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  • By far Cartoon Network's best show ever made.

    I can see why this is Cartoon Network's longest running show. Ed, Edd n' Eddy is definately one of the best cartoons ever conceived. The plots of this show were simply genius, as well as the characters. And there's only 12 of them, because for some reason in this show, Earth is only populated by these 12 kids and some animals, at least until the movie. Which I found both strange, and at times extremely hilarious.

    OK, let's get into the characters. Eddy is the greedy, mean one, Edd (Double D) is the smart, uptight one, and Ed is the stupid, lovable one. These three always go on wild adventures around the cul-de-sac, and set up scams to get quarters from the neighborhood kids so they can buy jawbreakers. These kids are Kevin, the cool kid who always calls them dorks. Nazz, the pretty girl who everyone seems to have a crush on. Rolf, the foreign kid who has a hard time fitting into american society. Johnny, the delusional guy with his best friend Plank (a piece of 2x4 wood). Playmates Jimmy and Ed's sister Sarah. And the Kanker sisters Lee, Marie, and May, who have deep crushes on Eddy, Edd, and Ed respectfully. There is something I like in all of these characters, even Eddy, they are all just so cool. Except for Sarah, she's just far too mean to her brother for me to like her.

    As for the plots... well, it's basically just the Eds trying to earn quarters so they can buy jawbreakers. You know, what I mentioned in the last paragraph. Haha. But I can say that it was awesome to see the characters go to school once the last seasons came around. Also, the Ed, Edd n' Eddy movie was incredible.

    What has happened to Cartoon Network in the last few of years? After this ended they started putting shitty cartoons on the air. I know all shows have to end, but to make room for shows like Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa and Regular Show?! Really?! In fact, the only really good cartoon to hit CN since 2008 has been Total Drama, and its not even a Cartoon Network original. I'm sorry, but that's just pathetic.

    Ed, Edd n' Eddy is nothing short of a classic. It never got old, and it will forever be Cartoon Network's best show and one of the all-time greatest cartoons.
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