Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 7

Out With the Old, In With the Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Out with the old, In with the Ed.

    I don't really like this episode, I give 6.2 points for this episode. I like part 1 better, I give it 7.1 points. I like Double D's back to school blue plan. It's really interesting. I give part 2 the 5.3 points because bad ending, bad things happened to the Eds like they can't be in the same homeroom but others can be (The kids, Kankers). I hate the Kankers just didn't give the Eds a deaut and pushing the Eds going to the GIRLS' BATHROOM and kissed them. I can harder hold myself for not getting bad for that but I hope Danny can make a very nice ending for the Eds in only ONE episode. Thank you.
  • It is the worst thing ever!

    Eddy wants to skip school and make it like it's summer again.But they go to school and they discover they are not in the same class.This episode was good,but it wasen't the best episode ever.I hated some scenes like when the kids steal Edd's supplies.That was so mean and Rolf was being an idiot again.He destroyed Edd's door.Another thing that I hated about this episode is the ending.Those stupid Kankers did such a stupid thing again.Using a fake class which is really the girls bathroom.That was so idiotic and is the worst thing the Kankers can have done.Why can't the Kankers just leave the Eds alone?I just wanna kill them.This had a lot of bad scenes,but it's still a good episode.
  • I thought the Eds would never go to school

    the episode starts off with Double D getting first for school then he looks at his calendar and sees that it is July then we find out that Eddy's scam is to make sure that Summer is not over then the sky turn dark then everyone learn is fall and just takes Double D's school school supplies since he haves a lot then Double D ask Ed if he can use his back to school coupon then Eddy and Ed are force to go to school then the Eds find out that they are not in the same Homeroom and tries to swicth with the Kancers then they make the Eds do whatever they want and the Eds are tricked and they get attack.
  • The first episode where the Eds go to school fabulous!

    This episode marks the first time we see the Eds in school and it was funny when they were trying to make it summer i know how you feel Eddy i felt sad the day when i had to go back to school but i guess the summer holidays don't last that long all though it might be fun to go to school on Ed Edd and Eddy but in real life it sucks out loud sure the episodes will have no scams in it like the previous seasons like this episode did it because it was the first school episode that's why they did this but anyways i hope the other ones will be as funny as this one.
  • It's one of my favorite episodes

    In this episode, it is the last day of more and they have to go back to school. It's a bit wierd and funny when Ed went into the store and got a bathroom stall, a small latter, pancake mix and a chewed up pencil. It's a great eppie because there are not that many eppies about them in school. But it is intresting how Eddy was smart enough to fool the kids in the cul-du-sac into thinking it was still summer. It even shows how Edd gets ready for school and in how long. And Eddy's slide scam fails with him and Ed asleep until they got to school
  • At least all the kids go to school!

    Don't you just love Double D also know as Edd
    As he just seems to be very trustworthy as well
    As also just a good friend. As the kids went to
    His house and gotten all of the paper and stuff that
    Edd has. At least we know that all of the kids go to
    School for sure! Edd must get straight A's you know!
  • The Master Blaster Episode

    As it always Thrilly, I like Ed in this episode its look like little stupid to me quite less than normally ,Edd character is very trust worthy ,Eddy looks like impatient to me, But overall performance to me is master blaster, For the first time we know that Ed,Edd and Eddy actually goes to school
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