Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 1

Mission Ed-Possible

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Once again,another great episode


    We finally get to see adults in this episode. The episode starts with everybody reading their report cards,but Eddy is mad that the fact that their report cards are being delivered. Eddy then discovers that Edd is delivering their cards. Eddy then uses his tools to change his grade to a C. But Edd then tricks Ed and Eddy by using a cutout of the principal. Eddy wants to get his report cards,but Ed ends up telling his punishment,which is staying with his aunt who never "butters his toast". The school day ends,and while Ed and Eddy are hiding outside,he hides in Rolf's back,and Ed hilrailously mistakes him as Edd. Edd turns out to be hiding in Rolf's typewriter. He then goes through a bunch of obstacles to get to their house. They end up digging a ditch,but Edd ends up escaping,and Eddy kicks Ed,saying "You could've dug deeper!",which was funny. They end up in Sarah and Jimmy's parade,but Edd still escapes (Mary Poppins style) and goes through the Kanker's trailer,which Ed and Eddy go in,and get smooched on. Eddy then finds his bag,but the report cards are no where to be found. However,Edd then gave the cards to the Urban Rangers. Eddy ends up getting caught by his dad's arm,and Ed's mother's arm. Edd then gets away,but is about to get beat up by Kevin. Overall,this was such a hilrailous episode. It was nice to see the adults in this episode,but this had it's funny moments. Ed wiping Eddy with his boogers was hilrailous,Ed's sad face was hilrailous and when Edd put up a principal decoy,it was just funny when Ed's like "I surrender!". Another well done episode.

  • The chase is on!

    This episode was great to begin with season 5.Edd tries to deliever Ed and Eddy's report cards and he beats them.Eddy wants to change his and Ed's report card.Edd steals Kevin's bike and they get into a big chase.This episode was awesome.We finally get to see them go to school and other secrets of this episode was shown.Loved it when Edd tried to be Mary Poppins and escaped on a umbrella.Loved the ending.That was another secret that was revealed.We finally get to see Ed and Eddy's mom and dad,but we get to see their arms instead of their faces.It's been a dang long time that we finally get to see their parents.At the end,Edd was about to get beaten up by Kevin and then the episode ends.But the chase was so funny and awesome that Eddy had to get covered and boogers and get punished for having very bad grades.One of th best episodes of season 5 ever made yet.
  • What an episode!

    This episode is about Ed and Eddy getting bad grades on thier report cards and they do not want thier parents to find out so they treid to change thier grades. However Double D caught them in the process and managed to take the report cards from them and will attempt to deliver thier report cards by hand. Ed and Eddy try to plot and trap Double D but he out smarts them everytime. When Double D finally reached his destination, Ed and Eddy find him but only to relize thier report cards aren't there. Once again Double D had out smarted them. He gave thier report cards to Rolf for him to deliever them to his parents, and just kept running to throw them off track. Rolf was successful here and recieved the report card deliever bage from his fellow Urban Rangers (Jimmy and Jonny). Overall this was an awesome episode in the season 5 lineup and definately deserves to be remembered. All the excitment in only ten minutes really kept me on my seat. I was really surprised to find out the Rolf had delievered the report cards to thier parents. Double D's intellegence never ceases to amaze me. He is definately the brain of the Eds and the whole neigborhood to come up with a stunt like that. I would reccomend this fantastic episode to anyone who enjoys the Ed Edd n' Eddy series as much as I do and to bring of bunch of comedy and entertainement to you if you have had a long or hard day.
  • Hah! Chase

    Class President Double-D has been entrusted with the task of delivering Ed and Eddy's substandard report cards to their respective parents. When the school bell rings, it's open season on Double-D and he must battle his way through Ed and Eddy's blundering plots, schemes, and traps if he wants to deliver the incriminating documents safely.
    All of Eddy's scams and prodjects lead to thius. In spite of all of he and ed's efforts to stop him from getting the report cards to eddy's mom and ed's mom, the scams and efforts fail and ed has to go to Grandma's, Beating for Eddy.
  • Two great and wonderful classic shows!

    I think the baby Eds were very cute and adorable
    And that I was just laughing out loud rolling on
    The floor when those shows were on. And that again in the first show, Double D gets the short end of the stick and gets blamed. Not a violent person but I would have loved to punch the living daylights out of Kevin!
  • Two great and very funny episodes of the Eds!

    These two episodes are really funny. In Mission-Ed Possible, I like the parts when Ed and Eddy tries to get the report cards that Doble- D got but Double- D tricked them. The report cards were in Rolf. A very funny episode. In Every which way but Ed, I like the part when the Eds were remebering what happened long time ago or only past ago. Also the one when Eddy was trying to get Jonny's jawbreaker and he disguised like Plank. Very funny. Also the funny part when the kids were at like the beach and Nazz was very fat and then she jumped over there so she fell out on Kevin. Two great and very funny episodes of the Eds.
  • This is a highlight for the series, and not just because it's the season premiere.

    This is a great episode. It gets the season straight into gear with its classic humor.
    Mission Ed-Possible is just plain hilarious. As always, it has the morbidly funny bumps and bruises that the Eds always take.Also, the episode has a nice twist with the fact that the Urban Rangers suddenly come with that whole message thing.
    Every Whch Way But Ed is not only funny, but it reveals a lot about plenty of characters. You find out how Plank lost a chip of wood, how Jimmy broke his teeth, how Nazz used to be chubby, and so on. It's a nice flashback on a whole bunch of events.
    Again, this episode is hilarious, and kicks the season into gear, which is great because it's the first episode of the season.
  • Both hilarious episodes to have in Season 5!

    Mission Ed-Possible: This first part was great! Good to see the return of the Urban Rangers. The arms of Ed and Eddy's parents, whoa, Eddy's dad has a huge arm. Need to change lousy report cards? Eddy's got all the supplies for it. Edd just ran a lot! 9.5/10

    Every Which Way But Ed: I found the second part to be even more interesting! Ed's zappity zap zap was sure funny! I was amazed by all the flashbacks. Plank's chip, chubby Nazz, old world Rolf, perfect teeth Jimmy, boxing class Sarah, and baby Eds. It was just so funny! 10/10

    Both great, enjoyable, and entertaining episodes really hit the spot! I also belive that the episodes are gettting better in Season 5!
  • This was one of the best episodes of the series. Baby Ed, Double D, and Eddy were ADORABLE!

    This was really a great episode. I preferred Every Which Way but Ed, but Mission Ed-Possible was good too. In Mission Ed-Possible, I liked seeing more of the Ed's school. And in Every Which Way but Ed, Nazz? Chubby? Too funny. I wish they couldd've told us how she lost ALL the weight, though. All in all, 10/10!
  • The new season gets a great start with this new episode.

    Both Mission Edd-Possible and Every Which Way But Ed are worthy episodes to see.

    What makes this episode good is that the Eds are no longer strict in the summer season at cul-de-sac, and the season focuses them struggling at junior high.

    Speaking of which, Mission Edd-Possible starts off when everyone got their report cards (except for Ed & Eddy). The Eds learned that Edd is going to send their report cards to their parents, and Eddy is making sure that "sockhead" wouldn't delivered them-at all cost.

    In Every Which Way But Ed, Eddy recieves (stolen) a jawbreaker from Johnny, and gives off an explanation in a flashback. However, it seems that everyone is in it, interrupting Eddy's own.

    With a fresh new season and a new setting, the Eds will lasted much longer than anyone would have thought.
  • It's Ed against Eds as Edd tries to get his friends' report cards to their parents; The Eds and their friends get carried away with flashbacks. AKA hasn't lost their touch!

    The first episode of the new season (if you don't count the Halloween episode), and the first regular episode to show the Eds at school. This new twist doesn't add much to the show, but doesn't take away from the feel, either.

    "Mission Ed-Possible" deals with Edd struggling to get his friends' report cards home in one piece, despite Ed and Eddy's attempts at stopping him. Typical chasing silliness, Ed-style, in the vein of "Don't Rain on My Ed". And what a surprise to see authority figures (or at least their arms)... I didn't know Ed had an aunt!

    "Any Which Way But Ed" is another fine trope-spoofing episode. What "The Good Ol' Ed" is to clip shows, "Any Which Way But Ed" is to whole-episode flashbacks. In this one, Eddy interrupts Ed and Edd's lesson on the wonders of static electricity to regale them with the tale of how he conned Johnny out of a jawbreaker. But in the middle of his flashback, Johnny starts his own story about Plank getting a "head" injury, and then Nazz starts her own flashback... next thing you know, the Eds are lost in the muddle of flashbacks, trying to figure out how to get back to the present! Funny stuff.
  • In the first episode, Edd should not have been punished. 3.2/10. Although the second episode boosts this overall episode to 6.1/10 because of it's comedy.

    While the first episode where Ed and Eddy stop Edd from delivering report cards did not make sense, the second episode was completely funny.

    We learn a lot of stuff from the second episode:
    - Jimmy got retainers because of Eddy's scam
    - Johnny once had hair
    - Nazz was really fat
    - Kevin had hair also
    - The viewers see Rolf's home country
    - Eddy's first scam got money from Edd
    and finally...
    - Everyone on the show can control flashbacks.
  • Edd got what he deserved! 2nd Episode Just Plain Wacky!

    Poor Ed and Eddy...even though they did fail their grades, they shouldn\'t have gotten punished like that. Oh well, at least Edd got his just desserts, thanks to Kevin. And the 2nd episode...what a laugh riot! Eddy pretending to be Plank! A fat Nazz! The Eds lost in a wave of flashbacks! I give this one only a 5.9 since Edd got punished in the first one as well, and the 2nd more than made up for the first one.
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