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Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 6 Episode 2

May I Have This Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

May I Have This Ed
Eddy finds out that there is a school dance tonight and is very excited, but Double-D is horrified! The only way they can become "chick magnets" is to learn from a book Eddy's brother had called: "Dames, Dates and you".

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  • Beautiful episode!

    This episode really spoke to me. I loved it! Everythign about it just stood out to me. I loved the way everyone interacted at the dance and the way the Kankers got jelous of whoever the Eds were dancing with (especially when Marie became jelous of Double D and Nazz xD). And I also loved the way Doube D was shown in this episode. How he was so socially awkward but how Sarah, Nazz and Marie all wanted to dance with him. This is a model episode. I love it so much :D. If you haven't already seen it then watch it ASAP!moreless
  • A great lost episode!

    The Eds go to their school's school dance. Ed and Eddy are excited abou going, but Edd isn't. To get ready, Eddy got a book from his brother on how to date girls. They test it out on a sewing lady but it dosen't go real good. They arrive to the school dance with everyone there. Rolf even brought Wilfred with him! Kevin got really nervous trying to ask Nazz out for a dance, but it got ruined by Eddy. Nazz thought Edd had great moves so Edd danced with Nazz, which got Marie Kanker upset. They then started getting into a catfight which sent them rolling around the gym, picking everyone up except the Eds, who ran out of the gym. And then, the school broke down. Great episode!moreless
  • An awesome episode

    I have to admit this episode was a lot better and more evenful than I thought it would be. I actually found the ending to be very hilarious. Also this might provide hints for the Big Picture Show as far as who Nazz has a crush on. At first I thought it would be Kevin but based on the way Nazz didn't seem to be interested in Kevin really changed my mind, and the fact that she wanted to dance with Double D made it seemed like she had a crush on him instead of Kevin. Overall, a very organized and hilarious episode.moreless
  • Let's boogie!

    Nazz played sort of a big role in the storyline, even if she wasn't shown mostly. But anyway, this episode really was revealing in one way...Nazz does ask multiple boys to dance, resulting them in breaking out in sweat, but she seemed the most excited to dance with Edd, meaning that might be revealed in the movie.

    Anyway, the Eds go to a school dance for the first time, but all goes wrong once they can't fin anything in their "Dames, Dates, and You" book to impress Nazz.

    What sent me rolling of the floor laughing hysterically is just one small detail. Once Eddy put the date sign up sheet, Ed wrote his name. That really just made me think "Boy, Ed is more wrong than I thought." Plus, when he told the Eds he got Wilbur's phone number was also kind of awkward. However, I still give this episode a 9.5. It sure knocked some sense into me.moreless
  • The eds are getting ready for the up coming school dance,double D is nervous,not knowing how to dance and and building up the nerve to ask nazz out to dance,so eddy decides to help learn how to dance,eventually asking nazz at the dance.moreless

    very special,a very special episode,funny how kevin wound up without a date,jimmy got jealous,and we got a hint to nazz's feelings for double d.

    the only thing about it was we didn't get to see much of the dance,like an episode about the the dance,not learning how to dance.

    Loved the music in this episode.Has a very nice ring that just sticks in your head.

    It still has what only ed edd'n'eddy can bring,ending in a total disaster for eddy,wich still ends in him not learning a thing.

    Even though it is not a special,i do considerate one because we don't see much epsodes like this.moreless

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