Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 4 Episode 20

Take This Ed and Shove It (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Cool!

    When Edd points out how the local kids are growing up (and growing way too old for Eddy's "Panda Eddy Show"), Eddy decides to make a quick buck by opening his own career counseling center and helping his neighbors find their dream jobs.

    After Eddy gets crushed by Debris, He wakes up and notices he is a 100 year old hag! He and his Friends are old too! Eddy is confused at hat is going on, and meets the children at old ages, with white Hair, cracked voices, and wrinkles! All Eddy wants is his Jawbreaker desk opened, but it seems the desk is too old to even withstand becoming dust! What is Eddy to do?
    Old eddy = Funny!
  • It makes you think...

    I liked the episodes humor, but what I didn\'t like was the aging process of the Ed\'s. It made me think and reflect on life too much and it reminded me how fast time can go and how I\'m not gonna be young forever. But maybe... that was the overall lesson of the episode
  • Funny to laugh at!

    Some debris happens to knock out poor Eddy and that
    He is like 100 years old along with the rest
    Of the Eds and the other kids in the cul de sac
    As Sarah is still mean while Kevin is still a jerk
    Rolf is working still at his farm
    Just very funny as I indeed LOL!