Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 1 Episode 1

The Ed-Touchables

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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The Ed-Touchables

A Serial Toucher has nabbed Edd's magnifying glass and Sarah's doll. So The Eds attempt to find him and restore peace to the cul-de-sac.

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  • The start of the best show ever

    The first episode of Ed Edd N Eddy Man I love this show in the start of the show someone has been stealing someone stuuf so the Eds try to get him and the Kids would pay for the Eds to find the Toucher then Eds get Jonny and Plank then they take him to double D's Lab and put a lie detector on Jonny and Plank. Then Jonny is telling the truth then they try Plank he must be the brains it funny when Eddy slaps him LOL then Plank is lying but how can that happen if he's wood then Jonny gets busted and the Eds get Jawbreakers and loses then LOLmoreless
  • Pretty good for a first episode

    Edd loses his magnifying glass, and Sara loses her dolly, (Polly Poopoo) so the eds try to solve the mystery for cash. They eventually trap Jonny, and force him to confess even though he was innocent. The eds for once get jawbreakers (but lose them anyway). For a first episode, this is fairly good, but it has a couple errors. In future episodes, jawbreakers cost a quarter, but in this episode they cost a nickel, and are slightly bigger then usual. Jonny also treats them more like enemies and calls them “weird.â€� Other than that, I liked this episode quite a bit. I give it an 8.5.moreless
  • Great pilot.

    The first episode of the series. Edd's magnifying glass goes missing, and later when he and Eddy go to Ed's house, they find out that Ed's sister, Sarah, is missing her doll. Eddy assumes that there's someone in the culdesac that's stealing everyone's stuff, so they try to capture the person behind it and claim a reward. They capture and interrogate Jonny. They use a water squirter on Plank to wring the truth out of him, and Jonny falsely admits to the crime so they'll let him go. The Eds claim their reward money and punish Jonny by putting him in a tire. They are about to go buy jawbreakers, but then realize that there was no "Toucher" and that everyone just lost their stuff. They use the reward money to buy jawbreakers anyway, but Sarah and Jimmy roll the tire that Jonny was in, and it hits the Eds, causing them to lose their jawbreakers.

    A good episode with an enjoyable plot, and clever humour. An overall great start to an excellent series.moreless

    Awesome way to begin a series! This episode was jam packed with amazing and funny characters. This also marks the beginning of one of the best cartoon shows ever! Everyone's stuff keeps on getting stolen, and eddy charges the kids 25 cents each for their items to be retrieved. So they set up a trap the stealer can't resiest. Turns out Jonny is the stealer and tries to get away, but doesn't. The episode ends with jonny falling down a hill in a wheel. The ed edd n eddy show begins with a bang. My Final Score: A 10 out of 10moreless
  • Great episode.

    This is the first episode of a very great show, and also my

    favorite cartoon show. From this point, no one would have guessed that this was going to be Cartoon Network's longest running show. Also, very impressive for a first episode. It still is making me laugh from watching it on my Ed, Edd n Eddy season 1 DVD. I remember watching this show when I was only five years old. This is more than just the pilot episode. It is a great episode and one of my favorite Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes. I recommend it to anyone who has just heard of this show.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Eddy slaps Plank with the back of his hand, yet somehow gets splinters on tops of his fingers.

    • Edd was able to slap Eddy away with one hand in this episode, but in "Ready, Set, Ed", Edd wasn't even able to make him budge with both hands.

    • Double-D gets stuck under Eddy, but when the Eds get up he's up without even getting up.

    • At the start of the show, Edd's slippers are under his bed. Later on, they are in a box next to his door.

    • At the scene where Eddy is just about to warn everyone about the Serial Toucher, when you can see the kids playing, Sarah's hair turns red from its normal orange.

    • In all of the scenes where Jimmy is seen, prior to Sarah rolling Jonny down the hill, he has a bandage on his nose. When he is seen in his last scene, he then has a bandage on his head instead of his nose.

    • When Jonny is tied to the chair during the Ed's interrogation of him, he appears to be wearing a sweater instead of his T-shirt.

    • When Edd has his nervous breakdown over losing his magnifying glass, he is standing next to his desk. Then, without moving, he starts breaking down in the middle of his room away from his desk.

    • Edd seems to have a problem with people walking into his room with their regular shoes in this episode, but this is not the case in later shows.

    • In the scenes in Edd's room, the color of the labels on Edd's items change from white to the color of what they identify.

    • When the Eds are chasing Jonny, Eddy's shirt changes from yellow to orange. Then when they jump over the fence, it's back to yellow.

    • In this episode, Rolf and Nazz are the exact same height.

    • Bad designing is clear throughout the first few episodes of the series. A clear example of this is Edd's house, whose blue color goes beyond its boundaries.

    • When Double-D tells Eddy to put the stickers back in place, he places a sticker labeled "chair" onto his desk chair. In the next shot, when Double-D prepares to label the missing magnifying glass, the chair is no longer labeled.

    • In this episode, Jawbreakers cost a nickel, but for some strange reason, Jawbreakers cost a quarter in other episodes.

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  • NOTES (14)


    • Eds: Squigglevision

      Danny Antonucci stated that the waving lines on the characters are based on the Squigglevision used to make the series Dr. Katz.

    • Eddy: Chinese Water Torture
      In "The Ed-Touchables", Eddy was doing a similar thing to what the Chinese did thousands of years ago called "Chinese Water Torture".

    • Eddy: "A little childhood trauma builds character!"
      This is most likely a reference to the widely popular comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes". Whenever something happened that Calvin found irritating, such as camping out in the rain or having to eat disgusting food, his dad would always tell him that it builds character.

    • The Ed-Touchables: Group
      The episode name is a play on words of 'The Untouchables'. The Untouchables were a group of cops during prohibition who did not take bribes.