Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 9

No Speak da Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • I hate this episode

    This episode is so painful to watch because Rolf keeps beating up Ed for his pen-pal's gifts. In this episode, I <i>really</i> hated Rolf. I hated him more in this episode than in 'Stiff Upper Ed' when he was ordering Edd to do something for him and asking in an aggressive attitude. Then, there was the part where the Eds were in a wird, hellish place. I think that was a trap set up by Rolf. He should never have tortured Edd and Eddy in this episode. He really shouldn't have tortured Ed at all. Then, Edd and Eddy are tied up to the wall of Rolf's shed. You wouldn't believe how much I hate this episode.
  • A great episode that's well written with chracter development.

    The Urban Rangers are delivering mail to the students on behalf of a penpal project they have to do. When Ed gets a music box of a wolf chasing a sheep, Rolf walks over to Ed and breaks the music box and yells a warning to Ed angrily. Ed is puzzled by Rolf's behavior over the music box. The next day another package arrives for Ed. It is a wolf pelt. Ed puts it on and prances around and howls. Rolf turns around from his locker in terror. Rolf quickly experiences a flashback from his childhood. In the flasback he is walking with his sheep in a dark forest. Then hears a howling sound and the sound of running. Then Rolf starts to run away form the noise. Rolf trips and a werewolf comes up and steals his sheep! Rolf gets up and attacks the wolf, which is really Ed! Later, The Eds are walking home from school when a chicken comes out of a bush. Ed chases it but then disappears near Rolf's house! Eddy and Double D follow him only to fall through a trap door leading to a secret chamber where Rolf has Ed in a cage! Rolf explains of a childhood grudge he has with wolves, and how Ed is in league with them, as Rolf demands Ed's answers. ed just kept responding: "Hi Rolf", Until morning. Then there is a package for Double D. In the package was an item that expalined everything. Then Rolf realized it was just a joke. But Rolf sends the Eds to Norway to prank the sender of the wolf parcels!
  • Very funny and great episode of the Eds. One of my favorites. But it's not really great and very funny epside as the episode Too Smart for His own Ed.

    When I first watched this episode I thought it was boring and not funny that's why the first time I rated this episode is 7.7(good). When the next time I watched this episode I thought they had changed this episode because it's very funny now and great. That's why now it's one of my favorite episode. That's why I watched Ed, Edd n Eddy because their episodes were very funny. The funny part is when they were in school doing funny things and their penpals were delivering them mails. I don't like the part when Rolf don't have mercy to the Eds because of the wolf problem. But it was okay, it was still funny. Very funny episode and great. One of my favorites. An exciting episode of the Eds that I watched.
  • A great episode.

    This episode is great. Every part of this episode is funny. Actually all of this show's episodes are funny. The funniest part is when Rolf got the Eds and Edd and Eddy were tied. Ed was putting down in a dirty thing by a cow. Ya, it was a mis-understanding because they didin't do anything and Rolf just get mad at them and treated them like that. But this episode is great and funny.
  • 9.5
    the title does not go with this episode. but i thot this was arealy funny episode like the part in the shed ok recap on my favorite part!
    Rolf:Talk Ed boy!
    Ed:Hi Rolf!
    and that goes on and on untill johnny comes in. but i also think the part where rolf put them in the suitcase.i for one would probably like not fit in there but if i had to go to the bathroom and i was in a suitcase i would go, i mean they're not getting out for another couple hours. but in all this was one of the best episodes.
  • Another good episode of the show.

    "No Speak da Ed" is a well-deserved episode to be watched, as the humor and plot are a matching fit in the show.

    The episode begins, when everyone recieves gifts from their pen pals; one of those gifts, which comes from Ed, seems to upset Rolf. But what everyone, including the Eds, doesn't know is a traumitized childhood that Rolf endured in the old country is the reason he began to act like this, especially towards to Ed, and when the two learn about this, the situation seems to be solved-with mixed results.

    The character stays true to their personality, the plot is well-fitten and as always, it never cease to amaze me.

    Once again, a great episode I would recommend to anyone.