Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 3 Episode 22

The Day the Ed Stood Still

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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The Day the Ed Stood Still
When Ed laments over wanting to be a monster, Edd dresses him up as one for a scam for Eddy. But things go awry, as Ed believes that he is truly a monster. With nothing to stop him, the Ed monster begins to hunt down the neighborhood kids, one by one.moreless

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  • Ed should of been born a monster LOL

    I like this ed-pisode Ed turns into a Monster this is the only time a really want the Kankers to appear so ED-zilla can destroy then LOL At first Ed Edd and Eddy open a game booth scam and Ed wants to be a monster for one of Eddy's scam and Double D turn Ed into a Monster it would of been better if Double D gave a Chemical juice that turns Ed into a real Monster then Ed goes out of control and Nazz kisses Double D and Ed-zilla took all to this Chucky-puff lair and stick the kids to Ed's wall LOLmoreless
  • Ed loves being a monster and wreaks havoc throughout the cul-de-sac!

    This probably my favourite episode! Ed wants tobe a monster and gets carried away. He really thinks he's a monster! Everyone finds people going missing with them all being cocooned in munched up chunky-puffs! It is very similar to the horror movie Alien! Plus, there is something which is evedence to a character secret: Nazz kisses Edd!!! This might be a sign that Edd may be Nazz' boyfriend!!!!!!!!! There is nothiing like this in the whole show!!!!!!! It is unique. I am glad it got a very high rating. This is a unique epinode that is funny, a little bit scary and fun to watch!moreless
  • Very funny episode.

    This episode is when Ed, Edd n' Eddy make an acarde and Double D is saying that if they want kids to come then they should show the kids examples of the games that they have in the acarde. But then Ed starts saying that he wants to be a monster. So Double D tells Eddy thats it's a good idea that Ed should be a monster because Double D says it will attract customers so Eddy agrees with him. So Double D brings Ed and Eddy to Double D father's garage so he made a monster costume for Ed. Ed said that he feels like a monster so Double D went to his house to find a mirror while Eddy stays with Ed and thats when Ed attacks Eddy. Ed then runs aways, destroys Double D father's garage and Double D comes back to the garage, surprised that someone destroyed his father's garage. Eddy then tells Double D that Ed attacked him and he ran off screaming like a monster. So Double D and Eddy try to go find him when they heard Jimmy screaming for help so Double D starts to get worried and he thinks he really DID created a monster. Ed ends up finding Jonny and takes him somewhere. Later on Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf start looking for Jimmy. Nazz finds Plank without Jonny and thats when Ed comes and scares Nazz, Kevin, and Rolf so they end up running away to a house so they won't get hurt or taken away from him. Double D and Eddy found Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf running to a house. Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf then put a lot of stuff the block the door so Ed won't bust through the door easily but that couldn't stop Ed. Ed then opened the door and took Kevin away. Eddy finds what is Ed is doing is funny and he wants the others to suffer by Ed. So they want to go in the home but Nazz and Rolf ran out the home. Double D distracted Ed by giving him a chicken while Double D, Eddy, Nazz, and Rolf headed to the clubhouse. The 4 of them went inside but then Ed ended up finding where they are so he runs around the clubhouse. Double D says that they will be safe in the clubhouse but then Rolf says the Ed is running around with hunger so he says that they should make a sacrifice. Rolf grabs Nazz while she tells him,"Put me down, you jerk!". Double D says that this isn't helping and Nazz tells Rolf to let go of her once more and she hits him to manage to get down. Double D says that someone should go down and tell Ed to calm down or something like that. So he ends up saying he going to go and Nazz tells him that hes so brave and gives him a kiss. Double D gets red then Ed starts hitting the clubhouse really hard that it fell down and broke into a lot of pieces. Rolf gets up first and Double tells him that he is alright. Rolf says he alright then Ed gets him and Rolf says something about his family and the son of the something I don't remember what he said. So anyway Ed also got Nazz and took both of them away. Eddy gets up so he and Double D follow Ed. Nazz tells Ed to don't eat her so he didn't, instead he ate some Chunky Puffs and throw the Puffs back at her and glued her to the wall where all the kids ended up when they got caught by Ed, all hanged up. Double D and Eddy went to Ed and Double D yelled at Ed to stop. Sarah goes to Ed and removes his mask and she says no parties unless she is invited. She finds Jimmy sticked in the wall, she tries to get him out but she ends up getting stuck on the wall too. So Ed, Edd n' Eddy went away to hide. I might have missed some parts but anyway this is all what happened when I saw it. Overall this is a very funny episode if you haven't seen it then your just missing out on one of the best episodes.moreless

    Excellent! Just absoloutly brilliant all the way through. After Ed ruins another one of Eddy's scams by pretending to be a "monster in a boy's body", Double D decides that the Eds should dress Ed up as a monster to attrcact customers. However, Ed goes crazy and starts to really think that he's become a monster. He starts going beserk by destroying the playgroud and sticking the cul-de-sac kids on his bedroom wall with chew up Chunky Puffs. One of my most favourite episodes! Very exciting and epic. Also, Nazz actually kisses Double D! That's one of my most favourite scenes XDmoreless
  • Ed wants to be a monster and he loves it so much.

    This episode was really exciting and really amazing. While the Eds were making their petty mini-games, Ed always wanted to be a monster and Edd decides to help Ed by making a monster costume. Ed loved it so much, he was on a rampage attacking several of the kids in the cal-de-sac. Edd begins to worry that Ed thinks he's really a monster and Eddy finds this very hilarious. Ed also takes the kids and stick them to the wall with chewed-up Chunky Puffs which was a little gross. Edd tries to free the kids but Eddy refuses to help unless they pay him, until Ed was going for Edd & Eddy until Sarah came and took off Ed's mask and then she sees Jimmy stick to the wall and Sarah gets stuck herself and the Eds left Ed's house. Later, Edd worries about the kids that are still stuck to Ed's wall and Eddy tells Edd not to worry, until Ed is messing around pretending to be other things he can think of.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Eddy shuts the hatch to the clubhouse when he climbs in, but in the next scene, it's open.

    • When Ed was wearing the monster costume he looked alot bigger then he usually is.

    • Goof: The chicken Ed made out of the swings.
      When the camera was zoomed out at Eddy and Edd looking for Ed, the chicken that Ed made from the swings was pointing to the right, but when Eddy laughed at it, it was pointing to the left.

    • Ed is only shown grabbing Jonny in the construction site, yet Plank is on the wall with Jonny several scenes later. Although, he could of taken Plank after Nazz threw him.

    • Before Eddy tackles Ed, he has a cardboard cut-out of a man's chest stuck to him. It disappears as soon as he tackles him.

    • Kevin loses his hat when Ed kidnaps him, but when he is visible on Ed's wall, the shape of his hat can clearly be seen on his head through the chewed up cereal.

    • When Ed puts on the mask, it shows him looking out through a conjoined pair of eyeholes, however, in the scenes where Ed's eyes can be seen from the outside of the mask, they are on the side of the monster's head.

    • Ed only had four limbs, meaning that, while inside the monster suit, he should have only been able to lift those four monster tentacles in the front. How then did he move the tail?

    • When Ed tells Eddy he'll be the best monster he can be, Ed's mouth moves between his eyeballs.

    • Ed grabbed both Nazz and Rolf at the same time, but before he sticks Nazz to the wall (which he does as though he had just entered his room), Rolf is already on the wall.

    • After the Ed monster attacks Eddy, he's beaten up with some bruises a torn shirt, and two shoes. But when Double D and Eddy argue about Ed, Eddy is missing one of his shoes.

    • Double D comes up with the idea of turning Ed into a monster. He specifically states: "Humor me. What if Ed really was a monster? Think of it Eddy. Ed's over-active imagination could attract customers!" Then when Ed escapes, Double D then says to Eddy: "I told you about Ed's over-active imagination!" In other words, he blamed the whole idea on Eddy. Did Double D forget that it was his idea that got Ed into this mess?

      Reply: He probably blamed it on Eddy to keep himself out of trouble.

      Although, he could have objected to it off screen.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Edd: Are you alright, Rolf?
      Rolf: Yes, thank you, Ed boy. All is well. (Ed eats him) Please ask Rolf's family and livestock to remember the son of a Shepard.

    • Sarah: Mom said, no parties unless I'm invited.

    • Eddy: Nice entrance.

    • Nazz: (While Ed monster is dragging her into his room) Where are you taking me? Please, don't eat me! (Ed chews up cereal, spits it on Nazz and sticks her to the wall) That is so gross, dude!

    • Rolf: The beast circles with hunger! We must appease it with a sacrifice! (picks up Nazz)
      Nazz: Put me down, you jerk!

    • Ed: I am Can Opener Man!
      Double-D: Please, Ed, calm down.
      (Ed grabs a box of tissue)
      Eddy: Gimme the stupid can opener, Ed!
      Ed: I am Tissue Head!
      Double-D: We've lost him, Eddy.
      Ed: I will blow your nose!
      Eddy and Double-D: (in unison) Ed, stop!
      (Ed's head pops out in the middle of Eddy's bed)
      Ed: I am Bed Bundy! Sleep on me!
      Eddy and Double-D: (in unison): Ed!

    • (after Ed snaps out of his monster tantrum)
      Edd: (nervously) Eddy, hiding underneath your bed isn't gonna save us from harm's way. Once the children eventually flake off Ed's wall.
      Eddy: Relax, will you? I always keep a couple months worth of supplies when the heat turns up. They'll forget about us in no time.

    • Rolf: The beast is no more than fool-hardy Ed boy!
      Jonny: Right on! Ed had me goin' too buddy!
      Kevin: The dork's twisted I swear.
      Nazz: I'm off cereal forever.

    • Double D: You can't play his game, you'll only encourage his bad behavior!
      Eddy: So what? It's funny!

    • Double-D: There's only one thing to do. Someone needs to go down there and give him a time out. I'll go.
      Eddy: Killjoy...
      Nazz: Oh, Double-D, you're so brave, I'll never forget you! (Kisses him on the cheek and Double-D blushes as his hair curls up while Eddy stares in shock)

    • Ed: I AM A MONSTER!!!!!

    • Edd (When Ed drags Nazz off): My apologies, Nazz! He's just trying to be the best monster he can...
      Eddy (coming out of the treehouse wreckage): Hey, if you find any teeth laying around...they're mine!

    • Rolf: What is this sound that makes Rolf soil his trousers?

    • (The kids are complaining about that they are stuck on the wall)
      Edd: Yes, okay. I'm sorry. We'll get you down now.
      Eddy: WHAT!?
      Edd: Come on, Eddy! Enough is enough! Look at them!
      Eddy: Fine, we'll get them down...for fifty cents a pop!(kids argue) What? It's no skin off my bones. Who's first. (Monster-Ed comes up behind him and drool fills up his jar) HE WANTS THE SKIN OFF MY BONES DOUBLE-D!

    • Rolf: Out of the way, oaf!
      Edd: Overwhelming fear is not an excuse for rudeness, Rolf.

    • Jonny: Plank says he heard something over here!
      Kevin: Yeah, right. And I'm the King of Siam!
      Rolf: And Rolf is the Head of Cabbage!

  • NOTES (10)