Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 17

Stuck in Ed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Eddy gets stumped.

    Kevin was giving away jawbreakers to all the kids except the Eds. They tried to get them but all of them were gone! Eddy thought he could get the jawbreakers if he scammed the kids. when he tried to come up with a plan nothing happened, Eddy couldn't think of anything! So he opens up a stand so kids could give him ideas for a scam! Johnny came up with a penny dance but they didn't like it. Jimmy accidently comes over and gives him a scam but won't tell Eddy until he gets all the stuff to make it. After they got all the stuff he needs Jimmy shows them that he would make huge icepops! Eddy hated it, so Jimmy took off with his icepops, Jimmy made alot of money with them and Eddy got nothing! :( rated it a 9.5 because they could've had a better ending.
  • Cool!

    After Kevin's pockets are loaded from selling off his jawbreakers, the Eds aim to scam him off of it. However, for once in his life, Eddy can't think of a scam. So the Eds set off to find someone who has a scam to sell them, and they eventually come to Jimmy. It seems Eddy has rubbed off on Jimmy after all... The ice pops that Jimmy makes needed 100 fence boards, 10 refrig erators, and 10 wires or cords. Eddy doesn't believ the scam will work and moves on to a failing one. They then find out that jimmy is rich.
  • Again a great show!

    The show is again a great show and I loved
    It when they scam Jimmy rather than Jonny or Kevin
    Like they seem to do all of the time as the
    Eds really want those jawbreakers it seems. As the kids grab all of the jawbreakers and don't leave one at all for the Eds!