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Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 9

No Speak da Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

No Speak da Ed
When Ed receives wolf-related gifts from his foreign penpal, it causes Rolf to lash out at him. Can Double-D and Eddy find out why Rolf is acting so strangely?

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  • I hate this episode

    This episode is so painful to watch because Rolf keeps beating up Ed for his pen-pal's gifts. In this episode, I <i>really</i> hated Rolf. I hated him more in this episode than in 'Stiff Upper Ed' when he was ordering Edd to do something for him and asking in an aggressive attitude. Then, there was the part where the Eds were in a wird, hellish place. I think that was a trap set up by Rolf. He should never have tortured Edd and Eddy in this episode. He really shouldn't have tortured Ed at all. Then, Edd and Eddy are tied up to the wall of Rolf's shed. You wouldn't believe how much I hate this episode.moreless
  • A great episode that's well written with chracter development.

    The Urban Rangers are delivering mail to the students on behalf of a penpal project they have to do. When Ed gets a music box of a wolf chasing a sheep, Rolf walks over to Ed and breaks the music box and yells a warning to Ed angrily. Ed is puzzled by Rolf's behavior over the music box. The next day another package arrives for Ed. It is a wolf pelt. Ed puts it on and prances around and howls. Rolf turns around from his locker in terror. Rolf quickly experiences a flashback from his childhood. In the flasback he is walking with his sheep in a dark forest. Then hears a howling sound and the sound of running. Then Rolf starts to run away form the noise. Rolf trips and a werewolf comes up and steals his sheep! Rolf gets up and attacks the wolf, which is really Ed! Later, The Eds are walking home from school when a chicken comes out of a bush. Ed chases it but then disappears near Rolf's house! Eddy and Double D follow him only to fall through a trap door leading to a secret chamber where Rolf has Ed in a cage! Rolf explains of a childhood grudge he has with wolves, and how Ed is in league with them, as Rolf demands Ed's answers. ed just kept responding: "Hi Rolf", Until morning. Then there is a package for Double D. In the package was an item that expalined everything. Then Rolf realized it was just a joke. But Rolf sends the Eds to Norway to prank the sender of the wolf parcels!moreless
  • Very funny and great episode of the Eds. One of my favorites. But it's not really great and very funny epside as the episode Too Smart for His own Ed.

    When I first watched this episode I thought it was boring and not funny that's why the first time I rated this episode is 7.7(good). When the next time I watched this episode I thought they had changed this episode because it's very funny now and great. That's why now it's one of my favorite episode. That's why I watched Ed, Edd n Eddy because their episodes were very funny. The funny part is when they were in school doing funny things and their penpals were delivering them mails. I don't like the part when Rolf don't have mercy to the Eds because of the wolf problem. But it was okay, it was still funny. Very funny episode and great. One of my favorites. An exciting episode of the Eds that I watched.moreless
  • A great episode.

    This episode is great. Every part of this episode is funny. Actually all of this show's episodes are funny. The funniest part is when Rolf got the Eds and Edd and Eddy were tied. Ed was putting down in a dirty thing by a cow. Ya, it was a mis-understanding because they didin't do anything and Rolf just get mad at them and treated them like that. But this episode is great and funny.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • How did Jonny know where to find Edd when he and the other Eds were at Rolf's shed/dungeon.

      Reply: It's a cartoon, there have been situations like that on almost every cartoon.

    • Rolf said that those gifts came from a girl named Gerta the goat milker from Norway since Rolf knows her and knows where she is from we also learn where Rolf is from in the process.

    • Edd says that foreign currency was worthless in America, but there are areas where the money can be cashed in for an equal amount of American money.

      -REPLY: It mostly like the Korean bloke known it was a trick, and he was getting even at Eddy for it.

    • It would have been impossible for the envelope Eddy received from his penpal to hold all of his money. It would have been easier to simply send him a check.

      Reply: Everything is possible in a cartoon.

    • Jonny and Jimmy continue to deliver mail to the Eds after Ed first receives his music box, but Rolf is in class while this happens.

    • Several times during the last half of the episode, the lid of the cage holding Ed disappears between scenes.

    • When Rolf is seen leaving class, he is in his regular clothes. Later on, he is in his sweater.

    • After Rolf delivers the music box to Ed, Ed's "spacesuit" temporarily disappears.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Eddy: What makes you so special?
      Ed: I eat cereal, Eddy.

    • Ed: Hold on there chief, strudel gives me gas.

    • Eddy: So what'd you do this time, Ed? Put on his Grandmother's pantaloons again?

    • Eddy:Come on it's gotta be worrth somethin'!

    • Ed:Rolf hit me with an umbrella Double D!

    • Rolf: Talk I say!
      Ed: Hi Rolf!
      Rolf: Talk you son of a gun!
      Ed: Hi Rolf!
      Edd: Rolf stop it was just a misunderstanding!
      Eddy: Yeah how was we supposed to know you that you were such lilly-livered gutless doormat?!
      Jonny: (comes in, plays half the normal tune but is interrupted by Rolf glaring at him) Paging Double-D mail for ya!
      Edd: Thank you, ranger Jonny.
      Jonny: Don't mention it. (Rolf throws him out the shed)

    • Rolf: Ed boy, where did you acquire this music-making dohicky?
      Ed: Aw. My penpal sent it to me.
      (Rolf takes the music box away after silencing it, then suddenly slams it into the floor, shattering it.)
      Rolf: A dog has raised it's hind leg on the age of nevermore! (He begins to leave, holding his cane like a weapon) Mind Rolf, do not get involved, doggy doo-doo Ed-boy!
      (The Ed's are in shock until Eddy bursts out laughing)
      Eddy: Ha ha ha. Good one, Lumpy. Whatever you did to Rolf saved me the hassle of smashing that stupid third-world lunchbox.
      Double-D: Oh dear me, the nerve of Rolf, destroying Ed's cultural keepsake. (He sweeps it up) Why, I've got a good mind to report him to the principal.
      Eddy: Later, sockhead. We're cashing in on this penpal thing if it kills ya.

  • NOTES (9)


    • The Wolf Man

      The wolf in Rolf's childhood is a reference to the Wolf Man. It's also a reference to The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    • Title: Pun

      No Speak Da Ed is obviously based on a the phrase, "No Speak Da Truth".

    • Eddy: What's he gonna do? Stuff eels down our pants again?

      Eddy makes this quote shortly before Rolf starts torturing him and the other Eds. This is a reference to "Dueling Eds", where Rolf indeed stuffed eels down everyone's, including his own, pants.