Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 8

I Am Curious Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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I Am Curious Ed
After Jimmy and Sarah notice that Jimmy's fish have had babies, they begin to ponder where babies come from. The problem is, nobody knows the truth and each theory is as hair-brained as the next.

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  • Jimmy and Sarah want to know where babies come from it not that hard to find out

    In this episode Jimmy's fishes has babies then Jimmy and Sarah want to find out where babies come from Nazz just laughs Kevin thinks they grow on trees Jonny and Plank said they come from eggs Rolf just tell a story then Ed said that they come from the stocks then Eddy said that they come out of your bellybottons and Jimmy gets scare then Double D tells then something of the bees and he must know where babies come from since he's the smart one than he and Eddy get in a fight and Ed becames a Stock and some why Ed can Flymoreless
  • It's the question every kids asks eventually.

    After Sarah and Jimmy find out that Jimmy's fish had babies, they start to wonder where babies come from. They start asking all the other kids, but trying to find a proper answer is harder than they thought. This episode was pretty good. It just shows how uneducated the Eds are at these types of things. That's why I love them, haha. I thought the scene at the start when Sarah and Jimmy where playing together in Jimmy's house was pretty cute. There were some funny moments like Rolf's answer to where babies come from: "You are children, go away!" And Eddy's scam with Grandma Double D was great as well. But I gave it an 8.1 because it's not exactly my all time favourite storyline.moreless
  • jimmy\'s fish had babies and he and sarah want to find out where babies come from.

    jimmy and sarah want to find out where babies come from so they ask kevin. he says they grow on trees. :roll: then they ask jonny who says that they hatch from eggs, which is true for birds and animals like that. after that, they ask rolf but he says that they are too young to know. then, eddy says he\'ll tell them for fifty cents so they pay him. eddy says that the belly-button lint that you dont clean out grows into a baby--how stupid do you get? :roll: . double d tries to tell them but before he can, eddy and ed ruin it. ed says that they come from storks. he then picks up eddy with his mouth and flies onto a roof. how the heck can he fly?? :lol:moreless
  • A good and funny episode of the show.

    This episode is good and funny. I like the part when Sarah and Jimmy were asking every body at the cul-de-sac except for the kankers where babies come from. Double-D know where babies come from but he can't say it. I like also the part when Sarah and Jimmy asked Jonny were babies come from and he put them at the eggs. Then Jonny make Jimmy it a worm. That was funny. The other parts were not really funny but good. Great episode.moreless
  • Another great epiosode of the Eds.

    This episode is great. I like the part when Sarah and Jimmy asked Eddy where babies come from and he told them that babies come from your belly button if you didn't clean it up. That is very funny. I like also the part when Ed flew and he's with Eddy. Double-D can't believe how he flew like that. That's were the funny parts that I liked, Very funny episode of the Eds.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jonny: (to Sarah and Jimmy about "where babies come from")See this is a nest (throws stick in a pile of hay), you need to build one, for the babies!
      Jimmy: Oooooh.
      Johny: (picks up Plank who is wearing some feathers, a paper beak and a rubber glove on his "head") Plank wants to be mama bird. And you guys are the eggs (Sarah and Jimmy are sitting in two egg costumes and Johny zips them in, leaving Sarah and Jimmy inside)
      Jimmy: I don't see any babies Johny.
      Johny: Shhhh. You have to wait for the warmth of Mama Bird to hatch you (puts Plank on the egg costumes and the picture stays static as Johny watches what happens).
      Sarah: This is stupid.
      Jimmy: I'm getting a cramp Sarah.
      Johny: DING! Ready! Now you know! That's where babies come from!
      Sarah: (busts out of the egg with her leg and as Jimmy tries to get out she cracks Jimmy's egg like cooking an egg and Jimmy falls).
      Johny (pretending that Plank is talking): Mama Bird says it's time to feed the babies!
      Jimmy: (Laughs and opens mouth while Johny drops a worm in Jimmy's mouth, and Jimmy swallows it). (panics) I SWALLOWED A WIGGLY!

    • Kevin: (to Sarah and Jimmy about where babies come from) Babies huh? Where do babies come from? They grown on trees like apples.

    • Ed:Babies come from storks!
      Edd:Think Ed a child is far too heavy alone for a bird to carry!
      Ed:Says you! (he then picks Eddy up in his mouth and starts flapping his arms and flying he reaches the top of the roof and drops eddy in) Babies are born as such.
      Edd(pulls up a beach chair) Ed how did you do that?
      Ed:You mean this Double D? (he starts flying again then falls)

    • Jimmy: Sarah look, Fish and Chips have visitors!
      Sarah: Holy cow, Jimmy. They look like babies!
      Jimmy: Where babies come from Sarah?
      Sarah: Beats the heck out of me, Jimmy.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Edd and possibly Rolf are the only ones that know where babies come from. (Reply: Don't forget Kevin and Nazz!)

    • Running gags: 1) Jimmy and Sarah trying to figure out where babies come from, but not succeeding and ending up with some bad results as a result of asking (as an example, when Jonny tells them that babies come from hatched-by-a-bird eggs, he puts a worm in Jimmy's mouth). 2) Nazz laughing uncontrollably when she finds out that Jimmy and Sarah don't know where babies come from. 3) Jimmy getting scared and sad when Eddy tells them that babies come from belly buttons.

    • Kevin is a football player for Peach Creek Jr. High, as shown when he is getting apples for Nazz.

    • Theories on where babies come from:
      Kevin - They grow on trees.
      Jonny - They are hatched by birds while in eggs.
      Ed - A stork drops them off through a chimney.
      Eddy - They develop from extra lint in your belly button and grow by eating scraps of food, which is why (According to Eddy) they stink.


    • The title might also be an allusion to two famous and controversial Swedish art films from the late 1960s: "I am Curious (Yellow)" and "I am Curious (Blue)". The movies spawned a huge series of parodies and imitations which mimicked the "I am Curious (Blank)" title formula.

    • Title:
      A reference to, I am Curious Yellow