Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 10

Sorry, Wrong Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Sorry, Wrong Ed
After seeing Rolf bury a cool phone, Eddy digs it up and claims it for himself. But after a series of unfortunate events, it seems that this cool but cruel telephone has got a hotline to Eddy's number.

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  • Edd, I've got news for you. You're a stupid jerk!!!!!! Stop it with the Eddy hate because Edd can be just as bad. This is a perfect example of Edd being a stupid moron.moreless

    I really wish you could stop it with the eddy hate because Edd can be just as bad! It is true!!!!I absolutly loath Edd in this episode. I thought he cared for EVERYONE! Even when he is a jerk like Kevin or a spoilt brat like Sarah, he cares when someone's in trouble, but he just smiles when Eddy is getting attacked, saying it is common sense. He gets into fits about little tiny things, his sarcastic remarks, contradicting Eddy when eddy was being attacked, It just makes me so angry. Ed is a big, sarcastic moron! Eddy is supposed to be his best friend, not someone who he can constantly tease!moreless
  • Eddy gets cursed by a phone

    In this episode Eddy digs up a phone that belonged to Rolf and a lot of bad things happen to eddy.Eddy keeps telling Double D that phone is cursed but Double D doesn't belive

    that its cursed.So he tries to prove to Eddy that it is not cursed. But everytime something bad happens to Eddy.Then at the end Eddy ties it to Jhonny's head thinking that he will

    not be cursed anymore.But everytime it rings Johnny picks it

    up and bad things still happen to Eddy.I give this episode of Ed,Edd,n'Eddy a 8.5.It is a good episode just all it is Eddy getting hurt by the phone.moreless
  • a bit cruel to eddy huh?"

    Double d doesn't care about anything that happens to eddy in this epsode. Even if he got hit by all the things he did get hit with. A record hits him, an ice cream bike crashes on top of him, a spring in his mattress pops out, a skunk comes out of nowhere, a streetlight hits him, a cement pipe rolls over him, a truck runs over him, a thunderbolt hits him, a tree falls on him, he gets hit by hippos, his house collapses, a sandbox falls on him, and many other things during the scene where Jonny answers the phone.moreless
  • Double D is a real jerk in this episode.

    I absolutely hated Double D in this episode, usually, Double D shows concern for EVERYONE, whether it's a jerk like Kevin (who hates Double D, which he is fully aware of)or a spoiled brat like Sarah, he shows concern over Sarah losing her jewelry or Kevin's phobia, yet Double does not care about what happens to Eddy in this episode. He cares more about proving the phone wasn't cursed, than he did about Eddy, which is out of character for him. To make matters worse, double d rubbed it in when he thought he had been proven right, and what's with him getting angry, wow, you dont think phone's are cursed, but surely he can understand why Eddy thought it was cursed? For this, and other episodes where double d makes a jerk out of himself, there should be more episodes where bad things happen solely to double d, so eddy can finnally get his revenge.moreless
  • A really wierd but in a good kind of way show!

    Rolf buys a curse phone and that he is beginning

    To have some problems and then Eddy comes to get

    The phone and then he begins having problem after problem and tries to give back the phone to Rolf but to no avail.

    Eddy then gives it to Jonny and despite Jonny having it, still Eddy is cursed with problems!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Eddy yells out "Mommy!" when he sees a truck come out of nowhere, his mouth didn't move.

    • When Eddy says, "Says, you!", a tree falls on top of him from the street. As evidenced be the size of the tree, it couldn't have reached that far to hit Eddy. (response: the phone has done things even more illogical than that. It is possible that the phone made the tree taller before it hit Eddy)

    • In the scene where Edd designates the skunk, there is nothing on the side of Eddy's house. When Eddy says, "I say we test it (the phone)!", he is peeking out a window that wasn't there before.

    • Ed uses a pair of hockey sticks to safely place the cursed phone onto the pavement. In the next few scenes, where Ed picks up the phone with his hands, the hockey sticks disappear.

    • It took both Double-D and Eddy took lift Ed in "Dawn of the Ed", but in this episode, Eddy lifted both Ed and Double-D, no problem.

    • Double-D has no concern over what happens to Eddy in this episode, while in "Cry Ed" he got angry when Ed dropped a house on Eddy.

    • Near the end of the episode where Eddy has given Jonny the phone and bad things are still happening to him, before he gets struck by lightning, he's already been burnt to a crisp.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (After Rolf rejects his cursed phone)
      Double-D: (holding the phone) Oh, for goodness sake. (places his hand over the receiver) Let's put an end to this once and for all! (talks into it, politely) Hello, Eddward "Double-D" speaking.
      (a truck comes unexpectedly and runs into Eddy)

    • Ed: (After Eddy answers the phone and gets stuck between his bed spring) I know where you're going with this, Eddy. Nighty night. (He gets into Eddy's bed and goes to sleep. Eddy stares at him, annoyed.)

    • Eddy: WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddy: This ain't your same old, same old breakfast cereal, Double D. It's 100%... (pulls banner) curse free!

    • Eddy: (to Rolf) I've got a feeling you've cracked there, Dracula. Why don't you get Victor to give you a massage or something? And I'll guard the big bad phone for ya.
      Rolf: Victor's hooves are magic on Rolf's hardened muscles.

    • (Eddy has just been crushed by a runaway Ice Cream Truck when answering the phone)
      : Eddy's in pain now, he'll have'ta call ya back!

    • (After Eddy is hit with the Vinal Disc)
      Double-D: EDWARD!
      : Yes, Mommy?
      Eddy: What's with you!?
      : It wasn't me, Eddy! Honest and full truly!

    • (Eddy gets sprayed by a skunk after answering the phone)
      Double-D: Oh, look Ed! A skunk! Did you know in some parts it's also known as a polecat?
      : Who stepped on a duck?

    • Double-D: (turning really red in anger) Telephones aren't cursed, Eddy! Dag-blast it!! (holding his forehead) Calm down Double-D, think ocean waves, sea mammals, arias...
      : Was that your dark side, Double-D?

  • NOTES (6)

    • The Kanker Sisters did not appear in this episode.

    • Kevin, Nazz, Jimmy and Sarah did not appear in this epsiode.

    • Running gag: Eddy getting cursed by the phone and Double-D trying to prove this to be coincidence.

    • All the bad things that happen to Eddy are as follows: A record hits him, an ice cream bike crashes on top of him, a spring in his mattress pops out, a skunk comes out of nowhere, a streetlight hits him, a cement pipe rolls over him, a truck runs over him, a thunderbolt hits him, a tree falls on him, he gets hit by hippos, his house collapses, a sandbox falls on him, and many other things during the scene where Jonny answers the phone.

    • This episode is probably a reference to the James Dean Porsche. Eddy kept getting hurt when someone answered the phone, as to anyone who bought parts off of the James Dean Porsche and used them on their car, they would get hurt or die.

    • We see Double-D go crazy for the second time.


    • Phone: James Dean Sports Car
      This episode is probably an allusion to the incidents revolving around the James Dean Sports Car. Eddy kept getting hurt whenever he or someone else answered the phone. As for anyone involved in handling the sports car, as well as using the parts of the car in their own, these people would either get seriously injured or die.

    • Double-D: "And I'm Theodore Geisel"
      When Edd says, "And I'm Theodore Geisel." This is a reference to Theodore Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss.

    • Title: Sorry, Wrong Ed. This episode is called "Sorry, wrong Ed" Because you say "Sorry, wrong number" when you dial the wrong number.