Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 5 Episode 12

Pick an Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another reason that I hate Edd.

    Eddy just wanted to get away yet Edd wanted to get him back. I hate this episode! It is stupid! This is probably my least favourite episode and this is another reason why Ed isn't my favourite character. He kept dragging Eddy when eddy was pulling. Who on earth would like this episode!? It is soooo irritating! I hate this episode more than If It Smells Like An Ed! It is not revealed who wrot "Eddy is a no-neck chump." It might be Kevin or Sarah or Jimmy or even Edd. I think it is Sarah or Edd. I wish there was an episode where Edd beats up eddy but Everyone gets revenge on Edd! I would love that.
  • Carl who the heck is Carl?

    Eddy tries to find out who is backstabbing him and
    That he really wants to know as he disguses himself
    As a boy named Carl. For once all of the kids thinks
    That he is cool but really they have no way of
    knowing that it is Eddy! Very funny as well as
    Bad what happens to him in the end!
  • Carl? Who the heck is Carl?!

    Eddy's crazy disguises, such as his main disquise: Carl. The other kids think Eddy as Carl is cool, but now it's up to Ed and Edd to stop Eddy's scheme for one graffti above the water "Eddy is no-neck chump". Ed was funny in that episode, he spent the rest of the episode looking for Eddy {He fell for the Carl disguise easy}. LOL, that episode was funny!
  • Eddy disguised himself as a new kid in order to find out who's backstabbing at him.

    Along with "Who's Minding The Eds?", Pick an Ed is another great, if not, unusual episode of the show.

    Eddy learns that someone wrote "Eddy is a no-neck chump", and angry about this, he decided to find the culprit-by donning a disguise as Carl from Ecaudor. But when he realize the he found more acceptance from the kids in his new alter ego, he decided to stay as Carl, forcing Edd to get some senses to Eddy.

    The plot seems unusual, but the humor is worth it on the show.