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Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 6 Episode 3

Look Before you Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Look Before you Ed
Edd and Jimmy try to make winter a safer place but Ed and Eddy keep messing up.

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  • What's new? The Eds lose and Edd gets into one of his prissy, sarcastic goody goody two shoes issues.

    R-U-B-B-I-S-H! The running gag is stupid, the wusses(Edd and jimmy) make their own stupid "make winter safe" thing, no jokes, the Eds get locked in a fake jail, what is new? Only Rolf makes a reference that breaks the fourth wall, it was ceartinly not worth the wait. I really hope the BPS ( Big picture Show ) is not like this, not worth the long wait. This episode is not good at all. Who in the right mind would like it!? We've waited and waited for the Big Picture Show and I ceartinly hope that it isn't like this.moreless
  • Boring and not funny, two things that you don't normally see in this show.

    I like this show, but this episode was awful. All it was about was Double-D and Jimmy trying to make winter safe, but Ed and Eddy keep ruining their plans. The plot for this episode was boring and repetitive, and the storyline just left me disappointed up to its unsatisfying ending. None of the jokes were funny with the exception of Eddy's joke about the snowjob. Jimmy also got on my nerves when he yelled at Double-D and locked him in that cage when he didn't even do anything. The whole episode just was not well thought out, and I was expecting better. At least the movie wasn't like this episode.moreless
  • Good lost episode!

    After Double D and Jimmy see too much destruction during Winter, they start to make a club at school to make Winter safe. Edd also wants Eddy and Ed to join them make Winter safe, but Eddy and Ed starts to wreck everything up and Jimmy gets sick of them being in their group. After too many times of Eddy and Ed wrecking everything up Jimmy quits and makes up his own club and locks the Eds up in a cage. I must say Edd and Jimmy were being more wimps than usual in this episode. I miss the Eds... 10/10moreless
  • boring

    very out of character it had nothing to do with the show make a good episode for once make one that has super heroes with it. Battle for the cul de sac

    When the kankers get super powers Edd works on a way to give everyone else super powers


    Ed (the monster)

    has super strength

    Edd (the professor)

    has super brain

    Eddy (professor scam)

    professes scams powers but good

    Kevin (Cool boy)

    can fly

    Johnny (captain melon-head)

    Plank (splinter the wonder-hood)

    Rolf (the Shepard)

    Can call on an army of farm animals

    Nazz (the princess)

    can take control of any one

    Jimmy (fashion warrior)

    Sarah (demon warrior)


    Lee, may and Marie (three headed dragon) make this episode nowmoreless
  • Not the best episode but very convient

    This episode was alright, though it wasn't the best I have seen. The episode starts out with everthing snowing and all. However Jimmy is getting consttanly hurt and Double D is already extremely concered about the saftey of the kids while it is snowing. So Jimmy and Edd have a chat and they agree to make things more safe for the winter. However every thing they do is failing and leading to Jimmy's anger and is tellign Double D nothing is working. So Jimmy makes his own safety advice and all three of the eds are stuck inside a prison exept they improvised iron bars for ice.moreless

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