Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 11

Robbin' Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Eddy & his friends come up with a thingamagig a thing that could help us the average Joe . All the kids buy it but after they buy it its not even filled with a thingamajig ! Johnny then thrashes Eddy and they capture him in the end Ed lets him go .

    After Eddys scam failed ( as usual ) by Jhonny the group try to capture them buy using a fake butt scam (how suggustive) then as terrible acting they make Jhonny appear ! He and Eddy fight . Then eddy takes Plank hostage . So Jhonny surrenders . they tie him up and dangle him into Eds tub of Gravy !!! Ed then grabs the thing-a-ma-jig then presses the button .The teeth then pop out and bite the rope ( which is impossible ) then Jhonny beats Eddy up Eddy . Jhonny thenn makes a boring speech and the kids dis him , then he rides of into the sunset
  • Captain Melon head.

    Eddy's latest scam is a roaring success... due to the fact that the multi-purpose "Thing-a-ma-jigs" he sold the other kids are really boxes full of junk. But before Eddy can spend his ill-gotten gains, the masked super-hero Captain Melonhead (really a thinly-disguised Johnny, with Plank as his sidekick "Splinter the Wood Wonder") clobbers Eddy and returns the money to the victims of his scam. Outraged, Eddy plots revenge by luring Melonhead and Splinter into an ambush, where he assumes the identity of supervillain "Professor Scam". He loses as usual and he runs away with ed and ed again. Yup. Yup.
  • Ridiculous and a very good plot.

    I have tapped this episode and watched it over and over its is so freakin funny! This episode has a great plot to it. Jonny diguised himself as a super hero (Captain Melonhead) while Plank is Splinter the Wonderwood, wrecked Eddy's scam for a Thing-a-Majig, Eddy lured Captain Melonhead (Jonny) into a trap by doing a fake scam and disguised himself as a villian Proffesor Scam. Almost after Surrenduring to Melonhead, Eddy threatens to hose Splinter (Plank) so Jonny surrenders. Eddy plans to reel him down into Ed's tub of gravy. However, just as Jonny was about to be dipped into the gravy, Ed saves Jonny by breaking the the rope using the Thing-a-Majig to save his gravy. So Eddy gets a beating, and his plan failed like in every episode.
  • Finally Eddy meets his match!

    Eddy finally meets his match in Jonny being a watermelon
    Hero as Jonny tries to stop Eddy from scamming anymore
    And that everybody loves it when Jonny stops Eddy from scamming but then it gets old and for some strange reason
    They let Eddy scam all over again. Very funny episode as Jonny did his best to give Eddy a run for his money or better yet, his jawbreakers!!