Ed, Edd n Eddy

Season 6 Episode 1

The Ed's Are Coming

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • One of the best episodes ever. The comedy is mixed in with excitment. If you like cartoon mysteries here is a great one for you!

    Jimmy is pleasenly sleeping and dreaming of all his friends. When he meets Sarah in the middle of the Cul-de-sac, the sky grows dark and razor sharp blades start cutting the surface of the area away. Jimmy is seperated from Sarah but is soon abruptly interupted by Sarah. Eddy is being tutored by Double D and they hear commotion outside their house. Jonny has seen wierd things at Rolf's house and is warning everyone about it. Everyone laughs at this story but Jimmy believes him. Soon, the gang investigates Rolf's house and found it to be quite warm. All of the sudden a massive explosion happens sending all of the kids to be sent far. In the playground a massive egg-like structure has been emerged. After it cracks a green hand appears and scares all the kids. When they find out its Ed, they let down their gaurd down. Why was ed in the massive egg, why has Rolf mysteriosuly dissapeared, will the Cul-de-sac find out all these unanswered questions?
  • Aliens vs Cul-de sac kids.

    Okay,it was better than some of the Cartoon Network Invaded episodes.Well,it was a bit with the end of the world and a war.It was one of the best Ed,Edd and Eddy episodes ever made.I loved the ending.Well,it kind of reminded me of Artur animation.Another thing about this episode is the war in the middle of this film and Ed coming out of that cheese thing that hits the playground.Loved it how Johnny became flat because of the chimney.That part was pretty funny and the war was pretty awesome.This episode could be a good one of season 7 and a higher one.
  • at last they make episode with aliens

    In this episode it haves to do something with Aliens. In the start of the episode Jimmy has a dream that Aliens are going to attack and destroy the planet or take it away. Then they think Aliens are in Rolf's house and took him away and they think they took Ed too. I wish they show the Aliens attack them. Then the Eds and the Kids team up to help out Rolf and they go to attack the Aliens then it turns out at Rolf's family just come but to visit and they wear squids on there head to look like Aliens man I wish they had Real Aliens and Ed will be friends with it.
  • The cul-das-aac kids think rolf's house is infested with aliens,so they go to save him,but it turns out its just rolfs weird family.OR ARE THEY STILL OUT THERE!!!

    Awsome episode,very special,very funny how the alien turn out to be rolfs weird family.The dream jimmy had was interesting to watch.The weapons they made were so cool,and eddy just wanting to make money.DD getting info from comic books was also intersting because thats something he would never do.I think it suits kevin that whenever he is in control he gets more aggresive like a football coach.The twist at the end where the aliens took the cul-da-saac away,that was good ending,the dream about it,and then happening in the end.It was unexpected that it turned out to be rolf's family.It was a fun episode,its one of my favorites.
  • cool invaded episode

    BEST invaded episode ever!! its real cool and SO exciting i realy thought it was a alien at the ending but it was realy rolf i thought the beggining was alittle weird about the jimmy part but then i liked it lol :) i wish this was a one hour movie then it would have been awsome still this episode is still awsome trust me if u see this episode u will maby find this episode funny, exciting and cool the reason i dont give this episode a 10/10 is cause i wanted it to be a 1 hour episode so i give this episode a 9.5/10
  • Best invaded episode ever!

    It is the best invaded episode ever! But maybe invaded '08 would come true. But thats a year away. I care about the present only. Anyway, this IS very clever. The funny parts where when they were fighting the "aliens" in the house, planing their plan to send the aliens away for good, and When the mystourious egg capsle thingie is blasted out of the chimmney. They should have made THIS the series finally of the invaded series. But it was very special. As the first episode of season 6 of Ed,Edd,n,Eddy. This is also my personal favorite episode of this show
  • The second episode of Cartoon Network Invaded.

    What do you know. The Episode was a little better than the Foster's Invaded episode (Altough i love Cheese: Gotta Go Gotta Go), but i don't like being a critic. Unlike the other episodes, this episode is very frighting.I mean come on! Wasn't anyone scared during Jimmy's nightmare with the ailens stealing the culd-e-sack? Anyone? I thought not. And that was the reason why this was not a ten. But other than that flaw, there was the part where There Was No Main Scams By Eddy In Here So He Can Buy Some Stupid Jawbreakers!!!!!!!!!! But other than that, it was an instant classic.
  • The Ed's are coming, run!

    I loved this episode, it was funny and clever. What I noticed was that at the end of the show, it had an alien that looked the same as every other one in the invasion series, but I thought that was clever. My favorite part was when the whole gang tried to get in the house using all these weapons made from food products and wood. GUTTERBALL! Ed, how can you miss? I was hoping you would smash those aliens faces! WHY!? Double D is so smart, and clever, only he would think about reading comic books to save the cul-de-sac!
  • Best Invaded episode ever!

    Well, planned out. Jimmy's dream sequence at the beginning was very silly and light but then it suddenly turned to a very dark story. Ecspecially, since Jimmy was freaked out for over half the episode. Yet again, a hilarious episode but this was blew all the other Ed epidodes away. It had humorous jokes, violent jokes, and plain old stupid jokes. Howver, the absence of Rolf did make it feel different and slightly empty. There was nobody except Ed and Johnny to shout out random and stupid things. I'm very surprised Edd didn't doubt the existance of aliens. His research scene is very crazy. He's reading comic books and drawing out alien's powers on a notepad.^^ Yet again, the best of the Invaded episodes to date.
  • Great show again!

    Again I love this episode like the Edd being a bully
    One as the show shows Rolf's parents aka nanos But we only get to see their silhouettes but still
    At least we know that someone has parents. Loved it when
    The kids put aside their differences and worked it out to
    Get rid of the "ailens!" Or are they really that real?
  • Another episode part of CN Invaded gets the improvement done as the Eds take over the following week it was aired. Let's just hope that it's the best one out there.

    The Eds Are Coming finally mashes up of what happens when the Eds are dealing with situations of the third kind. Which in this episode , seems to be much better then Foster's own tale. A cynical nightmare causes Jimmy to believe in aliens that the whole neighborhood thinks that they're invading the house of Rolf. Great ending , great season opener of the final season of the show , some good charms still placed within the show's heart , and beats Cheese A Go-Go by 3.5 inches. Well , there seems to be no problem , but the only thing is that it can be a bit predictable at times , but the episode manages to skip through that section for the whole thing. Although , it's not that big.

    TV.com Rating : 9.5 out of 10.0
  • The episode i've been waiting for all my life

    this is the best episode of Ed Edd'n Eddy ever a episode I have been dreaming all my life since Ed Edd'n Eddy first aired. Did not dissipoint me like the foster's one and I already know this episode is way better than the other cartoon netowrk alien episodes I already know My gym parner is a monky is going to dissipoint me I already know the Camp Lazlo might be good and the billy and mandy one will be good but does not diserev to be the last one cause they already had one like this so this Ed Edd'n Eddy one will be the best trust me on this people a perfect alien episode of Ed Edd'n Eddy 10 out of 10 as good a movie I could whatch this episode over and over agian best episode ever for Ed Edd'n Eddy my dream episode.
  • Probably one of the greatest episodes ever! PS: My Reveiw Is Long and it gives a whole descriptoin of the episode

    I was Sketical about this episode the fosters alein show did not deliver but this one did. this is a great episode i did not think the show could pull it off but i was wrong. the whole thing was amazing from start to end. jimmy has a dream that aleins are coming then Jhonny comes to culda-sack screaming that aleins have invaded Rolf's house and everyone doesn't beleave him so they go check it out and the space around Rolf's house hot as a Summer day and it's Winter. so that was thetre first indicatoin something was wrong then a gaint alein looking pod ejected from rolf's house and hits the playground they go near and a gaint blast of dust and air hits them blowing them back and everyone is now almost convinced something is really wrong. they go investagate and thye look in the crater and it's is a Round sphere like object ( its looks like cheese to me) and it starst to crack and the kids run then ed emerges and heeding a warning of horrible creatures so they decide to do something so kevin decides a meeting should be held they have a meeting and decide to storm the house but when they try it goes wrong but double d has done some investagating ( from the comics in ed's house) that the aleins need a sacrafice so they try nazz they tie her up and wait then the house glows green and tentacles are seen in shadows the door opens and it is Ralph with a squid on his head and he is having a family reunoin. so that explains it all and the show is over

    But before the credits it shows a alein taking the whole culda-sack in space and flying away.
    Overall this was one heck of a episode!
  • This episode was great overall!

    Just the fact that they had to work together was good enough for me! Even though there were no aliens it was pretty dramatic! The episode showed more of Edd's genius and Jimmy's frightfulness!

    What was up with the ending though, it was like a cliffhanger ha ha.

    well the episode may be the best out of the invaded episodes in my book.

    I liked how they used nazz as a bait, and also how much jokes Ed used.

    But i still thought that there should have been real aliens to battle so there could've been more action.

    All in all it was entertaining so ill give it it's 10