everything's your fault, May.

    • (Eddy is scrubbing his furniture with disinfected)
      Eddy: Filthy, filthy, filthy...
      Ed: That's something I'd expect from Double-D, Eddy.
      Eddy: Don't remind me.

    • Marie: (Bringing a pair of briefs from the wardrobe) Are these real leopard skin undies?
      Eddy: Arghh!!
      Double-D: That's quite a statement, Eddy.
      Eddy: They're my brother's...what?
      Marie: Says Eddy on the tag.

    • Ed: Don't even think about it, stink about it.
      Edd: Please Ed, no more rhymes.

    • Eddy: Ed, get (all that's left of the fish are bones) my fish?
      Ed: Should I put them in a plastic bag?

    • Double-D: Eddy, please, I'm trying to get a good shot!
      Eddy: A good shot! Double-D, that's something I'd expect from Ed!

    • Eddy: Oh, excuse me! I'm such a hack! I'll be in my trailer. (Starts walking but bumps into the Kanker's trailer)
      Ed: Eddy got a trailer!
      Eddy: (Sees an actual trailer) What's this thing doing on my lawn?

    • Ed:That again is something really wanted to do.

    • Edd: (sees Kankers) Edd-de-de-de-dy!
      Eddy: This isn't the time for bird calls, Double-D.
      Ed: A cup for blocking.
      Eddy: Double-D thinks he's a bird. I hate birds.
      (Ed sees Kankers and did some weird call)
      Lee: And that was the call of a yellow-belly boyfriend!

    • Kanker sisters: Uh-oh! It's raining! (Uses May as an umbrella)
      Lee: Does my hair look okay?
      Double-D: Summer rains, you can never predict them. Commence thunder, Eddy! (Eddy bangs pan with trash can)
      May: IT'S A TYPHOON!
      Lee: So what? We're not gonna let a little typhoon ruin our vacation, are we? (Fan blows in their faces)
      Lee: I can't see!
      Ed: I got the debris like you said, Eddy! I wanted to do this. (Puts a huge bush next to the fan and it gets blown into Lee)

    • Double-D: Eddy, I fear they're becoming amorous!
      Eddy: What's that mean?
      (Edd whispers definition in ear--Cuts to different room where the Eds come charging out, a scream is heard in the background)

    • Eddy: Demolition derby boys! Cool crash, huh, Ed?
      Ed: I've seen better, Eddy.
      Eddy: What?
      Ed: Look, the tractor is still intact. You could have done a lot more with the tree, and you hardly wrecked Kevin's fence. And the steering wheel should be rammed over your head, like so.

    • Eddy: They're wrecking my house!
      Ed: Amateurs Eddy, don't make me laugh.

    • Ed: One plus one equals one on a bun.
      Edd and Eddy: Ed!!

    • Edd: That's really something I'd expect from you, Ed.
      Ed: It's really something I wanted to do, Double-D.

    • Eddy: (Trying to move the Kanker's trailer off his lawn) Ed, give me a hand!
      Ed: (Grabs Double-D's hand and shoves it in Eddy's face) Found one!
      Double-D: This joke is older than my Mesozoic fossil collection, Ed.
      Ed: Whoops, there it goes... Yep! My brain stopped...

  • NOTES (4)