Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 8

I Am Curious Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Jimmy and Sarah want to know where babies come from it not that hard to find out

    In this episode Jimmy's fishes has babies then Jimmy and Sarah want to find out where babies come from Nazz just laughs Kevin thinks they grow on trees Jonny and Plank said they come from eggs Rolf just tell a story then Ed said that they come from the stocks then Eddy said that they come out of your bellybottons and Jimmy gets scare then Double D tells then something of the bees and he must know where babies come from since he's the smart one than he and Eddy get in a fight and Ed becames a Stock and some why Ed can Fly
  • It's the question every kids asks eventually.

    After Sarah and Jimmy find out that Jimmy's fish had babies, they start to wonder where babies come from. They start asking all the other kids, but trying to find a proper answer is harder than they thought. This episode was pretty good. It just shows how uneducated the Eds are at these types of things. That's why I love them, haha. I thought the scene at the start when Sarah and Jimmy where playing together in Jimmy's house was pretty cute. There were some funny moments like Rolf's answer to where babies come from: "You are children, go away!" And Eddy's scam with Grandma Double D was great as well. But I gave it an 8.1 because it's not exactly my all time favourite storyline.
  • jimmy\'s fish had babies and he and sarah want to find out where babies come from.

    jimmy and sarah want to find out where babies come from so they ask kevin. he says they grow on trees. :roll: then they ask jonny who says that they hatch from eggs, which is true for birds and animals like that. after that, they ask rolf but he says that they are too young to know. then, eddy says he\'ll tell them for fifty cents so they pay him. eddy says that the belly-button lint that you dont clean out grows into a baby--how stupid do you get? :roll: . double d tries to tell them but before he can, eddy and ed ruin it. ed says that they come from storks. he then picks up eddy with his mouth and flies onto a roof. how the heck can he fly?? :lol:
  • A good and funny episode of the show.

    This episode is good and funny. I like the part when Sarah and Jimmy were asking every body at the cul-de-sac except for the kankers where babies come from. Double-D know where babies come from but he can't say it. I like also the part when Sarah and Jimmy asked Jonny were babies come from and he put them at the eggs. Then Jonny make Jimmy it a worm. That was funny. The other parts were not really funny but good. Great episode.
  • Another great epiosode of the Eds.

    This episode is great. I like the part when Sarah and Jimmy asked Eddy where babies come from and he told them that babies come from your belly button if you didn't clean it up. That is very funny. I like also the part when Ed flew and he's with Eddy. Double-D can't believe how he flew like that. That's were the funny parts that I liked, Very funny episode of the Eds.
  • 1.0
    this has got to be like my least favorite episode (no offense to the people who like it) but i just didn't get that satisfied feeling i normally get when i watch ed edd n eddy. just not the same. it was missing something, the funny--no! the bravery to make it as funny and stupid as they normally do! for all my homies that agree with me on this one, they should have done something better with the episode! well at least it was ed edd n eddy i like that show no matter what, even the episodes i think are bad. i think all episodes are ed edd n eddy approved.
  • This episode has the pure old-fashioned Ed,Edd 'N' Eddy slapstick comedy that we love! I loved this episode.

    Sara and Jimmy ponder about where babies come from,which induces some crazy theories from the Eds and the cul-de-sac kids.

    This episode had me rolling on the floor laughing! It was superbly perfect!this is why this is the best modern day comedy cartoon other than Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents,if you have never seen this show,you will grow very fond of it by seeing this episode! I loved it.
  • Jimmy and Saraha re pondering the bae of the birth of babies, but nobody knows the truth, and when threy attempt to theorize, each answer keeps getting weirder.

    What a weird episode. As if seeing ed fly was hard enough, now no one knows where the heck babies come from. How do you like that! And if they can't tie a lace, you can't eat some food! Sammy can see a bird int he east pacific ocean. j
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