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  • It was a Big Part of my Childhood.

    A very good show, it's like the first seat of the "nostalgia" childhood roller coaster for me.

    First thing that I admire(as an animator) with the show's style is with the blurring of the lining of the characters to make them seem more lively, which I have never heard of seen before in animation, and I think that it makes the show seem more memorable.

    Most of the characters are rich in personality and are likeable, with the exception of a few.

    Characters like Jimmy and especially Sarah I never liked as far as how they are as characters, mainly because I found them to be really annoying.

    There's also one character, Nazz, who I always thought was boring to watch, but at least she wasn't anything annoying.

    On the brighter note, personal favorite characters of mine include Rolf, Ed, and Johnny, they were kind of odd balls, but that does make them fun.

    I do not think the two other Eds, Eddy & Double D, are as good as those three characters, but I still really enjoy watching them.

    With the ones I did not mention, Kevin and the Kanker Sister, I stomach them OK.

    Seeing how I talked mostly about the characters, it's true that I do appreciate this show for being a big part of my childhood.

    3.5/4 Stars

  • This is my favorite Cartoon Network show and 3rd favorite cartoon of all time.

    A simple concept done right? Yup, that's Ed Edd n Eddy! Listen to this premise, three kids try to scam other children out of their money in order to get some jawbreakers, doesn't this sound like a premise that could mess up easily? Here's the thing though, Ed Edd N Eddy is incredibly clever with how it treats its concept. It's a show that is built on having a bunch of mean-spirited brutes being cruel to one another and it's all played out for comedy due to how wacky and unrealistic the pain is. It knows which characters should receive their comeuppance when they do something wrong and at no point does their comeuppance seem painful at all. The animation here is amazing. It's the last CN show to be cel-animated, and it looks gorgeous here! I love the squiggly outlines, it's a very stylistic choice that I know must've taken so many frames to make! The characters here are actually pretty likeable with some character development throughout the series. My favorite character is Ed, he has such a heart and his idiocy and one-liners are things that I can quote and people will get! I'd love to go into much detail as possible on this show, but I simply cannot. There are so many things that're brilliant about it. I highly recommend this cartoon, it's among my top 3 favorite cartoons ever.
  • Best cartoon network show ever

    This show was my childhood. I always looked forward to watching new episodes everyday when i came back from kindergarten. One of the best cartoons ever made. Who agrees with me that the should make a spinoff of them going to high school?
  • Cool.

  • One of Cartoon Network's Best....

    The charm of this show is the fact most episodes had no real conflict. The characters were like realistic kids and did normal kids stuff. This show is great for adults because it reminds them of what it's like to be a kid. It's great for kids because the show captures the childhood experience.
  • I loved this show

    besides power puff girls, this was one of my favorite shows. i know that it may be a little inapropriate, but now that im older i love it its hilarious and awesome .when i was younger, my parents never knew WHY i liked it, and neither did i. but now no ones surprised. every day after school form 3:30- 4:30 at my old house i would watch it please come back, Ed, edd, n eddy!
  • My Favorite Show

    By far one of the best Cartoon Networks's shows ever remember when i used to get home from school and rushes to the TV just to see this gotta say it was really hilarious and do find characters such as Ed,Edd,Rolf,Nazz,Jonny,and heck even Eddy(even if he can be a greedy bastard) very likable. I like the Kankers there pretty I do think Kevin is a dork himself(Imo The Eds are the REAL cool kids that us EEn'E fans love) and a jerk but he can be nice though(which is not the ugh he is so annoying and fucking hate her she's just too unlikable for my I enjoyed all the seasons(Even Season 5 which is my least favorite compare to the rest). Season 1:9/10-if the characters were better developed it would have been a 10 but this season is really awesome and caught my attention. Season 2:9.5/10-My second favorite funny,amazing,and gave the characters better development(which it was a really good one). Deep down I couldn't stop laughing whenever I watched certain episodes such as One plus One =Ed(one of my favorite episodes). Season 3:10/10- My favorite season of all time. Words can't describe how much I adore this season. Season 4:8/10-First of all this is the season when I started to dislike a couple of characters even if it weren't for "Is Smell Like An Ed", "Sorry Wrong Ed", "Your Ed Here",and couple of more would have give this season at least a 9. Though I did get a lot of laughs lol. Season 5:7/10-Better that I don't talk about the negatives I have almost nothing positive to say. Tbh though this season was STILL watchable and still has some humor in it. Well to wrap up I love this show with all my heart. Sure has it's bad episodes but no show is perfect. Let's say that this cartoon is a true classic
  • MORE!

    I would give a 4000$ PC,a car worth around 15000$,10 iPhone 5s,I would make a total of 1000$ of donations to anything,would give away all the games I ever bought ,and an extra of 3000$,ALL OF THAT JUST FOR MORE ED,EDD 'N EDDY EPISODES . I saw every episodes AT LEAST 10 times... Please dear God,give us more Ed Edd 'N Eddy episodes... I have 14 years : still searching online for dem episodes. At around 5-10 years : staying up every day way to late in order to see every episode of Ed,Edd 'n Eddy that day. I am not crazy,Im just a BIG FAN. . WHY CAN I NOT RATE IT 11/10 ?!
  • Yes!!

    Gotta love this show. Only people who truly knows about humor and cartoon likes Ed Edd n Eddy. Respects to the creator! Old episodes were the best, the "new" ones were less funny at least for me, but these guys still rock. Thumbs up to Ed Edd n Eddy
  • The Ed boys

    I love this show growing up! Seen every single episode. Makes me think that even though they don't produce this show anymore, I feel that the life of the Ed's in the cu-de-sac still lives on. Just thinking that the Ed's are still out there having their fun and trying to scam the neighborhood kids for jawbreakers.. This show must come back one day.
  • I miss this show

    I could remember watching this show back in cn glory days now it rarely shows on tv anymore I'm glad that I was born a 90s kid that watched every minute of this great show to the end
  • Best Show to ever Watch

    I think "Ed, Edd n Eddy" is the greatest out of all.
  • The only good 90's cartoon.

    I remember this humorous and awesome Canadian cartoon as a baby/toddler.
  • the three perfect E's

    my favourite ever cartoon when it started and i was about 7 and still is today even though im 22 now! well, once u form a bond with a program, it stays with, you feel like you grow up with the characters and get to know them gradually as time gets on, and ive never felt that same emotion with any other cartoon in that time, great how they all live in a very small town pretty much on the same street, i'd love all my friends to live the same distance from me! its a classic that i always knew i was going to love from the moment i started watching it, i reckon it will live on for new generations of kids to watch, even trying to get my niece to like it haha, a classic in every sense! well done cartoon network and danny antonucci, for a truly wonderful idea for a wonderful instantly likeable show! :D
  • This show is so nostalgic and brings back childhood memories!

    Seriously, I am just into tears that this show was canceled and taken off the air! Luckily, we have websites and torrents giving you cartoons that you grew up with! This show is pretty simple, but that doesn't make it bad! Also, for a Canadian import, this has to be one of the best. This is also one of the most memorable shows ever! I loved this as a little kid, and I still like this show now! The art design is also pretty simplistic, but gives you that feeling of those older TV shows from the 80s to the 90s! The plots are original, and the humor is very well done! If you never watched or liked this show, you're not a REAL man!
  • Funniest show ever

    One of the greatest cartoons ever! I used to laugh a lot when I watch Ed, Edd, n Eddy!
  • I miss this show

    I use to love this show
  • Amazing

    One of the all time best cartoons from Cartoon Network
  • WTF? You call THIS a cartoon!? O_O

    This show is garbage. I can't believe it was ever made. The animation is crap, the plot is ridiculous, and... oh fuck it. I love this show, and I hope Cartoon Network dies in a fire for ending it for crap like The Problem Solverz and Almost Naked Animals.
  • Wow, this is awesome.

    Deserves a 10, no way you can hate this.
  • One of my favorites

    In the 2000`s this show was one of my favorites. It was original, the jokes were funny and the characters are well developed. You have 3 outcast kids who dont fit in for various reasons (Ed, Edward and Eddy) the jock who is ambivilant giving you a love-hate relationship (Kevin) the wierd immigrant (Rolf) the hot cheerleader almost every boy falls for (Nazz) the wierd kid with the board (Johnny and Plank) the mean sister and her tag along friend (Sarah and Jimmy) and the 3 troublmaking trailer girls (May, Lee and Marrie) and all of them feel like one of a kind. Eer since it ended in 2009, I still think of this show now and then.
  • A good example of an enjoyable cartoon.

    Its has its weird and freaky moments but at the same time its not indecent and the characters each have their own weird personalities and looks, the show ultimately is one of my favorite childhood toons and there's nothing like it.
  • Ah, my childhood

    Perhaps one of the greatest shows ever made by Cartoon Network. You never were supposed to take his show seriously. The humor was intentionally oddball, the Eds would always try to scam the kids and end in some funny way which fails, or somehow succeed in an unconventional way. A review really can't describe it all, you have to watch it to like it.
  • Ed, Edd n' Epic

    I still can't believe it's ended. This was THE show to watch when I was a kid! It was fun and it was a classic! I can still remember my brother, best friend and I actually attempting to create some of the crazy contraptions from this show! Man, I really wish this could have kept going. ~Lutari
  • best show ever

    I was happy that it got two more seasons back in 2005.

    there are 6 seasons overall.

    well it had great humor, awesome characters, good animation, and a very good plot..

    all well that ends think that's how you say it
  • Neiman loves Ed Edd & Eddy

    OMG!!! This needs to come back. My son Neiman loved this show when he was little.
  • Loved this cartoon

    I was very sad when it had to end in 2009. It was doing really well, but you can still watch it on Netflix. The overall of this is 10 out 10
  • I absolutely loved this!

  • Show of a life time!!!

    I have watched this show ever since i was a little kid getting home from kindergarden and laughing my butt off. The Ed's are trypical teenagers getting in trouble and hanging out with friends. Even thought they only have about 8 characters that they showin the whole series, it is stil very good story each time. Every episode is filled with so much laughter and good times, that may represent your life, or someone elses life. I really enjoy this show, geting home from school or just enjoying it during summer is so awesome, with there troubles in everyday life. Best show on Cartoon Network, to this day!
  • To much of a gross humor

    When i first heard of this show i was about eight or nine and i really liked okay loved and everyday i would go to my moms bedroom and watch this very good show but then as i got older the show started to get on me! I really hated the gross humor and i hated how selfist eddy is and how dumb ed is and i started asking quistions about this show and i asked my best friend if she liked and she said she hated the gross humor and i started hating this show and i do i mean whats the piont??? Now i hate this show and vey surprised this show is now cancelled!!
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