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Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 2

One of Those Eds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

One of Those Eds
The kids in the neighborhood compete to retrieve a lone quarter, seemingly stuck to the sidewalk. Eddy takes it overboard though, as usual.

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  • Such an original episode.

    Eddy found a quater lying on the ground after failing another scam. He tries to pick it up but it's stuck then he hides it with his shoe so no one can take it. thenmost of the other kids try to get the quarter as well. All the kids then fight each other to get it but Double D has a plan, he lines up everyone and they take their turns trying to get it everyone fails but at night the Eds built something to get it off the sidwalk, that failed too. Jonny goes over to the quarter and peels it off the sidewalk only a piece of dried gum holded that quarter tight. He took his quarter and took his gum and ran off. 10/10moreless
  • Gum?!

    Wow, I nevery thought all that gum could hold down that light quarter like that. Kevin's attempts to pick it with a shovel and a dustpan, and tieing a rope on to it and putting it on to his bike only had no effect. The shovel handle fell off and the dustpan got dented. Rolf's shoe beatings didn't do it. Sarah and Jimmy weren't strong enough, and Eddy couln't be able to get the 25 cent piece off the ground after his many attempts. Then, even double d's ultimate bulldozer only had enough power to dig around the quarter. Gum it was...moreless
  • Silly and out of character but in a good kind of way!

    The show was silly and out of character but I

    Loved it a lot as the kids try to get a quarter off

    Of the sidewalk. Rolf though hurts his back getting the quarter off the sidewalk.

    Double D tries to have the kids behave normally and line up in order but of course, you know that it will fail him!

    A series classic to say the least!!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • It isn't revealed how or what Jimmy injured himself with the eyelash curler.

    • Rolf tends to get beat up by Sarah in most episodes, yet in this episode, he shoves her and Jimmy away without any problems, despite his broken back.

    • If Jonny could get the quarter and there's gum in it, then how is it possible for the others to get it? And how is it possible that Jonny could walk on the wall?

    • How could Double D write down the plans for the machine if he was monitoring the whole event? If he wrote it BEFORE this even happened, how would he know that the plans would be of any use?

    • When Jimmy is seen close-up, there is a band-aid and bandages on his pants, instead of his legs. Why would he have them there?

    • When Edd and Eddy go to get the supplies for the machine to remove the quarter, the small barriers Edd used to keep everyone in line to get the quarter are still there, but disappear when Edd and Eddy return late at night.

    • How could Rolf catch up to Eddy when he had a broken back,and Eddy was running three times faster?!? He could not have caught up to him that easily.

    • Eddy is beaten up by Rolf at the start of the show, but once he notices the quarter, his injuries are gone.

    • The Position of the quarter disappears and reappears during the entire episode.

    • Due to an animation mistake, Ed and Eddy are missing for a couple of frames, when Jimmy is driven away in the ambulance.

  • QUOTES (17)

  • NOTES (9)

    • Nazz did not appear in this epsiode.

    • Apparently Rolf and Jimmy are the only kids who don't wear socks under their shoes.

    • Running gag(s): 1) Everyone trying to remove the quarter from the pavement. 2) Everyone fighting over the quarter. 3) Ed stealing everybody's shoes. 4) Ed saying puns throughout the episode, like "If you smelt it, you dealt it!" 5) Something happening to Rolf's back.

    • We learn that Double-D's thoughts are placed on sticky notes.

    • This is the third time Kevin's head is exposed.

    • Scams: Bed store.

    • Kevin removes his hat in this episode revealing he only has three hairs, the same three that stick out of his hat.

    • The ones who got a chance of getting the quarter, but failed and how were:

      Eddy: Tried various techniques, one of which included swinging from a rope while scooping it up with a shovel, but missed each shot.
      Jimmy: Tried peeling it off with his eyelash curler, but injured himself gruesomely before being taken to the hospital.
      Kevin: Tried peeling it off with a bike and chain, but his bike rode off and he had to chase it.
      Sarah: Tried biting it off the cement, until Eddy claimed to see her underpants and she walked off, embarrassed.
      Rolf: Tried beating it up with his shoes, but broke his back again.

      The ones who didn't get a turn and why were:

      Edd: Although he built a machine that failed to get the quarter for Eddy, he never wanted it.
      Ed: He was more interested in everyone's shoes than the quarter.
      Nazz and the Kankers: They weren't even there.
      Jonny: He got the quarter, but really wanted the gum under it.

    • This episode, along with Ed Overboard, aired on Sunday, August 24


    • Title: One of those Eds

      This episode is an allusion to the phrase "One of those days...."

    • One of Those Eds: Sword in the Stone
      This episode is an allusion to The Sword in the Stone. All of the kids in this show competed to grab the quarter from the sidewalk, as for the men in The Sword in the Stone, they competed to be the first to remove the sword from the anvil.