Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 5

Little Ed Blue

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • One of my favorite episodes.


    This episode starts with Ed ruining some movie scam, and ends up in a bad mood. Edd and Eddy try to cheer him up.

    My Favorite parts are: Eddy and Kevin throwing baseballs at Ed and Ed gets mad and uses Eddy as a baseball bat and hits kevin into the sky, Edd and Eddy looking for stuff and Eddy finding the Chick's Galore magazine and being disappointed because it's about actual chickens, Eddy reading Ed thecomic and Ed slams thecomic in Eddy's face. Edd getting a turkey stuck on his body, Ed's fire-breathing toy, Johnny actually going up to Ed and pulling his shoe off (because Plank told him to do it)whileEdd and Eddy realizing that's it's been a pebble all along.

    This is one of my favorites. It has great slapstick and character development. Never get's old.


    One of the best episodes ever made by this show.Ed turned out to be mean because he has a pebble in his shoe.Man,this episode was so much of a funny episode.Some parts are funny like Johnny blocking the screen,Ed being mean to Edd like starring scary at him,Ed slamming Eddy's face in the comic book and Eddy getting the popcorn.The reason that was funny is because of Eddy saying I want free popcorn,I want free popcorn.What do I look like?Some popcorn fairy.This episode is one of the best episodes ever made that the creators have made.And whoever made or copies and episode like this should be killed for that.A perfect episode ever made.
  • ed's mad and edd & eddy try to cheer him up...

    i absolutely luv this ep! when i first watched this ep, i couldnt stop laughing after it was over! it's that funny=D edd &
    eddy try everything to cheer ed up, but nothing was working until jonny pulled ed's shoe off. ed's anger was caused by a pebble lol i loved the part where eddy dressed up like a chickenxD i definately recommend this ep to anyone who hasnt seen it or the show. i wish CN would show ed, edd, & eddy more. watch little ed blue & you'll be laughin your ass off! IMO, it's a series classic & i luv it!
  • Ed is in a bad mood and makes everyone around him to leave him alone.

    this is the first time that i've seen ed stand up to Sara. and she was scared when he screamed at her. His two best friends did try to cheer him up, well Double d tried anyway. There were a couple of hilariuos scenses in this episode like when eddy and double d are playing acting using ed's toys and ed pulls on a string and the toy breathes fire! I have never seen ed give Eddy such an ugly look when eddy was dressed up as a chicken. i liked how he finally let loss and began to destory everything with the tree stump.
  • Cool.

    This episode is one of the rare episodes that ed is very commanding. The kids and even sarah are scared of him and Edd and eddy are always trying to get him to be the old ed that they new and liked. Though none of their attempts to pring him back fail. Except for Johnny's shoe move out of his shoe with the small pebble.

    -Bring him some toys and pudding skin to make him feel better.
    -Put on a puppet show.
    -Prepare a turkey with a candle on it.
    -Dress Eddy up as a chicken. -Give him a hug
    -Take off his shoe
  • This episode was awesome and when I mean awesome, I mean the best!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Ed Edd n Eddy. Its about Ed gets mad and Edd and Eddy tries to cheer him up. They tried to do I puppet show, Edd tried to dress Eddy as a chicken, they make a turkey cake for Ed, Eddy reads Ed a comic book, and Edd gives a hug to Ed. All of the things Edd and Eddy did to cheer Ed up become ugly. Ed was destroying everything cause no one would leave him alone. When Johhny came, he notices Plank knows the problem why Ed is mad. Johhny took out Ed`s shoe and a pebble came out. Ed got happy and thats it. It`s just so funny. I hope I see the episode today.
  • Hahahahahahahahaha! I can't stop laughing! This episode is hilarious!

    Ed ruins Eddy and Double D's scam for a silent movie because of a bad mood! Ed even scares Sarah away! Eddy yells at Ed for ruining the scam but Ed ignores him and angrily stomps off. Eddy and Double try to think up ways to make Ed happy. First they make Ed a birthday chicken but Ed shoves Double D's head through it! then they put on a puppet show with Ed's robot toy and his Baron O'Beefdip action figure. Then Ed pulls a string on Baron O'Beefdip's back setting Eddy and Double D on fire. Then Double D makes Eddy wear a chicken suit to make Ed happy. Ed still doesn't smile so Eddy starts to yell at Ed until Ed lets loose a roar of rage and tears the playground slide off the ground. then he grabs a tree and starts to whack aeverything with it! Eddy watches in horror as he tries to revieve Double D from fainting! As Ed is rampaging throughout the cul-de-sac, he trips over Plank, He immediately lifts him up, about to break him in half when Jonny takes off Ed's shoe! As a pebble falls out Ed's frown turns into a smile! Eddy and Double D stare in disbelief as all that trouble was caused over a pebble in his shoe! One of the most hilarious Ed, Edd and Eddy episodes I've ever seen!
  • Ed is so angry, he will beat up any one and anything that comes near him. Confused Edd and Eddy try to cheer Ed up but it just makes him more angry.

    This is my favorite episode of all time. The first time I seen this episode, I could not stop laughing for almost an hour! If I could, I would watch this episode once a day. If you never seenm this episode, you are definitly missing out on one of the greatest episodes of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, that was ever made. If you like helarious episodes of Ed Edd and Eddy, you will love this episode ad mych as I do!If I could, I would give this episode 15 stars out of 10 (which it is off the scale). If you didn't see this episode, I would advise you to watch it!
  • Ed is ticked off!

    Ed this time ruins the scam and he is one ticked off dude that you don't want to encounter when he is mad.
    Sarah is even scared of him as Kevin is knocked off when Ed uses Eddy as a bat and ballparks him out of the park.
    Then Ed gets angry until Jonny pulls off his shoe and there is a pebble in his shoe that makes him angry.
    Once again, he is back to his old lovable self.
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