Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 2

One of Those Eds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Such an original episode.

    Eddy found a quater lying on the ground after failing another scam. He tries to pick it up but it's stuck then he hides it with his shoe so no one can take it. thenmost of the other kids try to get the quarter as well. All the kids then fight each other to get it but Double D has a plan, he lines up everyone and they take their turns trying to get it everyone fails but at night the Eds built something to get it off the sidwalk, that failed too. Jonny goes over to the quarter and peels it off the sidewalk only a piece of dried gum holded that quarter tight. He took his quarter and took his gum and ran off. 10/10
  • Gum?!

    Wow, I nevery thought all that gum could hold down that light quarter like that. Kevin's attempts to pick it with a shovel and a dustpan, and tieing a rope on to it and putting it on to his bike only had no effect. The shovel handle fell off and the dustpan got dented. Rolf's shoe beatings didn't do it. Sarah and Jimmy weren't strong enough, and Eddy couln't be able to get the 25 cent piece off the ground after his many attempts. Then, even double d's ultimate bulldozer only had enough power to dig around the quarter. Gum it was...
  • Silly and out of character but in a good kind of way!

    The show was silly and out of character but I
    Loved it a lot as the kids try to get a quarter off
    Of the sidewalk. Rolf though hurts his back getting the quarter off the sidewalk.
    Double D tries to have the kids behave normally and line up in order but of course, you know that it will fail him!
    A series classic to say the least!!