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Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 2 Episode 11

Rambling Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Rambling Ed

After Sarah gives Ed a never-ending list of chores, Eddy and Edd insist he moves out. When they decide Ed should move into Rolf's shed and explaining to Rolf the whole situation, Rolf is intrigued with the idea and welcomes Ed into his home. But Rolf soon learns a burden has been place upon him.


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  • Tired of Ed bieng treated like a door mat by Sarah the other Ed's decided that its about time that ed move out and be on his own.

    I liked how Eddy grabbed both of Ed's lips and mimicked his vioce, i just l;ove that line. And Ed did the same thing to him. I liked how Sarah attacked the Edd's after they got her mad, agian. I liked the last part where the ed's are having fun tipping over rolf's shack, then Rolf comes in with this mean expression on his face and leapts at them. But it was good that rolf punished them, after all they did free load off of him and took advantage of his hospitality. I liked how they were sent to clean up the pig pen first.moreless
  • rolf is at his best at comdy he's very funny i laugh to death ed edd n eddy is my faviotit show forever i give all of the episodes a 10moreless

    rolf is vey funny in this episode at his best at comdy in this episode danny antonucci your a gienus at comdy i love your show and the beging was funny ed and rhat monster scean with double-dee this promble the funnyous episode of the eds ever or maybe not well written for the comdy of rolf the voise of rolf is amazing well thats my review i hope you watch the eds and see what i mean bye.moreless
  • Sometimes Rolf can be nice, sometimes not!

    Sometimes Rolf can be nice, and sometimes he won't be

    Nice if the Eds get on his bad side. But blame

    Sarah for making her dumb but lovable brother do all

    Of her chores. I mean don't blame him for driving Rolf nuts

    At all. I mean if I were Sarah's older sister, I would haul off and drop her like a ton of bricks!

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The Eds and Jonny have never been able to fool Sarah before. So why couldn't Sarah tell that the "Ed" playing with her and Jimmy was really Jonny?

    • Ed's snoring and the shed getting sucked in and out don't synch up. The shed should suck in when Ed inhales and then push out when Ed exhales, but it's the other way around while Ed is sleeping.

    • How was Edd able to sneak in and out from under the table and behind the curtains without Jonny, Plank, and Rolf seeing him?

    • How was Eddy able to convince Jonny and Plank to full-in for Ed after he was mad at Eddy for the ghost scam?

    • When the Eds flip Rolf's shed around and Rolf comes in, Eddy is somehow standing sideways on the wall of the roof. Oddly, this, or even floating, wasn't allowed for the Eds in previous episodes.

    • When Edd moved the can with the magnet at the beginning of the episode, it had to be impossible, because the table was too thick for it to really happen.

    • Why do Edd and Eddy stay in Rolf's house if it was only Ed that needed to get away from Sarah?

      Reply: Since Ed can get a bit excited in some situations, Eddy and Edd would need to stay there to keep an eye on him

    • When Ed puts Rolf and the tractor on top of the egg, the red stripe on Rolf's shirt is missing.

    • Rolf's bedroom is on the first floor in this episode, but is on the second floor in Here's Mud in Your Ed.

    • When Edd and Eddy sleep in Rolf's room, Rolf sleeps against the door of his room, but the next morning Edd and Eddy are outside of his room before he wakes up. How did they get through his bedroom door with Rolf leaning against it?

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sarah: Hit the road, Flathead! Ed's has a lot of work to do!
      Jimmy: Boy, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
      Eddy: Who would?

    • Rolf: The spirit of the rind speaks!
      Ed: What does it say?
      Eddy: (sarcastic) Yeah, tell us, oh Swami!
      Rolf: Ah, It says that your day will begin by....CLEANING MY PIG PEN!
      (Eds scramble off to do their chores)
      Rolf: Also, your future will hold that you de-lice the chickens and shake the dew from the tree, and brush the hair on the back of Rolf!
      (The Eds return, exhausted)
      Double-D: Gloves! I need gloves!
      Ed: Boy, you sure are bossy!
      Eddy: Shut up, Ed.

    • Ed: I am a cowboy! Bang! Bang!

    • Rolf: Ed-boy?
      Eddy: (Lounging) What's up, Stretch?
      Rolf: You like being a guest in the house of Rolf and you know, make lazy on Rolf's stump?
      Eddy: Are you kidding? It's great!

    • Rolf: May your nose fester with the rage of olives!

    • Sarah: What's your sock doing in my room?
      Ed: Sleeping?
      Sarah: Pick it up or I tell Mom!

    • Rolf: (praising Ed for running away) This is a brave thing you do long in the neck Ed-boy! Welcome to the home of Rolf. Please make yourself at home as Rolf could not sleep at night knowing dim-wit Ed boy is out free in the streets.

    • Eddy: Think big, Ed, where have you always wanted to live?
      Ed: Close to a mailbox, Eddy!

    • Eddy: (Impersonating Ed) I like it Eddy. I have one eyebrow and the brain of a bug.

    • Eddy: The spirits are a little low on cash and need bus fare to join us!

    • Eddy: If she told you to jump in a lake with a rock tied to your head, and wait for naked photos of you to develop so she could hand them out to all the kids in the cul-de-sac, would you?
      Ed: I had socks on, Eddy.


    • Ed: May shower scum devour your head!

    • (Eddy pulls Ed, dressed up like a ghost onto the table)
      Rolf: (quivering in fear) Look! It is so repulsive! It wants Rolf!
      Ed: (in slow, ghostly voice) I'm a little teapot, short and stout! This is my handle, this is my spout!
      (as Ed sings this, Rolf continues to shake nervously)

    • Ed: It wasn't me Sarah, I always put the seat down!

    • Ed: But Eddy, what about Sarah's chores?
      Eddy: All taken care of, Ed.
      Jonny: (scene changes to Jonny holding the list of chores) Look, Plank! We get to go to a tea party!

    • Rolf: I think we have angered the spirits, as it is a travesty to mix salami and bologna!

    • Rolf: (enraged) You have broken the celery stalk on the back of a sea urchin!
      Eddy: What'd he say?

  • NOTES (9)